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Solar Toys: Nohohon Or Sunshine Buddies

Updated on June 21, 2013
A sunshine buddy!
A sunshine buddy! | Source

I had been looking for solar toys for the car, and this has been since about a month ago or so. I really thought it was so cute when I first saw it. The first solar toys I saw was the solar flowers. And I want it. Then I saw the nohohon. And I want it more than I want the flowers. I tried looking for it in Walmart or other Asian stores I usually go to but they don't have any.

I keep on thinking that I could find a store one day to get my own solar dancing flower or if lucky, a nohohon.

What is a nohohon?

Nohohon's are bobble heads. This fun things are called sunshine buddies or solar dancing toys by English speakers as this toys would move or tilt their heads side by side when put under the sun. Even without the direct sunlight, this toys can still make one smile, they would still move with their happy facial expressions just with a little sunshine.

Simply called nohohon or nohohon zoku as they were made by the Japanese. And guess what for? Their purpose is to relieve people's stress. Nohohon went out in the Japanese market July 18 of year 2002. Their wide smiles, with their round, big heads and with two dots for their eyes, this bobble heads would surely catch one's eye and make you smile. Well, they had made me smile when I first saw a video of a nohohon on Youtube swaying its head.

And guess what? They are just so adorable that's why I completely decided I would want them instead of the solar dancing flowers.

But for those curious people like me,and you loved this bobble heads, you might as well be curious what does nohohon zoku mean? The word means "carefree family."

Anyway, since I saw this nohohon's, I search Ebay (where I usually buy stuffs) and every time we go grocery shopping on Seafood City, I look around on aisles hoping to see some nohohon ,but did not as the store doesn't carry it. Then, as I said, as we go one weekend on Manila Seafood City to buy canned goods that my brother are craving for, I spotted one mini Philippine store and told my dad to spare some time with me and look around for some interesting stuff.

And guess what? As we're about to leave, waiting for dad to pay some stuff he found, I looked behind me and saw them! Bobble heads, all right, nohohon's! So cute, and the cutest one I found was about $12. And since I'm on a tight budget (yes,) I told myself to behave maybe I could get one some other time much cheaper and reminded my self, "if you need it, buy it. If you just want it, you can let it go for now." I either could go with the nohohon or the solar dancing flower. Whichever I found first that is cheaper.

It's been about 2 months ago, and now I got something. What did I got? The solar dancing flower. And it was in an unexpected moment that I found bunch of them. I found the solar dancing flowers on the 99 Cents store just last week. I was just feeling lucky that day. You know that joy that when you aren't looking for something, that's when you unexpectedly find it. I bought two solar flowers and displayed the other on my dashboard the moment I got in the car. The other one, I put it in the kitchen window.

My solar plant. Love it.
My solar plant. Love it. | Source

But these bobble heads doesn't only come with flowers or animals. Even cute kids like this two. And they would continuously move as long as there's light.

Can you put nohohon or the bobble heads on your car? Well yes, the first time I spotted a solar toy on someone's car in a parking lot, I exclaimed to my mom, " Look! That is so cute! I wonder where could I get one?" They wouldn't take much space as they only measure a little more than 3 inches tall. They can also be put as displays on the living room where there's a source of light, or on a window sill. Of course they would be great on the office as well.

Do you own a solar toy?

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