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Tier Two Gear Guide, OAC

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.

An epic toon showing off his T2 tank set.
An epic toon showing off his T2 tank set. | Source

Tier two epic gear is the next, but not final, stage of bosslyness.

Each class has the opportunity to upgrade their gear through three dungeons.

These three dungeons make a group of dungeons, which collectively drop an epic set of gear.

Each set is made up of:

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Boots
  • Gloves

Together, these epic pieces create a powerful set. One which blesses you with bonus stats and abilities.

Tier sets come with gear mastery talents. These enhance your spells, reduce damage taken or gives you chance buffs.

Tier two gear drops in these three dungeons:




In T1 dungeons, you can buy two patterns at each dungeon.

For T2, there is a vendor in front of each dungeon, but every vendor sells every pattern.

You can also buy the patterns in the Auction House.

Warrior Tier 2 patterns, OAC.
Warrior Tier 2 patterns, OAC. | Source

What do you think?

Whose T2 set looks the coolest?

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Warrior Tier Two

There are two OAC warrior T2 sets.

One is for battle one is for guard.

Collecting both sets results in special achievements that reward with Epoch fragments, used for T3 gear.

The battle (dps) warrior T2 set is called Ruthless Stompers'. Here is the set:

  • Unfeeling Ruthless Stompers' Boots
  • Unfeeling Ruthless Stompers' Breastplate
  • Unfeeling Ruthless Stompers' Gloves
  • Unfeeling Ruthless Stompers' Helmet
  • Unfeeling Ruthless Stompers' Legguards
  • Unfeeling Ruthless Stompers' Shoulderpads

Here are the set stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 5287

Stamina: 90

Strength: 162

Attack power: 379

Crit: 91

Hit: 17

2 pieces: Pounding glow, ankle slash, vortex blade damage increased by 8%

4 pieces: Lacerate increases all physical damage by 10% for 12 sec.

The guard (tank) Warrior T2 set is called Mountain Defender's. Here is the set:

  • Gritty Mountain Defender's Boots
  • Gritty Mountain Defender's Breastplate
  • Gritty Mountain Defender's Gloves
  • Gritty Mountain Defender's Helmet
  • Gritty Mountain Defender's Legguards
  • Gritty Mountain Defender's Shoulderpads

Here are the set stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 6512

Stamina: 215

Strength: 58

Block: 92

Dodge: 44

Parry: 47

2 pieces: when you take damage max HP increased by 2% for 10 sec., stacks up to five times.

4 pieces: cool down of guardian stand reduced by 50%.

Monk t2 patterns, OAC
Monk t2 patterns, OAC | Source

Monk Tier 2

There are two T2 monk sets.

One for devine monks (healer), and one for martial monks (mili).

The devine monk t2 set is:

  • God's Favor Handguards
  • God's Favor Hood
  • God's Favor LegLegguards
  • God's Favor Robe
  • God's Favor Shoes
  • God's Favor Shoulderpads

Total set stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 652

Stamina: 91

Wisdom: 135

Healing Power: 388

Mama per second: 49.5 per 8

Spell crit: 65

2 pieces: 6% crit to rapid healing and devine light

4 pieces: Restore decreases targets damage by 10% for 15 seconds.

The martial monk (mili) set:

  • Fierce Burning Thorn Legguards
  • Fierce Burning Thorn's Handguards
  • Fierce Burning Thorn's Hood
  • Fierce Burning Thorn's Robe
  • Fierce Burning Thorn's Shoes
  • Fierce Burning Thorn's Shoulderpads

Total set stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 652

Wisdom: 17

Stamina: 82

Agility: 26

Attack power: 219

Crit: 90

Hit: 89

2 pieces: Dragon tail kick and phoenix storm +8% damage

4 pieces: Arrow of faith 100% chance to increase attack power by 200 for 10 seconds.

Mage T2 patterns, OAC.
Mage T2 patterns, OAC. | Source

Mage T2

Mages had to share the same T1 set.

T2 is no different, fire and frost mages still share the same set.

Here is the fire and frostbolt mage T2 set:

  • Bloodthirsty Wizard's Handguards
  • Bloodthirsty Wizard's Hood
  • Bloodthirsty Wizard's Legguards
  • Bloodthirsty Wizard's Robe
  • Bloodthirsty Wizard's Shoes
  • Bloodthirsty Wizard's Shoulderpads

Here are the set stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 652

Stamina: 100

Wisdom: 123

Spell power: 219

Spell crit: 109

Hit: 38

2 pieces: increases damage of shock wave, fire barrage and frost blast spells by 8%

4 pieces: increases the duration of Elemental finishing and ice meteor spell by 8 seconds and decreases casting time by 40%.

Ranger T2 patterns, OAC.
Ranger T2 patterns, OAC. | Source

Ranger T2

There are two sets of ranger gear.

The t2 Archer ranger set is:

  • Antelucan Blood Fog's Boots
  • Antelucan Blood Fog's Breastplate
  • Antelucan Blood Fog's Gloves
  • Antelucan Blood Fog's Helmet
  • Antelucan Blood Fog's Legguards
  • Antelucan Blood Fog's Shoulderpads

The set stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 1222

Stamina: 75

Agility: 172

Ranged attack: 380

Crit: 94

Hit: 60

2 pieces: increases damage of split shot and explosive shoot skills by 8%.

4 pieces: shooter stance skill can also increase damage from ranged weapons by 10% for 10 seconds.

The T2 Assains set is:

  • Boots of the Shadow Ghost Dance
  • Gloves of the Shadow Ghost Dance
  • Hood of the Shadow Ghost Dance
  • Legguards of the Shadow Ghost Dance
  • Shoulderpads of the Shadow Ghost Dance

Total set stats, including bonuses:

Armor: 1222

Agility: 174

Stamina: 107

Hit: 88

Attack power: 231

Crit: 72

2 pieces: Increases the effect time of cut throat and escape skills by 5 sec.

4 pieces: crit and melee attacks have a 50% chance to deal 20% of main hand weapon damage to all enemies within 3 meters.

Tier 2 in action.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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