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Top 10 Accessories for the Xbox One - w/Dreammore Tech

Updated on September 23, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

The Latest Evolutionary Design Controlled Personalisation for Xbox One controllers - known as Xbox "Design Lab".
The Latest Evolutionary Design Controlled Personalisation for Xbox One controllers - known as Xbox "Design Lab".

The Xbox One's Official List for the Greatest Accessories

The Xbox One has so many accessories available to buy on Amazon that it has to be one of the hardest lists ever to be made on this page.

The Xbox One accessories is finally getting the star treatment, as we dive into the deep end looking at the greatest items available at Amazon.

All of the accessories on this list are products that are available on the market place today, and have been sourced from the official Xbox store and Amazon. These items are extremely easy to pick up.

Plus, Xbox One accessories at times are game changing, so they would be sure to please gamers at Christmas, Birthdays or other special occasions to receive some of these products as presents. The Xbox brand has truly astonished us with some of their official branded accessory launches.

No.1 - Official Xbox One Controller - Xbox Design Lab Edition

Finally, Xbox has officially launched their customisable controllers, allowing the ability to choose the body, back, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, thumb-sticks, the ABXY, and view and menu icons colours. In addition, Xbox has also added the option to add a personalised engraving.

I personally opted for the engraving, costing an additional £7.99, to read my Xbox LIVE account name, Agent Neo 47. A nice option to sweeten the deal. Plus, it stands as a reminder that this was a controller that I personally had involvement in making mine.

If this is perhaps a controller that might be of interest to you, then be sure to get the best customisable combination, as it has been prompted that many who have gone through the personalisation process have opted for a Star Wars theme, Marvel theme, and so many other great themed looks and styles. Be sure to give it some thought.

Where can you buy the customisable Xbox One controller?: The title for the Xbox One controller that you are looking for is Xbox Design Lab (controller), and can be purchased from the Xbox store, online.

How much does the Xbox Design Lab controller cost?: The official price for a customisable Xbox One controller comes out at a minimum cost of £69.99. But, can have additional features, such as rubberised grips (£4.99), metallic triggers (£2.99), metallic D-pad (£1.99), and the earlier mentioned engraving option (£7.99).

Official Xbox One Stereo Headset - a smart purchase
Official Xbox One Stereo Headset - a smart purchase

No.2 - Xbox Stereo Headset

Who said that gaming headsets had to cost an arm and a leg to be the best at what they do. These people would be mistaken, as the official Xbox stereo headset is fully functional, padded and comfort guaranteed. Some might even say a steal, when compared to the bloated market with way too many branded gaming headphones to even have the effort to sit down and better understand which of the one hundred pound plus sets are worth the money.

Where can you find the worlds greatest (when comparing affordability, with functioning, with appeal, with durability and extended life expectancy) Xbox One gaming headset?: It would stand to be that the best place to find an Xbox One headset would be on the Xbox store, and this would be the correct answer.

Head over to the Xbox store, online, and here you will find the official Xbox One stereo headset. The headset is promoted as having a premium audio experience, full-range audio spectrum, a unidirectional microphone, and is compatible with all Xbox wireless controllers.

How much does the official Xbox One stereo headset cost?: The official price is £39.99, and is a very appealing headset for Xbox One gamers looking for the all-round great headset.

No.3 - Logitech G920 UK Plug Driving Force Racing Wheel for Xbox One and PC

If you have the buzz for the racing gaming scene on the Xbox One, then you might be interested in enhancing the in-game experience with what has to be the best racing wheel set on the market at the moment.

There is the G29 gaming steering wheel, but unfortunately this set is exclusively available for the PS4 and PS3.

It is the Logitech G920 that is exclusively available for the Xbox One console, and we are personally not upset, even in the slightest.

The G920 is a great steering wheel experience for the console system, and even allows the user to spin the wheel in a 900 degree turn, basically meaning that the wheel can be turned in full motion, as though you were in a real car. Exciting!

The steering wheel comes with foot-pedals, and is well-built with flawless leather stitching around the wheel itself. Stunning!

Where can you purchase the Xbox One's greatest steering wheel set?: The product is currently available on the Amazon store, and can find a link below to find out further details.

How much does the Logitech G920 steering wheel cost?: The official cost for the G920 steering wheel is £199.98.

The Most Watched Call of Duty Streamer Online, Ali-A, is Sponsored by Kontrolfreek, and Even Has a Cool Unique Kontrolfreek Product of His Own that Can Be Purchased.
The Most Watched Call of Duty Streamer Online, Ali-A, is Sponsored by Kontrolfreek, and Even Has a Cool Unique Kontrolfreek Product of His Own that Can Be Purchased.

