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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 78: Croft Manor, Part 5

Updated on April 15, 2011

Take the number 3 again, but this time go and leap from a ledge to a flip-pole to another flip-pole. Line yourself up so you can jump to a pole hanging down from the ceiling. Line up so you can jump another hanging down pole. Jump to the top of a pole, then to another, until you get to an area. There is a wrench that you need to get here, so grab it.

Okay, there are two artifacts to be gained in this area, so let’s go get them. Go on the 3 ramp again, and go up a ledge and go to your left. Do the same grapple jump you did, but you are not aiming for the switch. This time, you need to release when you get to a slide, and jump out to the left until you land on it.. While on the slide, jump to the next one, then jump to a flip-bar. Don’t wait too long to jump while on the slides. The flip-bar will turn in the air and you can turn around to flip into a small area to grab the Fifth Artifact. You can take the small slide to the floor.

Go to ramp number 2. Jump to the ledge at the end, then scramble up to the next ledge. shimmy left and backwards jump to the pole. Jump to the next pole, then to the ledge in the corner of big rock on the wall. Shimmy left, and scramble up to the next ledge. Shimmy left until you are around the corner, then backwards jump to the ledge there. You should haul yourself up until you have the Sixth Artifact. Hang off and drop to the floor.

Leave the gym and head to the main hall. Take care of some necessary business while you are here. The first is going to the area by all the boxes and grabbing one in particular that you will be able to push and pull. Drag it to the yellow pressure point. A passage will open on the fireplace, but you won’t be able to access it yet.

What you need to do is jump to the top of the boxes to your right and keep working your way up until you are as high as the painting. Jump to the painting, and shimmy left until you are at the top of another pile of boxes. You can jump from there to get the Sculpture Gear, which you will need for later. Drop down from there.


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