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Tonka Chuck PlaYard Sets

Updated on November 1, 2010

Chuck the Talking Truck

Chuck the talking Tonka truck was released in 2009, and became a popular toy. The talking trucks will make you laugh when you're not expecting it. Chuck and his friends will come to you when called, and they'll even talk back at times.

These toys are made of a soft rubber, making them safe in case the trucks run right into the child. You'll hear a giggle versus a cry.

Well, it didn't take long for these Tonka trucks to catch on and gain popularity, and in 2010, Tonka started making fun playsets and playards for Chuck the Tonka truck.

You can find the Tonka Stunt Park, Trash Crash, Flippin' Fire Rescue, and the Hangtime Bridge. These make great toys for children, over the age of 3 years old. There can be small parts and pieces with the Tonka Chuck PlaYard sets, that could potentially pose as a choking hazard.

  • Stunt Park- Send Chuck the truck down the mountain, making him do flips and flop stunts. You can even set Tonka Chuck up for a daring two-wheeled hanging stunt. Chuck just wants to show off, so since he can drive himself on and off the track, you can sit down and read from the Chuck storybook as Chuck just goes crazy.
  • Rowdy Trash Crash- This is a junkyard type play set where Rowdy the Garbage Truck will do tons of daring stunts. Comes with Rowdy the dump druck.
  • Flippin' Fire Rescue- This playard set is of a fun fire scene, where the truck can come to the rescue. Comes with Boomer the fire engine.
  • Handy Hangtime Bridge- This play set lets you do all sorts of cool stunts and tricks. You can activate more than one truck and watch them race under or over the bridge. Comes with Handy the tow truck.

You get one truck and one storybook with each set.

So, as you can see you there are a few options that make great toys for kids. These Tonka Chuck PlaYard sets are great children over three. Just be careful of those children who like to put everything and anything in their mouth, as some of the play sets have smaller pieces that could potentially be a choking hazard.


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