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Tips on Organizing Your Stamp Collection

Updated on June 25, 2013

Stamp collection is the most popular hobby in the world.It is referred to as the king of hobbies.Whether it is expensive or cheap depends on the collector's perceptive.Stamp collecting can give you a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction and fun which is all guaranteed.

Stamps of england.
Stamps of england. | Source

Who can start a stamp collection?

There is no age limit for starting a stamp collection.From kids to teenagers to grownups anyone can start collecting stamps.Further, some think that stamp collection is a hobby meant only for the rich.This is certainly a bad notion .Buying stamps beyond a limit truly ruins the fun.So anyone can start a stamp collection.

stamp representing the anchal system that prevailed in Kerala
stamp representing the anchal system that prevailed in Kerala | Source

Starting your collection.

Many of you do not like a slow start.You will think of going to a post office and buying stamps to boost your collection.Well, that's not a good idea actually.Remember, slow and steady wins the race.If you start your collection by buying the stamps , you will lose interest eventually.So i suggest start the normal way.Collect stamp from the letters you receive.First, focus on collecting your native country's stamps only.Collect stamps which are colorful, patriotic, which represents nature and with pictures of great people.

Moving on

While moving on you might want to start collecting stamps of various countries.

  • There may be relatives in foreign countries.You can ask them to bring the stamps of those countries so that you can add it in your collection.
  • You can also collect used stamps from your friends who travel or visit various countries.
  • Just because you have your relatives helping out,do not mean that you can remain idle.Go on your search and ask your friends some stamps which they have more than one from their collection.


Exchanging stamps

  • If your friends have stamp collections you can trade stamps.
  • Do not be dumb and trade stamps of exceptional value.
  • Only trade those stamps which you have two similar stamps.That way you will always increase your range of collection.

Preserving stamps

Stamps are preserved in books or albums which have plastic pieces pasted on it such a way leaving the top side open.Such an album can be easily made by one or if you do not have time for it, you can buy one.

  • Stamps are preserved by inserting them in the plastic pieces or slides.
  • The stamp can later be easily removed.
  • Being plastic it prevents water and preserves the stamp and prevents them from getting mixed up.

Making a stamp album

You can easily make a stamp album:all you need is a book , a large piece of plastic,scissors and colorless tape.

  • First of all cut the plastic into pieces with width of 2 cm and length according to the book you are using(5cms less than that of book is ideal).
  • You can easily arrange 6 horizontal plastic pieces in one book considering it is big enough.
  • For attaching the pieces of plastic use tape on both sides and at the bottom leaving the top side open.
  • While taping you should ensure that the plastic pieces do not get folded in any way.While taping,your hands must be steady.
  • By attaching multiple pieces like this you finish one page.

Sure it is easier to go and buy yourselves an album from the nearby store.But making a stamp album is all the more fun.Remember a way around is more adventurous than the straight road.

What to do with your collection when losing interest in it.

After years when you have acquired a very respectful collection of stamps-you can do several things with it.

  • You can keep them and turn the pages once in a while to reflect good memories.
  • You can give it to your son or grandson and watch them enjoying collecting stamps.
  • In times of economic crisis,stamps can be a silver lining.There is much value in the stamps than you think with years passing its value increases and you just need to find the interested buyer.

So stamp collection is a hobby that is truly not a waste time and it is rightfully earned the name- the king of hobbies.

So are you gonna start a stamp collection

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