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Top 10 Best Websites About Video Games

Updated on April 27, 2013
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Len is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York and has had a fascination with games and media that has lasted a lifetime.

There are literally tens of thousands of websites about video games. It can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff with so many different options. Here is a list of the top ten best websites about video games.

They're good.

Trust me!

Honorable Mention - Kotaku

Kotaku, one of many sites owned by Gawker media, has an often contentious relationship with the gaming public. For years they've often reported rumors as facts, wrote up quick link-bait articles, and have generally been seen as too chummy with publishers and PR men.

A lot has changed in the past few years, though. Stephen Totillo has done an excellent job of revitalizing the Kotaku brand as editor-in-chief. in addition to better overall content, Kotaku has really gone out of their way to promote anti-bigotry efforts in the gaming community. Feminism, LGBT rights issues, race issues, and other often-ignored demographics have been given a chance to have a voice at one of the largest gaming websites in the world.

There are still some issues with daily content and news reporting, but Kotaku deserves a tip of the hat for improving so handily in such a short amount of time.

10 - IGN

IGN has a lot of problems. Often times, their reviews are among the worst in the business. What IGN does well is provide content. Lots of content. Deacades of previews, interviews, videos, walkthroughs and FAQs, news, and opinion pieces.

IGN also benefits from having absorbed several other, better websites over the past few years. The loss of industry favorite 1UP is IGN's gain. Hopefully, they'll make use of the talent they've retained and not squander their potential.

9 - The Mary Sue

The Mary Sue is a site for games, comics, and sci-fi written entirely by women. Even among the best sites on this list, you're going to find a disproportionate majority of men writing and producing video content. A gaming site that doesn't treat women as some type of unknowable mystery that needs to be studied is a real refresher.

My real reason for placing The Mary Sue among the top ten video game websites is the comments section. It has become cliché to point out that the user comments on gaming sites is among the worst in the world. I challenge you to visit a Kotaku article, read the comments, and not grind your teeth.

But not on The Mary Sue! The userbase is respectful, engaging and has a genuine positive enthusiasm for their hobby.

8 - NeoGAF

A site that many in the biz love to hate, NeoGAF is the world's largest video game forum. A frequent breaker of news and a hotbed of industry gossip, NeoGAF is more than just a messageboard: it's a community full of amateur game journalists with varying degrees of professionalism.

If you can ignore the noise of the hordes of hardcore gamers all trying to talk over one another, there's a lot of interesting information to be gleaned from NeoGAF's user created content.

7 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is one of the few remaining PC-gaming centric websites. This indie-game friendly webzine features some of the highest editorial standards on the web while retaining a cheeky sense of humor and a genuine camaraderie with their readers.

RPS has some of the best writing about games on the web and their take-no-crap attitude about sharing their own hard won opinions on whatever topic they're writing about is an impressive change when compared to a number of other sites that are willing to tow the corporate line.

6 - Polygon

Polygon is a tough nut to crack. A "super-group" of game journalists cherry-picked from sites like Kotaku and Joystiq, Polygon is attempting to bring magazine style reporting and writing to the web.

They haven't been entirely successful (there SimCity review has been met with near universal criticism) but for what it is worth, Polygon has some of the best feature articles about gaming and the video game business online. Their long-form, creatively formatted articles are informative and entertaining.

Since the death of 1Up, there are very few major websites writing high quality features. Visit Polygon for smart writing and maybe give the reviews and news sections a glance too.

5 - Eurogamer

Eurogamer, as the name implies, takes a focus on gaming for European readers. Gamers on other sides of the world won't be left out, though. Eurogamer has had some of the most consistently solid news and reviews in games media. Their longstanding commitment to maintaining high editorial standard has made them one of most trustworthy news sites.

The main drawback to Eurogamer is that the content is pretty dry. For straight info and reviews, though, it's hard to find a better site.

4. - Joystiq

Joystiq is one of the most popular gaming websites. A news/gossip blog similar to Kotaku, Joystiq has a more measured approach to reporting. There are less sensationalist pieces and their news is often better sourced.

In addition to generic gaming news, Joystiq also runs a number of sub-websites devoted to niche topics like mobile gaming and MMORPGs.

3 - Telebunny (or GameSpite or ToastyFrog or whtaever it's called this year)

Jeremy Parish, formerly of IGN, formerly of 1up, formerly of The GIA, formerly of a whole bunch of stuff has maintained a personal blog since the early days of the internet which has evolved alongside his own ever changing place within the realm of games media.

Featuring magazine-style articles and breakdowns of popular retro titles. A relatively new feature, Anatomy of a Game, has become particularly popular. Following a classic title and analyzing how the game uses the available mechanics to invest characters in the game, it is one of the best semi-academic looks at the art of playing video games.

2 - Gamasutra

Gamasutra is for the serious gamer. Specifically designed to appeal to industry insiders, Gamasutra focuses on the news about making games, sales, PR, and in-depth opinion pieces that review and critique the practice of making games. Although it is one of the driest gaming sites on the internet, it is also one of the most well researched.

You'll rarely find an unsourced article or rumor presented as fact at Gamasutra. For anyone who's looking to learn more about the nitty-gritty of the video game industry, it will be hard to find a better website than Gamasutra.

1 - GiantBomb

Check out some quick looks

Made up mostly of ex-GameSpot employees, Giant Bomb is one of the most exciting video game sites on the web. Eschewing a lot of the news and rumors that make up most big-name gaming sites. Most of the content is video-based. Giant Bomb's signature "Quick Looks" provide half an hour to an hour of real gameplay footage with real time commentary by the folks who are playing it. No marketing, no fuss, and no PR restraints.

What really makes Giant Bomb something special is the crew manning the site. As much a comedy site as a game news site, Giant Bomb is pretty much constantly a laugh riot. Whether you're listening to their acclaimed weekly podcast, one of their unique Endurance Run game walkthroughs, or watching one of their subscriber only live events, you'll pretty much always be laughing along with Vinny, Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Patrick.


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    • RolyRetro profile image

      RolyRetro 4 years ago from Brentwood, Essex, UK

      Some great sites here, lets hope they don't go the way of other game sites and are still around in a years time. I have to vote for Eurogamer, I love their exhibitions.



      P.S. I also have my own retro games site, please check it out!