No.4 - Call of Duty Heritage Edition for Call of Duty WWII (Kontrolfreek)

- Product by Kontrolfreek

Are you a fan of improved performance within the FPS online gaming space?: If so, then you will have surely seen/heard of the Kontrolfreek thumb-stick accessories.

Kontrolfreek guaranteed: If this is a brand that appeals to you, especially since pro players are well-known for showcasing the brand, then perhaps you are on the hype train for the new Call of Duty release in November. This title, being Call of Duty: WW2.

Call of Duty guaranteed: If you are a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, and perhaps following the launch for WW2, then why not hook yourself up with the official Kontrolfreek's for the newly announced title.

Where can you purchase the Call of Duty: WW2 edition Kontrolfreek's?: The product is available now on the Amazon store. Check down below for a the quick-link.

How much does the official Call of Duty: WW2 Kontrolfreek's cost?: The official price is £19.99.

No.5 - Seagate Expansion 1TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 inch External Hard Drive

- Product by Seagate

- PC, Xbox One, and PS4 compatible

If you have a lot of storage space requirements, and your PC is unable to store everything that you need. Then, this is the first choice solution to the problem. Seagate's expansion hard drive is a bestselling product on the Amazon store.

If you are an avid gamer on the Xbox One console then you will know the stress of having limited storage space. This is a worry of the past, as Seagate's 1TB storage can be utilised into helping store everyone of your games without having to compromise.

Wanna take your games library to your friends house to play your games on their console. Now, you can, as the storage device allows complete storage control, and it is literally as simple as plugging in the USB cable into the port, and within moments you are ready to go.

Plus, Xbox One console owners can take advantage of the 1TB storage space to store additional photos, images, and videos, and everything is as simple as plugging in a USB cable. No mains required for the plug-in process for the Seagate expansion hard drive.

If it was not already obvious, this product is the best seller for additional digital storage space because it is extremely slick looking, and has the ability to do anything, and everything imaginable with a hard drive storage device.

Some would say that this is an investment, as computers and games consoles nowadays seem to never have enough hard drive storage space. This is the one and only solution to call to mind, Seagate.

Where can you purchase the Seagate expansion external hard drive?: The 2017 styled Seagate 1TB storage saving hard drive can be found on the Amazon store. The storage size comes with multiple options: 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, and 500GB.

How much does the Seagate expansion 1TB portable external hard drive cost?: The official cost is £49.99. The addition options for storage space costs: 2TB - £72.21, 3TB - £99.99, 4TB - £117.99, and 500GB - £42.10.

No.6 - Official Xbox One Kinect Sensor

- Product by Xbox

- Requires Xbox Kinect adaptor for use with the Xbox One S and PC (costing £29.99)

Take your Xbox One gaming and entertainment experiences to the next level with the Kinect Sensor that can follow your voice and movements.

Now, you can play the Kinect games that have been uniquely made for use with the sensor that allows you to get more physical with your gaming habits.

This is the most evolutionary gaming sensor system, and will become a huge part of your gaming if you simply want to throw down the controller to switch it with your body as the controller.

Where can you purchase the Xbox One Kinect Sensor?: The product is available at the Amazon store, and if you prefer when you can to buy your Xbox stuff from the Microsoft Xbox official store, then this product is also available there to.

How much does the Xbox One Kinect Sensor Cost?: The official price is £56.95.

The Xbox One "Elite" Controller. The Ultimate Xbox One Controller Gaming Experience.
The Xbox One "Elite" Controller. The Ultimate Xbox One Controller Gaming Experience.

No.7 - Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

- Product by Xbox

This is the controller to take the player performance to the next level, designed by pro-players, and made to bring the pro-online experience to the higher precision, accuracy and overall ease to function.

This controller is built for the player, but more importantly the actual individual using the controller, as everything added in addition to this Xbox One controller is seen as being essential and vital for improved player performance. For those looking to get the easiest player control in competitive online gaming, this is the controller for you.

Where can you purchase the Xbox One Elite wireless controller?: The uniquely designed controller can be found on the Amazon store.

How much does the Xbox One Elite wireless controller cost?: The official cost is £119.99. And, the other controllers with a similar D-pad design includes the Elite red velvet and gold edition - costing £159.98, and the Elite white velvet and gold edition - costing £159.98.

The Elgato HD60 is the Best Game Capturing Device on the Marketplace. Next-Generation Console Compatible.
The Elgato HD60 is the Best Game Capturing Device on the Marketplace. Next-Generation Console Compatible.

