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Thinking About Playing Destiny 2?

Updated on July 31, 2019
Drew Taphorn profile image

I have put in over three hundred hours into Destiny 1 and have slowly but surely been climbing in Destiny 2 over the last year.


Destiny 2 is one of my favorite games to play right now. The developers at Bungie are constantly improving the game to make it enticing for gamers to stay attentive to the game and it's contents. I knew this game was a must play as soon as I heard about it. Bungie developed the first three Halo entries which are by far one of my favorite games to play to this day. After spending the countless of hours playing the Halo campaigns on heroic mode, and grinding levels in matchmaking, I had high hopes for Bungie's latest release with Destiny and Destiny 2. I was not disappointed. The first entry of Destiny was released in 2014, and I first bought the game in spring of 2015. By the time it had released it's Year Two add ons, I had already put in three hundred hours of game play into this mind blowing game. I could not get enough of this game. I bought Destiny 2 at it's Year Two add on release simply because I was focused on PC gaming during the time of it's initial debut. However, since I have been playing Destiny 2, I have had the same experience as playing the first game.

The Beginning Plot:

Destiny 2 is a game that has it all. It is a game that is for all types of gamers. There isn't a game mode where I have disliked. If you are a gamer who enjoys playing solo, fighting PvE, grinding through missions, and joining the incredible story that is Destiny 2. The story line that constructs the campaign is immensely thrilling. Imagine being Guardians of the last living humans on Earth. You are a protector that is granted the ability of Light which allows you to control elements such as arc, void, and solar. With this Light that you are given, it grants you unique abilities to fight those who seek to destroy your Light. The first mission starts off with an invasion of Earth, to seek out those who possess the power of Light. The invaders end up destroying this thing called the Traveler, which is what gifts the Guardians their Light. By doing so, the invaders have disconnected your source of Light which causes you to be powerless, and it is up to you to reclaim your Light and stop the invaders from causing further harm to the last of the Guardians.

PVP and Matchmaking:

If story modes are not your cup of tea, than perhaps PvP modes are your calling. Destiny 2 offers a matchmaking mode where Guardians battle head to head to earn points by either killing other Guardians or securing objectives. This mode is pretty intense, there are three classes of Guardians, Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. Within each of these guardian classes they each contain three sub-classes correlating with the elemental abilities described above, arc, solar, and void. Furthermore, each of the sub-classes contain three skill trees that alter the elemental abilities slightly to allow for situational advantages. This causes for unique team compositions as players can combine their abilities to conquer the enemy team.

The World of Gambit:

What if there was a mode where PvP and PvE collided? Luckily, Bungie has developed a game mode where you can. The game mode is called Gambit. Gambit is a mode where teams of four compete against one another to fight against enemies of a certain breed, which is established at the beginning of the game. This game mode is one of my favorite PvP modes on any of the games that I have played. Teams are fighting on the same playing area, they are separated from one another and the one thing that connects the playing areas is a portal. This portal allows for one member of a team to invade to the opposing team's playing area to try to eliminate the enemy squad. As teams are fighting off neutral monsters, the monsters are dropping motes that are to be collected by your team and deposited into a bank located in the center of the playing area. By banking these motes it does a few things. Depending on the amount of motes banked, it will send blockers to the enemy's playing area which will disrupt the enemy from trying to bank the motes that they have collected. The objective is simple, bank the motes to summon the Primeval, try to stop the enemy team from banking their motes, first team to kill their Primeval wins the round.


Still not sold on the game yet? Imagine spending hours, days even completing unique objectives to obtain exclusive gear that is randomized to each objective that is accomplished. These events that host these intense objectives are called Raids. Destiny 2 has many of them. These Raids consist of various puzzles and objectives that are uncovered by professionals. Even when these professionals seek out to complete these Raids it can take them up to eighteen hours to complete. Unfortunately, when these Raids are first released there is no guide to the brilliant puzzles that were designed by the developers at Bungie. Many of these puzzles require a full fireteam of six members to become successful. As if it is hard enough to figure out the puzzles and objectives to get to the final boss, the final boss fight is the most difficult portion of the Raid. During the boss fights, the fireteam must secure objectives and do so in an orderly fashion that allows for damage to be dealt to the boss.

Try It Out!

I highly recommend this game to all gamers, as mentioned before there is a game mode for every type of gamer out there. This article only highlights a few of the many aspects that consist within this game. There are secrets still undiscovered, updates consistently adding new content, and possibilities still entirely open for the future of Destiny 2 and it's related games. Rumors have it that the developers at Bungie are going to keep pursuing Destiny 2, instead of making an entirely new game like they did from the original Destiny. This will allow players to maintain their current Guardian load outs without having to start over. Bungie has also made plans to allow players to establish an account that can be transferred across platforms. Thus, allowing for gamers to play the same character on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. I believe this will encourage gamers to play this game even more because it gives people the option to transfer content from one to the next in case friends with a certain platform are wanting to squad up, enter a match of gambit, grind through story missions, or take on a raid.


After reading this article are you wanting to try out Destiny 2?

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