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Tips and Tricks For Survival On Black Ops 3’s Zombie Map - Der Eisendrache

Updated on November 4, 2017
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Der Eisendrache - the latest Black Ops 3 zombies map (available in the Awakening DLC pack add-on), initially released over the Halloween holiday weekend (for 2017)
Der Eisendrache - the latest Black Ops 3 zombies map (available in the Awakening DLC pack add-on), initially released over the Halloween holiday weekend (for 2017)

Ahhh, Der Eisendrache is the latest zombie map to be released onto Black Ops 3 for the Halloween weekend, and during this time it was free-to-play as long as you had internet connection, and by the following Tuesday the map is only playable (online/offline) if you have purchased the Awakening (Black Ops 3) DLC pack, a pack that includes 4 new multiplayer maps; Rise, Splash, Gauntlet, and Skyjacked. This map pack now comes with the zombie map addition for Der Eisendrache, a map that takes place at the Hohenwerfen Castle (named Griffin Castle in-game) in Austria.

For those who missed the fortunate arrival of the Der Eisendrache map over the Halloween holiday should be pleased to hear that the zombie map is now playable through the Awakening DLC pack, although this may be somewhat unfortunate if you have not already bought the DLC content, costing roughly £12.00 (as an add-on purchase for Black Ops 3). There may not be a whole lot of people playing the Black Ops 3 multiplayer in 2017-crossing over into 2018, and in that case the £12.00 would be purely for the consent of using the one zombie map. Is Der Eisendrache all that amazing, in that it should warrant the £12.00 price tag? Well, certainly not, as for an additional £10 (total - £22.00), you could buy the Zombie Chronicles DLC (Black Ops 3), and gain access to a whole series of zombie maps for Black Ops 3.

But, there are bound to be those adamant that they are committed to the Black Ops 3’s online space for the foreseeable future, and have perhaps already acquired the Awakening DLC for Black Ops 3 recently. Or, perhaps you simply acquired the Awakening DLC pack some months ago and have not seen the incentive to come back on Black Ops 3 for any reason, and might I recommend taking full advantage of this DLC pack by playing the all-new zombie map, Der Eisendrache. It is a lot more fun of a map to play than it initially sounds (trust me.).

Der Eisendrache (in Black Ops 3 Zombies) - Tips and Tricks

OK, the map launches in the cliffhanger room overlooking the mountainside drop, and here there is the choice of two rooms to open, and honestly it may be best to open the silver door that is more-or-less the main door. From here, it will lead out to a small uphill walkway that will lead to the gate of the castle, and inside there is a very noticeable moving dragon-head on the wall to the back left-hand side. Whilst hovering around the dragon-head lurer zombies to the beneath part of the dragon head and he will feed on them. This is important… something that you would otherwise realise on your third try on the map.

Now, in this courtyard still looming around the firstly-mentioned dragon-head - it is now time to go up the stairs (any stairs going upwards), and there is a middle walkway overlooking the centre of the courtyard. This walkway will lead to a side door to your right, and it is important that you open this door. Weave in and out of the various rooms, and there will be clear hallways and it is imperative that you follow these to the main doors. There are two door options at this stage, one leading out to the upper middle part to the castles outdoorsy location, and the other entrance will take you into the upstairs area for the main castle room. Whichever doorway you have chosen find your simple routes to the outdoors for the castle, and there you will find your second courtyard.

The second courtyard is where you will be doing the most-part of your zombie horde killings, so be sure to find the mystery box to make an attempt at acquiring the Ray Gun, or some kind of powerful shotgun or assault rifle. The weapons choices on this map can vary to your own tastes for the better part, as the map is not the most difficult (but, in fact one of the easiest zombie maps in Black Ops 3) to manoeuvre around the large hordes of flesh eating zombies.

OK, from the main castle room adjacent to the second courtyard there is the substantially open walkway, and plays in perfectly for your plans to run around the zombie groups to get to where you are going. In the main room (through these doors) there is a fireplace at the end of the large room, and above lyes your second moving dragon-head, and again - as with before, you are going to have to lower a zombie beneath the head so that it may feed on them.

Getting the Highest Possible Round With Your Friends On Der Eisendrache

  • At some point you will have earned enough points to unlock the bow-and-arrow, and these items will appear to the left hand doorway heading down from the main doorway at the second courtyard, and in the first room there is a tomb, and behind the tomb in the wall is the yellow-glowing bow-and-arrow weapon. These arrow shots are super-duper-deadly to just about any of the zombies at-just-about-any-round-imaginable, and if the bow and arrow weaponry is not there then there is still more dragon-head zombie feeding to be accomplished.
  • Down in the basement of the castle, which is the second stairway going downwards after the tomb location there is some spooky magic-voodoo action going on. It is at the pyramid, which is the first large room that you will notice after following the previous instructions, this area can be lit-up like a Christmas tree, slowing down zombies that head through the blue sparkling atmosphere.
  • In the side room down in the castle lower compartment there are two important rooms, one that includes the teleporter room (that takes you to the rocket launching area), and this is almost like a bonus room/outside area. The second important room will lead you through a cage door that brings you back to the original spawn, but if you turn left immediately after hitting the cage door opening area then you will find the Juggernaut perk machine (super-important if you have any hopes of surviving into the higher rounds).
  • Always keep the bow-and-arrow once you have them, but once the tomb-wall area has unlocked the yellow-glowing bow and arrow area they will always be available to pick up (free-of-points-charge) if your player is killed at any stage, and you spawn back the following round.
  • The bow-and-arrow can be upgraded at the pyramid location in the lower quarters of the castle inners, but this really isn’t necessary, but many players would argue that it is, so there is some differing of opinions on where to stand on weaponry upgrades.
  • The pack-a-punch weapon upgrades boxes are available in Der Eisendrache, but must be built using various parts scattered around the map, one located in the rocket launch area (the first room that your character teleports into, and the other can be found in the lower quarters of the castle inners adjacent to the room where the teleporter can be found.
  • OK, and if you are hesitant on getting all of the necessary upgrades any finding all of the easter eggs in Der Eisendrache, then using the bow-and-arrow you have to shoot all of the stacks of wood located off the castle premises and seen far in the distance from the walls edges overlooking the outer areas beyond the map.

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