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Tips to Build an Excellent Starter House in Minecraft

Updated on September 26, 2015

Minecraft has been by far the best game when qualities like stimulating creativity, pleasing eyes, creating excitement and keeping interest continuously on are concerned. Especially for those gamers who have a construction quirk in them, Minecraft is the best food for brain. The basic ground of Minecraft is to literally mine and go on constructing stuff – a house, bridges, towers, mountains, valleys, farms, and much more! Your progress in the game is about how you defend yourself from mobs. There are some easy tricks with which building your starter house and decorating it can be extremely easy for you. Here are some of them.

Make an Impressive Starter Home

Your starter home should be impressive so that you can enjoy the game thoroughly as you progress through it. Another fun benefit of this is it lets you show off before your friends.

To make an impressive home, start with a rectangle or square. While building a rectangle, knock out a block of one of the longer sides of the house if the blocks there are in an odd number and two blocks if they are in an even number. While building a square, you can do the same at any side.

In the hole thus created, the door should be placed. Add two blocks upward, on either of the blocks adjacent to both the sides of the door. This will make the wall taller than the door by one block and pillars will be created. Now connect these pillars at their top using a block.

At each corner of the house, create 3 more upward blocks. The last block you place would be on the roof level. Next, build two blocks upward on the blocks that are adjacent to every corner. The blocks don’t fall down due to gravity; so, you can just place them all through at the height of third block. Now, the house would have two levels – base and top.

Next, to the top add a flat or sloping roof. Fill the holes in all the walls with glass panes and lastly, recreate the floor with the material of your choice (carpet or wood, for example).

Your new stylish starter house is ready! Place your bed, boxes, bookshelves, crafting tables, and other possessions in this new impressive house.

Creating a Superb Exterior

As your home is stylish from inside, it should have an equally impressive exterior too. So, it’s time to make it more beautiful.

Add Structures: After you build a simple rectangle or square, you can now add more structures to your house, in the form of additional wings branching off the main structure, L-shaped houses, U-shaped houses and extra stories shifted a bit off center.

Add Depth: Add a depth by creating a wall where the blocks have alternate depths, such as the black square on a checkerboard’s first two rows (almost like a zigzag).

Add Details: You can also add small details to add a charm; e.g. a stained glass, a chimney or some stairs too. You can also show off your creativity if you add tall grass or moss stone which would denote that the building is quite old.

Once you create a fine starter home for you, you will have enough confidence to create other structures in Minecraft and believe me, creating huge buildings like this is sheer fun. So, go on, become a creator!

Watch this inspiring video on building a superb starter house!

Or you might like to build a beautiful starter house as shown in this amazing video!


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    • TabsTech profile image

      Michael Germanotta 2 years ago from Australia

      Very Interesting an awesome Hub. I followed thanks for sharing. I hope to see more :)