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How To Get Better At Call of Duty Zombies

Updated on December 4, 2012

Zombies mode in the Treyarch iterations of the Call of Duty franchise has been a huge success throughout the games. What started out as a "mini-game" has now become a vital part of the Treyarch games' successes. More of a novelty mode, zombies brings a different type of game mode that results in gamers having a fun cooperative experience. Zombies in Black Ops 2 has received many enhancements since it's appearance in the first Black Ops and World at War. While I'm writing this hub after Black Ops 2 and the third version of zombies has been released, this hub will focus on Zombies in general and not from a specific game. I will share some tips I've learned and used to gain success in this game mode. I am by far not the greatest zombies player and don't claim to be but I believe I know some tips and ideas that can help any player get better. Hopefully these tips aren't just redundant and they help you.

I hope these tips help you and please feel free to leave any positive/negative comments you'd like. Also, click one of the feedback tags so I know what people think of this hub. Thanks! :)

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Tips & Tricks

Overall - How I Play

My overall strategy for zombies is very simple, as is most likely better for this type of game. When I first start a game, I will try to gain as many points as possible in the early rounds, as I am sure all of you know. I shoot the zombies in the legs and knife them to get maximum points. From here I will try to find an smg/assault rifle off the wall that is automatic and does decent damage until about the double digit rounds. Getting this gun as opposed to using the box, gives you potentially more points to use on other perks/items while giving essentially unlimited ammo as long as you're killing zombies. Using this one gun, I locate juggernog and possibly quick revive, if I know that I'll need it for my teammates. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use the mystery box at the start. Points are important in these early rounds and with the low number of zombies it will be difficult to recover if you spend all your points on the mystery box and don't get anything good. Acquiring perks or better suitable areas to defend is always more important than having the absolute best guns or wonder weapon. If you are unsuccessful at getting a wonder weapon from the box at the start, it becomes extremely difficult to hold off the zombies and not get hit twice without juggernog.

If I manage to gain a tremendous amount of points during the early rounds (via double points or just good point efficiency on my part), I will sometimes attempt to get a melee weapon such as the bowie knife, sickle or galvaknuckles. The bowie knife and sickle (cost: 3000 points) are a one hit kill until round 10 and the galvaknuckles (cost: 6000 points) are a one hit kill until round 14. Melee kills get you 130 points where gun kills (unless to the head) get you 60 points so you can easily make back the money these weapons cost plus much more.

Once I obtain juggernog and open any doors I need, I start building up points. There are many ways to do this but I personally prefer kiting or training the zombies. Essentially, I run around the zombies in a big circle so they follow then once all the zombies spawn (that can spawn at once) I turn around and take me out. This extremely easy to do, especially during the early rounds when they run and spawn slower. It is easier to do on solo, since you don't have to worry about the zombies tracking a teammate, but it can be done with teammates, if you're careful. For coop games, there are usually a couple places on each map that are good to hold up in and give you long sight-lines so you can kill zombies from a distance and not be overrun.

From here on, I just continually build points while buying more perks and using the mystery box to get a larger gun or wonder weapon. Once your perks and guns are taken care of you can start saving for the pack-a-punch. In some situations it may be better to pack-a-punch one gun while your still trying to get a secondary good gun, like when you aren't having much luck with the box. It may be a better idea to just not worry about your second gun and just upgrade your current good gun. Once I have all my perks and pack-a-punched guns, I just try to last as long as I can. I typically try to use the box to get whatever equipment might be helpful (monkey-bombs, russian dolls, etc.) and buy whatever equipment I don't have off the wall (grenades, claymores, etc.). By the time I run out of ammo or can't sustain through a round with the total ammo I can have in a gun, I will usually have enough points to put it back in the box and try to get it again, upgrade it, and have full ammo. In the higher rounds, I use the traps to help me survive. The traps can take out a large amount of zombies while still keeping enough of them alive for me to gain back my points (as you don't get points for the trap kills). From here its just rinse and repeat.

What to do

There are a few main skills and ideas you should practice or stick with:

  • Practice moving - be able to move around well and keep distance between you and the zombies
  • Accuracy - this goes hand-in-hand with movement as you will have to be accurate while on the run to be successful
  • Decision making - you will need to recognize possible actions (where to run, what gun to chose, what perks to get, how to spend your points, etc.) and learn how to choose the correct one in order to stay alive
  • Efficiency!!! - you must learn to be as efficient as possible (with ammo and points) because, if you are inefficient, the zombies will capitalize and make it difficult for you to hold them off
  • Make early rounds count - don't spend points on unnecessary items like extra doors or the mystery box but instead use points on wall guns and perks
  • Communicate - in coop or online modes, it is important to warn and instruct your teammates so that you can depend more on each other while performing your role on the team

What NOT to do

  • Stay in one spot - while you can get away with holding down one spot for a while (especially with teammates), you will not get extremely far without moving around
  • Misuse the mystery box - overusing the mystery box is the number one thing that gets people into trouble/people gamble away points on the box instead of getting for-sure, more important things like perks or reliable (wall) guns
  • Over-depend on teammates - unless you are part of a MLG pro team (sometimes even then), you shouldn't leave your sides/back towards possible zombie threats even though your teammates are looking that way/your team can still be overrun without your help and you won't see it coming
  • Inefficiency - incorrectly or selfishly using your points can be detrimental to your success/keeping a teammate down with your point spending (or lack of) will keep you down as the team is only as strong as the weakest member


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