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Toddler Basketball Sets

Updated on December 21, 2010

I've been working hard on finding high activity toys like toddler basketball sets for my 20 month old toddler since most of the stuff we have for her right now encourages sit down activities like coloring and building with blocks. I like the idea of things you use a ball for, since she loves throwing balls and I've recently started shopping for baby bowling sets to help her learn to roll a ball with more intent than she's previously had. A toddler basketball set seems like a good idea for teaching her to aim when she throws a ball and encouraging her to play with a ball without constantly wanting to throw it at mom.

From the research I've done so far, there are a few different models of the traditional toddler basketball set aimed at toddlers my daughter's age that all do just about the same thing and will grow with her until she's about 5.  I like the Little Tykes sets since they all start at her age, which makes me hopeful she can get close enough to reaching the hoop to start having fun with it right away.

Basketball Sets For Babies And Young Toddlers

If you have a baby and want to get an earlier start than I did on encouraging controlled ball play, there are some great baby basketball sets aimed at teaching a baby to throw and play with little balls. I especially like the "Earlyears Baby Basketball" set, since it comes with some cute little animals my daughter would have liked and doesn't look like it has any loud noises or battery requirement.

I'm not sure it would be a good fit for my daughter at her current age since it looks like use tops out at around 2-3, which means she'd probably get bored with it before it got much use.  Either way, I think it would be a great set for a baby at around a year old.

Toddler Basketball Sets That Grow

There were some great high quality basketball sets aimed at toddlers two and up that look like they'll grow with your child for quite awhile.  I'm dubious about the claim that they'll last long enough to reach a child's teenage years because I have a hard time imagining a teenager using the adjustable set without clamoring for an adult sized basketball hoop as soon as they are old enough to know there is a difference, at least for a kid who stays interested in sports.

Either way, I think these adjustable sets would be a great choice for anyone looking for something that would last through your child's childhood years with simple size adjustments and still be usable for a toddler.  I don't want one for my own child because I'm afraid she's still too young to reach the hoop, but if I wait until she's two to buy something I'll probably go for one of the older toddler models.

Basketball Sets For Older Toddlers


Conclusions On Choosing A Basketball Set For Toddlers

From the research I've done, grabbing the simple 1.5yr to 5yr little tykes basketball hoop set is probably the best bet for me and my daughter.  For a slightly older child and a higher budget, the sets that grow with kids seem awesome, however.  I like the idea of having something that will continue to adjust up as your kid does after remembering my brother and I growing up enjoying a set like that as a kid.  We were able to use it until we were at least 9 or 10 comfortably indoors, and a little longer once it was moved outside.  The long term use made it a good deal then, and I feel like it probably still is in many situations.


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