No.8 - Elgato Game Capture HD60 (Next-Generation)

- Product by Elgato

- Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox 360 compatible

If you are staying up to date with the latest gadget devices for recording video-game gameplay footage on the next-generation consoles, then you should have come across the Elgato brand.

The Elgato HD60 is the most recent game capture device that has easy to connect cables, easy to set-up software, and more importantly simple to use technology that will deliver gameplay footage in 1080p and 60fps. Everything you need to get capture those most memorable gaming moments with your friends.

It is also very affordable, and can be used for all of your game capturing gameplay's, on the Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox 360. Elgato make capturing and editing gameplay footage, easy.

To give a wider scoped impression for the loyalty among Elgato game capture owners, and the greater performance that the device has, many YouTube gamers at the higher calibre use the Elgato HD60 to capture and edit their gameplay. Elgato is made for the avid gamer, and anything playable on your consoles can be captured in the touch of a button.

Where can you purchase the Elgato HD60?: The Elgato game capture device can be found on the Amazon store.

How much does the Elgato HD60 cost?: The official cost is £129.90.

No.9 - Play and Charge Kit (Xbox One)

- Product by Xbox

- Xbox One compatible

The Xbox One comes free with a controller, but the issue comes with the battery pack requirements. The PS4 comes free with a charging cable that can be plugged from the console into the controller, and this way they need not include a battery pack at all. Xbox One did not get the memo.

This is why it is handy having the play and charge kit, that changes the battery pack for a wired charging unit that plugs into the place where the battery pack was slotted in to the back of the controller. It is advisable to keep the charger plugged in at all times, as it can damage the wire if it is constantly being plugged and unplugged from the controller.

A simple accessory, but one that can become a money saver over time, as triple A batteries will need to be changed all of the time if you are an avid gamer.

The play and charge kit is manufactured by the official Xbox company so the quality for the product is guaranteed. In terms of durability for its life-span can easily take wear and tear and last for a couple of years at a time for its life-cycle. Compare this to the interchanging of traditional tripe A batteries you will no longer need to worry about having a good stock of batteries around the house.

Where can you purchase the play and charge kit?: The wired charging kit can be found on the Amazon store.

How much does the play and charge kit cost?: The official cost is £18.99.

No.10 - Turtle Beach Streaming Microphone

The Turtle Beach streaming microphone is a professional quality desktop microphone, that has zero-latency headphone output.

If you are a gaming streamer then chances are that you will need a microphone to commentate, and if this is the case then we recommend Turtle Beach, a microphone that looks and feels unique.

A comfortable product to get the best output for a games streaming session. The one stop shop for the perfect microphone experience, and adding commentary to gaming streams provides a better connection between the streamer and their audiences. People like to hear about the experience, and what has been done well by the gaming developers, and this microphone is the perfect addition to your gaming set-up.

Where can you purchase the Turtle Beach streaming microphone?: The Turtle Beach streaming microphone can be found on the Amazon store.

How much does the Turtle Beach streaming microphone cost?: The official cost is £79.99.

Need more streaming microphone options for gameplay commentary?: Here are a few good ones:

  • Blue 101211 microphones snowball (black, white) ice - £49.99
  • Audio Technica AT2020 studio condenser microphone - £85
  • Blue Yeti - £119.99


When thinking of buying the Xbox One the Xbox accessories are a key area for understanding given that they are essentially the tools required to enhance the experience.

The one accessory that we had not included within this list, but should go without saying in that it is a must for gaming privileges, is that of the Xbox LIVE subscription. In having Xbox LIVE you gain access to the online features within the games library, and some games that offer great functioning online includes Call of Duty, Titanfall, Rainbow Six: Siege, and GTA V. This is just a few of few that came to mind.

How much is Xbox LIVE?: The Xbox LIVE subscription codes can be bought from the Amazon store, for a reasonable price of £39.99. This is for the 12 month subscription, and is most advisable as it offers the most for your money.

Out of all of the accessories for the Xbox One that we have shared with you today the best and most practical would be the Xbox LIVE subscription, the play and charge kit and the stereo headset.

The extended accessories line that makes most sense to purchase when looking to treat yourself to some added extras that are not as necessary includes the Xbox controller ("Design Lab"), other special edition Xbox One controllers, and the Scufgaming controller (Xbox One version).

And, for those who take gaming to audiences online, the best Xbox One accessories to carry the weight of these tasks would include the Elgato game capture device, the Turtle Beach streaming microphone and the Seagate storage hard drive.

© 2017 Dreammore


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