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Top 10 Best 3DS XL Games

Updated on May 4, 2013

Want to know what the best games are for the Nintendo 3DS XL? We have that list right here!


Introduction the Top 10 Best 3DS XL Games

When the Nintendo 3DS came out I was amazed. Through sheer optical illusions, Nintendo really had created a revolutionary new platform. The screen really did look 3D, and even old Nintendo titles took on a new lief as you found yourself sucked in to the game.

With the top 10 best 3DS XL Games I will be covering some of the games that I feel have gained the most from the larger screen with the 3DS XL, and why they should be in every owners collection.

In the UK?

You can find all these 3DS XL games and more Here!

Don't Have a Nintendo 3DS XL

But what if you are one of those poor souls who is just doing research. You want the Nintendo 3DS XL. Do you crave the larger screen, do you long for game play that makes you feel as much in the game as playing it? Do you want your story lies to immerse you, you virtual world to be your real world?

The Nintendo 3DS XL might be cheaper than you think.

But Now - On to the List!

Are you ready, these games will knock your socks off on the larger screen, and I want you to be prepared!

So lets begin, I give you, The Top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS XL Games!

Angry Birds 3DS
Angry Birds 3DS

10) Angry Birds Trilogy 3DS XL Game

I debated putting the list, after all, Angry Birds is available on numerous platforms, the 3D doesn't really add much, so why include it?

Truth is, Angry Birds encapsulates the ultimate pick up and play fun we all crave in a game, if you haven't been addicted to Angry Birds at one point or another, chances are you simply haven't played it.

The 3D styling of angry birds shouldn't make that much of a difference, and yet, it somehow makes it even more compelling as you launch various birds towards those trotter touting enemies!

So why is it on the list?

Because with the larger screen you can get more accuracy and higher scores. If you have ever been an Angry Birds nut, the 3DS version on the Nintendo 3DS XL will give you shivers of pleasure.

Frogger 3DS
Frogger 3DS

9) Frogger - 3DS - Large Screen Love

Frogger is at the very earliest in the mists of my gaming history, and yet it's simple, addictive gameplay has left it in my memory forever.

When Frogger 3DS came out, I honestly thought it could not get any better, that is, until, I played it on the bigger screen of the Nintendo 3DS XL. Playing this on the big screen is way better, it's more involving, and with some of the more intricate graphics that appear on the 3DS version, you will definitely find the bigger screen a huge help as things speed up!

The simplistic, yet challenging game-play of Frogger 3DS makes this a long lasting pick up and play title in anyone's collection, no matter what your age. Best of all, if you take a break, you can return to this game and find it just as entertaining, if not more!

While Frogger might not hold the same nostalgic allure to newer gamers, it made it on to my list with a round of applause!

Super Mario 3D Land - One of the Best 3DS XL Games
Super Mario 3D Land - One of the Best 3DS XL Games

8) Super Mario 3D Land - the 3DS XL Game at it's Best

Mario is going to appear a lot in this list, his games are honestly just too damn good, and in the 3D world, they get even better.

I remember the hours I spent as a kid, staring at the green and black screen of the original Gameboy. I wasted a sizable chunk of my life to that pixelated little character, and his 3D incarnation is just as addictive.

With the Nintendo 3DS XL screen, and the '3D optimized' gameplay of Super Mario 3D land you can be prepared for one of the most entertaining Mario games yet, with a few new skills and enemies to keep things interesting of course ;)

Street Fighter Returns as an AWESEME 3DS XL Game.
Street Fighter Returns as an AWESEME 3DS XL Game.

7) Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Button mashing and combo's galore, Street Fighter was one of the first real 3D games to be released along with the Nintendo 3DS, and it remains one of the best games to date in my opinion.

Fight your way through tournaments or against your frenemies, learn the moves to really succeed, or defeat your opponents with the power or hitting as many buttons as fast as possible.

No matter how you play, the larger screen and 3D gameplay turn this classic in to a hugely engaging and addictive experience where you literally feel like you are their with your character, throwing the punches, and dodging your enemies attacks (You might even find yourself moving in time with your character, I know I did!).

Epic Micky - One of the Best 3DS XL Games for Kids
Epic Micky - One of the Best 3DS XL Games for Kids

6) Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Epic Mickey - The Power of Illusion is an immensely fun 3DS game where you must paint and draw objects to use in the platform world to overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies.

Have the larger screen of the Nintendo 3DS XL makes this game even more enjoyable, giving you more space to draw your creations, and seeing them pop in to the game world.

The only downside of this game is it ends too quickly, but it's fun, engrossing, and with plenty of hidden and bonus areas to hunt for, a game that can be played time and time again.

Word of warning, the core concept of this game is the drawing mechanic, you will need to draw a lot of objects, so of you are just looking for a jump and blast platform game, this isn't for you.

Luigii's Mansion Dark Moon
Luigii's Mansion Dark Moon

5) Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Luigi's Mansion returns in a 3D platform experience that is both truly immersing and entertaining. As you lead the less famous brother through a haunted world, you must solve puzzles, find treasures and capture ghosts to succeed.

