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What to do with your spare time

Updated on December 18, 2013

What to do, what to do...

Consider yourself lucky if you still manage to have spare time despite the busy schedule at work or at school! People who are too much occupied with their work or students who have loads of projects will want to be on your shoes! So if you're a person who doesn't know what to do with spare time, then read on!

this picture was taken from (credit goes to them)
this picture was taken from (credit goes to them) | Source

No to Boredom

One problem with some of us is that we don't know what to do with these free times and so we get easily bored. Eventually, we're wasting this time and we end up having no more time to spare to do things that we like even though we could have done that during those wasted hours.

In order for us to avoid this errors, and regrets we must first of all stay ORGANIZED.


Yes, organize your schedule. Time to use those planners. Jot down things to do so that you could determine which are the times that you're free and which are the times that you need to work or study. Once you checked your planner, you'll see some free time on it. It maybe minutes, hours or even days and months!

On those free minutes, you can put down some notes like: have coffee with an office mate (so you can chat about personal life without disturbing your duties at work). You can also put in check personal email or grab a bite. That depends on your mood.

For spare hours you can use it to check on your bills and if you have to visit your telecom company, do it. use your spare hours to do your hobbies. You can finish that artwork that you put on hold. Do some crafts like knitting or go out and take some pictures. Be inspired! the sky is the limit!

Read a Book or Grab that Magazine and Newspaper

It doesn't hurt to once in a while read an article about what's going on in the country. I know that sometimes reading the paper sucks because of bad politics and anything that can ruin your day. You can skip on it and look for articles that might interest you. If newspapers are not your thing, try the magazines. A lot of people love reading news about the entertainment industry or there are other magazines that caters to different things like nature, animals, fashion. Then of course books!!! If you're a bookworm then this is the best time for you to crawl back to your most loved hobby. Visit a bookstore and look for the best-sellers for the month. Reading can relax your mind and can help with your vocabulary.

Fix your House

This is the perfect time for you to check on the things that needs fixing. Especially the place where you're living in. Often times, we tend to set aside this important things because we're too occupied with work. So why not grab this opportunity to inspect your house and see any damages.

This also includes organizing the stuffs you have at home. Do your laundry! Fold your clothes and hang them! Arrange the books on your bookshelves. Clean your house. These are just simple tasks that is waiting for us whenever we get home but we keep on ignoring.

After you've done this, your house will be livable once again!

Play with your pet

If you have a pet, this is the time for you to bond with them. They need to feel your love and attention. Take them for a walk around town or bring them to pet shops or clinics for checkup. Groom them.

They missed you because you've been away for a long time. make them feel that you didn't forgot them. Otherwise if you don't bond with them, they will feel neglected.

Movies or Series Marathon

Catch up or re-watch TV series that you love. Ask your friends series that they can recommend for you. You can also watch movies either at home or in the theaters. It can be a classic movie or new-released movies. This is a fun thing to do especially if you have your friends or relatives around. Ready those popcorns!


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