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Three strangers and a guy named Bob on a quest to kill giant birds for a crazy poacher dude

Updated on July 30, 2009

Sit back, get comfortable, and get ready for an epic story from the fields of Nagrand. Set in Blizzard's World of Warcraft game, this story is completely true. This is the story of three strangers and a guy named Bob who were on a quest to kill giant birds for a crazy poacher dude.

One day, Kareal and her wolf-dog Aru set out from Garadar on a quest to kill windrocs. A crazy poacher dude had crashed his plane in Nagrand, and was paying good gold to anyone who would poach for him. She had already brought him elekk and talbuk, so now the next thing on the list was windroc.

Fighting the ravenous windroc of Nagrand
Fighting the ravenous windroc of Nagrand

These weren't just any windroc. She had seen the less-ferocious ones while hunting the other animals, but these were ravenous! She had to be careful to send Aru out to fight before engaging the birds herself. After killing a couple of the monsters, she noticed there were other people hunting as well. One of them, an orc, asked her if she wanted to join their group, as they were all killing the same prey. She agreed. Besides herself and the orc, there were another tauren, an undead, and blood elf. The killing spree continued, going faster now that they had more participants.

A few times, they ran into trouble. Once, a band of alliance decided to horn in on the prey. The group went after the enemies, chasing them down and killing them, then camping their bodies, killing them again after they resurrected. The allies decided they'd had enough and disappeared after that. The group was so overjoyed at their kills and honor points that the other tauren, who had introduced himself as Bob, danced the Hammer dance for a few minutes.

Shortly after that, when they had gone back to killing the ravenous windroc, a herd of elekk came through. Most of the group were killing prey on one side of the field, but the orc and Kareal were right in the path of the thunderous herd. They got trampled by the stampede, after trying to fend them off. The orc died, and Kareal had to feign death and hope that the hooves wouldn't hit her. When the stampede had passed, the orc joked that the wolf-dog Aru might have to turn search-and-rescue and locate his body!

Not long after that, they completed their quota of windrocs and took them back to the crazy poacher's camp. They turned their catch in, getting another quest to kill the largest windroc, talbuk, and elekk. Does this ever end, thought Kareal. This guy Nesingwary really is crazy!

The group sent out a message asking for more members, because two of the merry band had to leave. One more member joined, who had already completed the quests but was willing to help. He was riding a flying reindeer, so he circled above the prey, marking it for the rest to kill.

The quest went well, and was completed in a hurry. The group was rewarded by Nessy with gold and armor, disbanded, and everyone said goodbye and good luck, until next time they might meet again in the World of Warcraft.

So ends this story of the mighty adventurers.


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    • profile image

      Najee 8 years ago

      I've done those quests about 4 times now...worse quests ever...