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Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and How to Win at Infinity Blade 3

Updated on September 30, 2014
The popular Infinity Blade III game for the iPhone and iPad
The popular Infinity Blade III game for the iPhone and iPad | Source
Infinity Blade combat.
Infinity Blade combat. | Source
An Infinity Blade enemy demon, ready for combat.
An Infinity Blade enemy demon, ready for combat. | Source

Tips, hints, and advice for winning Infinity Blade 3

(Caution: This article may contain game spoilers)

Infinity Blade 3 is found on iPhones and iPads at the Apple store. However, unlike the full demonstration game in the Apple store, the player often doesn't start with $2,500,000 in cash and 5,000 in gems. In fact, the player starts the game with zero cash and zero gems and has to earn each amount through fighting, selling, finding, and looting.

"Clashmobs" are a great way to earn lots of game cash and gems. By participating in "Clashmobs," the player can win tens of thousands of game dollars or scores of gems. Clashmobs consist of groups of players fighting for a common goal, usually the defeat of a Titan (monster) with ridiculously ultra-high life points. Players should not expect to survive in a Clashmob since the goal calls for cooperation of thousands of players to win a Clashmob's objective. In order to claim the award that is advertised with each Clashmob, the player has to qualify for the award by meeting that specific Clashmob's objective. Usually this amounts to a goal, be it the specific number of dodges or blocks, or dealing damage to a Titan. Once the player qualifies, the award is a given once the objective of the Clashmob is finalized. I earned $100,000 to $150,000 in cash or 500 in gems just by participating in a Clashmob, and those monetary numbers gave me the freedom to upgrade to and buy more powerful items.

Master items when possible. Experience points awarded after winning a fight get transferred to the items a player wears: armor, ring, weapon, helmet, and shield. Whenever the player masters an item, Skill Points are awarded that allows the player to select from a range of passive skills that help the player through the game's progress. Therefore, it pays to master as many items in the shop's inventory just to gain Skill Points. Even the cheapest items with the lowest Experience Points necessary to master them will reward the player with Skill Points. However, once an item is mastered, selling that mastered item to the Merchant for game cash may become more useful than holding onto that mastered item. If losing repeatedly against a Titan with impressive Levels and odds, wearing items that have all been mastered may tip the combat odds in the player's favor and allow the player to prevail in the fight.

Save your gems to buy Health Potions. The player should usually enter a fight against a more powerful Titan with maximum Health Points. Health Points are replenished by using a Health Potion. Therefore, conserve your gems to buy Health Potions.

Each Health Potion costs 25 gems, so when fighting in the Arena for gems, weigh the gem award against how many Health Potions needed to win the fight to the next "Cash Out" round. If the Arena reward stands at 20 gems and the player used two Health Potions (50 gems) to get to the Round 10 Cashout, the net loss would be 40 gems…not much of a reward at all.

Create Potions and then use those created potions. The player should not hoard potion ingredients for safekeeping. Since potion-making takes time, use the discovered ingredients ASAP to make potions, and once the potion is made, use the potion at opportune times against more powerful enemies. Sometimes using a potion makes a world of difference in defeating a Titan. I used a "Rare Treasure" potion midway in the game and got rewarded with all these money bags appearing all over the game's landscape. Those randomly-appearing money bags really helped my finances in order to buy more powerful items. I also used "Fire" and "Poison Damage" potions to give my weapon extra damage when hitting Titans. This extra magical damage helped me win several tough fights.

Upgrade your items through the Blacksmith (you'll rescue him as the game progresses) when necessary and when finances allow. In order to win the game, the player should possess the weapon that deals the most damage in the shortest amount of time since game combat is often brutal and fast. As the saying goes, "The best defense is a good offense" and this rings true as the player needs to win the game by attacking Titans. I found that the Heavy Weapon dealt the most damage and thus used Heavy Weapons with both Siris and Isa. The Heavy Weapons I had first started with a damage stat of 250 per hit. I then upgraded them through the Blacksmith to 480 damage and then to 680 damage, and then to a whopping 1280 damage per hit at Level 4. Even a scratch hit on a Titan with my Heavy Weapon statistic of 1280 damage dealt more damage than the Titan's weapon ever gave me per hit, so at the end of the game, my Heavy Weapon made quick work of Boss Titans with Levels of 100 and 125 when my character had a level of 3l. At the end of the game, I possessed the most damaging weapon in combat and that factor tipped the combat scale totally in my favor and fights lasted mere seconds before I defeated the Titan.

Select the "Too Hard" option when a Boss Titan proves too powerful to overcome. Selecting "Too Hard" allows the player to retain all the cash, gems, treasures, and experience accumulated and earned throughout that quest. I found that I could replay the same quest and beat the same Boss Titan later if I possessed a more powerful weapon and had higher health points.

Sometimes it pays to unlock Medium or Large Key boxes because the rewards in them are great. However, only do this if possessing enough resources to buy the key or having a key already in one's inventory (and remember to save enough gems to buy Health Potions). I had a surplus of gems and bought a Medium Key to unlock a Medium Treasure Chest and received around $55,000. One time I found a Large Key and unlocked a Large Treasure Chest and got rewarded with around $133,000. Except for Clashmob rewards, no other large amount of money could be found in the game except inside Medium and Large Key Treasure Chests.

Gems really do help the player in combat. Insert gems into items to gain magical properties and advantages over opponents. Sometimes the proper inserted gem could make a big difference in a fight. Fuse unwanted gems through the Gem Dealer (rescued in the game), but be forewarned because not all gem fusing will produce a high-quality more gem more beneficial than the three lesser gems the player submitted.

Sometimes using Super Combo magical spell can save your life. When combat gets desperate and the enemy's health meter stands above the player's, use the magical Super Combo at the upper left corner of the screen (the sword symbol) to regain a combat advantage over the computer Titan. I used Super Combo many times to tip the odds and win the fight. Without it, I doubt I would have been able to defeat Titans at Levels 80-120. I also found that having a weapon with a high damage rating (obviously) makes Super Combo maneuvers all the more destructive and effective.

To conclude, these are the lessons I have learned and used when playing Infinity Blade 3. I think the key winning tips for me came from upgrading my Heavy Weapons repeatedly, mastering items to Level Up to get Skill Points, participating in Clashmobs for gem and cash rewards, and using the proper potions at the proper times. Once I had a mace for Siris and a double-bladed staff for Isa with Hit Damage ratings of 1280 points, I became nearly unstoppable. Even a Scratch Hit delivered a damage percentage of 280-350 points…no Titan could stand up to such brutality for long. Another important factor came from finding Money Bags and using any potion that rewards the player with extra cash and treasure. Money does become tight later on in the game as upgrading and good weapons and items cost more money. Therefore, use monetary-rewarding potions, sell Mastered Items, and participate in Clashmobs in order to replenish your finances. And once the cash and gems flow in, do not always hoard them, but spend them wisely on the most destructive and beneficial items possible in order to gain the most use and reward for the amount spent.

An Infinity Blade character
An Infinity Blade character | Source

Infinity Blade: Redemption


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