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Too Many Items Inventory Editing Mod

Updated on May 13, 2011

Inventory editing is the cause of a great many longstanding Minecraft arguments. Is it 'ethical' in the gaming sense to hack one's inventory full of all the diamonds and disembodied flames one needs? I'm not going to pretend to know the answer to that question. I am going to pretend to know how you can get a handy in game inventory editor that will make your life a million times easier however.

The first of the truly useful inventory editors was INVEdit. INVedit is a standalone tool that allows you to edit inventory files as you please. Its handy auto update function made it a favorite with many Minecrafters in the early days. But a new mod has come to take its place. Unlike INVedit, which requires you to save and quit to the menu before you can edit your inventory, Too Many Items allows you to edit your inventory on the fly. Just open up your in game inventory, and voila! All the items you could ever dream of having are suddenly at your disposal. If the sight of all those items makes you nervous or perhaps a little dizzy with glee, you can deactivate the mod temporarily by pressing the 'O' key.

What I really like about this mod is the fact that it integrates so well with other mods. (Yes, mod loader is required in order to run Too Many Items.) If you have other mods that add items to the game, like say the Planes for Minecraft mod, or the Cars for Minecraft mod, you'll find all items associated with those mods in the Too Many Items inventory as well. That means you can fluff about crafting a plane from the finest materials available, or you can just pluck one fresh out of your inventory.

Too Many Items is the perfect mod for the Minecrafter who is more concerned with creativity than survival. If you see no great joy in spending three hours hacking your way through lava to find a handful of measly diamonds, then you'll probably fall upon this mod with great joy, and so you should. Installation is incredibly simple. Once you have Mod Loader and any other mods you want to use installed, just unzip Too Many Items and toss the .class files into the Minecraft .jar and Bob's your uncle, George is your monkey, you've got all the items you'll ever need. Perhaps too many items, in fact.

Additional functionality in this mod includes a 'delete' button, which changes to 'delete all' when the left shift key is held down. If you hold down left shift and click delete all, your inventory will be emptied for you, which is eminently useful. There's also an 'unlimited' button. If you want to have an everlasting diamond pick, or a stack of stone that never runs out, just drop the item in question onto the 'unlimited' button, then put the item in your inventory. For as long as you keep the items in your inventory, they will never run out.

Download Too Many Items


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