While many Mario games often fall short on length of gameplay, Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon offers a huge story-line, and though it isn't open world, this game has been designed to be played for more than just a few hours (Which I LOVE!) and even better, it extends the game even further by including a vast number of hidden areas and corridors for you to explore.

With upgrade-able equipment some may feel as though this excellent 3DS game is more reminiscent of an RPG as you progress through the levels. And though it is nowhere near as complex, this minor addition to the game really helps pull you in deeper.

As with the next game on this list, the larger 3DS XL screen makes this game helps deepen the environment, perfect for those people who love to really get in to a game!

Get in Resident Evil with a more immersive, larger 3D screen!
Get in Resident Evil with a more immersive, larger 3D screen!

4) Resident Evil Revelations - Feel the Terror in this 3DS XL Game

When it comes to atmospheric terror - no game does it quite like Resident Evil. From it's very first appearance, millions of players sat in darkened rooms, listening to the haunting music, suspenseful sound effects, and wandering through the dark, chilling graphics.

Resident Evil Revelations is no exception, and it easily makes it in to the top 5 best 3DS XL games because when you add a large 3D screen to your Resident Evil game play, the environment envelopes you even more.

Whilst many of the games on this list bring a cartoony, happy feel to the game, Resident Evil Revelations 3DS takes you in the opposite direction, heightening suspense, making you fear every corner, every dark room. It is honestly one of the most thrilling games around, and with 3D visuals, one of the most immersing 3DS games available to date.

One of the best 3DS XL games around!
One of the best 3DS XL games around!

3) Mario Kart 7

For sheer multiplayer fun, Mario Kart has always been the king of Nintendo's games, on the Wii or DS. But on the Nintendo 3DS XL this game becomes even more fun. With the 3D helping you judge distances, and the larger XL screen providing you with an even better view of the track, prepare to annihilate your competitors.

Mario Kart 7 is the latest current Mario Kart release, and though it has been around since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, it is still by far one of the most entertaining multiplayer game for the 3DS, and even solo play against the AI.

With completely customizable karts, plenty of courses to choose from, and some all new abilities, this game will entertain you and your friends for a long time to come.

An old Legend of Zelda title remastered in to one of the best 3DS Games of all time!
An old Legend of Zelda title remastered in to one of the best 3DS Games of all time!

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

This amazing 3D remake of Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time is easily one of the best 3DS games available. While it may be an old title, the guys at Nintendo have put a huge amount of work in to recreating this classic, with a new control system, improved graphics, and an additional Master Quest to test even the greatest players skills.

This game was a tight contender for the number one spot of my Top 10 Best 3DS XL Games list, it looks superb on the larger screen, makes it easier to use many of the features, and it is by far one of the most entertaining end engrossing games Nintendo has ever released!

Never heard of Legend of Zelda? Shame on you. But prepare yourself for one of the most epic adventure RPG games to have ever been released, and one of the first 'open world' games around. Ride horses, shoot your bow, slash with your sword, travel through time and fight your way towards helping a world in need.

If you already own this, which I wouldn't be surprised by! Then look for the new Legend of Zelda 3DS game coming soon! (You can Pre-order it below!).

By far the best Nintendo 3DS game to date - New Super Mario Bros 2
By far the best Nintendo 3DS game to date - New Super Mario Bros 2

1) New Super Mario Bros 2 - the Best 3DS XL Game!

When it comes to sheer endless fun, pick up and play gaming, and addictive enjoyment, their can be only one winner. New Super Mario Bros 2 is by far the most enjoyable 3DS game released, and with the larger 3DS XL Screen this game is even better!

With more power-ups, over a million coins to collect, multi-player and of course, some intense 3D graphics, New Super Mario Bros 2 was honestly the only choice for the number one spot on my Best 3DS XL Games list.

For traditional Mario players, this new variation might seem a little different, the most obvious change being the slightly faster game-play, and the MUCH larger abundance of coins. This might not seem like a big deal, but as you play against friends in multiplayer mode, trust me, things can heat up fast, and this game gets HUGELY competitive!

The Closing Statement

Did you like this list of the best games for the Nintendo 3DS XL? Do you think I am right, or even wrong? Let me know! Leave a comment, vote on the poll, and tell me what you think!

Writing this list was a lot of fun, but I always love to hear your feedback.

As with many top 10 lists, this is my personal opinion it's not based on facts or figures, but what I think is the best. The reason I love this is because sometimes, just sometimes, you guys can show me something that changes my mind!

So tell me what you think!

What is Your Favorite 3DS XL Game?

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Before you comment!

I love to hear that I have a 'great hub' but even more so - I love insightful comments that explain why you think it is great, or why you don't

Tell me what you think, what could be improved, if you think I am wrong, and if you think their are better Nintendo 3DS games out there that benefit from the larger screen of the 3DS XL.

Thought out comments get me to respond!


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