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Tips and Tricks: Play Lords of SnotGarden

Updated on March 11, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Play Lords of SnotGarden

Since its initial release in 2001, Lords of SnotGarden has become wildly popular. The game holds the attention of young and old alike. It offers challenging entertainment for single players, small groups of dedicated 'snotters', and massively multiplayer environments consisting of literally hundreds of contributors. The open source nature of the gaming engine keeps strategic options fresh. Subtle gaming nuances are still discovered regularly. Serious gamers join Lords of SnotGarden on a daily basis.

Well Known Shortcuts

Any experienced player knows about the shortcuts that were included in the initial release of The Lords of SnotGarden. Online episodes of the game usually weed out neophytes rather quickly; any player who can't resist the urge to assume the Mantle of Gurple on the opening gambit reveals himself as a newbie. Most gaming servers leave this death trap wide open simply to identify unskilled players.

Another popular strategy involves a seemingly outdated use of the Bullwinkle Grenade. Experienced SnotGarden denizens know that the BG can be applied to 3rd level Necromancers in order to enslave them inside the Quonset Hut of Doom. Be careful! Version 3.10.a of the game no longer supports this move. A programming error committed by a well-meaning hacker accidentally disabled the logic. Players would be well served to click Help/About and verify the version number before tossing the BG toward a necromancer of any level.

An approach that almost always garners extra Quality Points is the Wealth Increment Subsidy Double-Click. Everyone does it, but very few gamers actually know how or why it works. Of course, we all practice the Alt-Click-Tab-Tilde-Right Click-F1 key combination (or we simply press the magenta button on the bottom of the Lords of SnotGarden game controller). Unfortunately, this can trigger a cascade effect that may eventually reduce your Exterior Inhibition Mysticism level down to a very small number. Some 'gurus' insist that only an encounter with a Multi-headed Golden Corkscrew can cause such a reduction, but those folks are usually stuck on version 3.10.b and have no clue what's going on in the real world.

Popular Easter Eggs

An Easter Egg is a combination of keystrokes or button presses that produces a result or causes a game behavior that is completely unexpected. Typical Easter Eggs in The Lords of SnotGarden include:

  • Clicking "Quit" 100 times in a row to display the IP address of your online opponent,
  • Pressing and holding the "alt" key while initiating a Rotating Globular Inclusion Gender Transmutation to cause a shift in the angular frequency of the Microtender Storage Enclosure, and
  • Opening two games at the same time to cause the first game to crash unexpectedly.

We've all used those strategies.

Supplemental Resources

Here are other sources for Lords of SnotGarden tips and tricks: : This site is maintained by a small but dedicated group of gamers infamous for their Co-located Mighty Bean Attacks launched against unsuspecting Dervish Artisans. Even level 900 Dervish Artisans rarely survive. : Browse this site for stunning avatar skins that can be downloaded and applied to your Underground Gunthar Beasts. Caution: their Duplicitous Outreach Double-down plug-in contains a virus. Do not download it if you are gaming on a Mac.

GardenOfSnot.xy : Many well-known gamers are registered on the forums. Look for helpful comments from Dr. Dreck, Dr. Dreck1, and Dr. Dreck12 through Dr. Dreck9999999. Post a question at your peril: they may sic the Hounds of Greenspace against your Spatial Tiara!

SnotGardenClassic.qb : This site supports downlevel versions of Lords of SnotGarden, where farming is still required and bullies abound. Many experienced competitors insist that there's no other way the game should be played.


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