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Top 10 Most Underrated Games in History

Updated on August 14, 2013

Often in the gaming industry, the number of copies sold is taken as a criteria for evaluation of games. Pick any Mario,Pokémon series, Call of Duty, and almost all Blizzard games and you can not help but notice that their undeniable successes have marked the history of video games.

There is another category of games, the ones that simply mention to be a tear of nostalgia in the eyes of hardcore gamers . Usually these games are remembered for their memorable gameplay and inimitable style, yet many times it comes with incredible commercial flops.

Well, this is my list of Top 10 most underrated games of the history. Do you know other games that suffered the same fate? Report it in the comments,and let people know.


For many Okami is simply one of the best games on the PlayStation 2. The game by Clover Studio (released in 2007) puts us in the shoes of Amaterasu, who according to Shinto mythology is the goddess of the sun dropped into the world of human beings in the form of a white wolf.

The goal is to bring life to a world trapped in darkness due to a curse, fighting with fangs and claws of the wolf, and using a brush to create divine spells and useful objects literally drawing on the screens of the game.

In addition to a brilliant control system Okami can count on stunning visuals, bright and colorful.

All of these qualities, however, didn't help Okami to become a success, given that the game has not even reached 700,000 copies around the world.


Published in 2010, Enslaved had all the credentials to become a successful one. The game of Ninja Theory aims to find out a post-apocalyptic future we had never seen before.

The art direction is just fantastic and it adds to gameplay that skillfully blends phases with Prince of Persia-style platform with a good combat system. To all this we must add a captivating story written by Alex Garland (famous for his book "The Beach" and the screenplay for "28 Days Later").

But this game was not able to convince the public. The latest figure of 800,000 copies sold worldwide, insufficient to save the license, which are untraceable. A real shame.


Here's the perfect combination of violence and artistic beauty. MadWorld is without doubt one of the best games for the Wii, a unique one really envied by other consoles. Developed by Platinum Games, the title at first glance looks like one of those games ultra-splatter and it is just that, but with a very interesting twist. In fact the best way to increase your score is to kill enemies with style, violence and brutality, varying their moves.

The graphics are very nice, with designs reminiscent of the style of Sin City. The characters and the game world are all in black and white, while the blood will flow like rivers in red. Probably this game has suffered from the image of Wii, that it is a console for children and families. This explains its failure, with only 600,000 copies sold.

7. Psychonauts

The first game available for PC as well as console. We are talking about Psychonauts, born from the brilliant mind of Tim Schafer. In the role of Raz, a young psychic, you have to explore the minds of his extravagant classmates, to help them overcome their fears and doubts. The result is an incredible story, original and no doubt of success, which however, has struggled to find its audience, selling only 200,000 copies. A real shame.

6. Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is a strange case. On the one hand we find a great game supported by a brilliant story line inspired by the works of David Lynch , featuring charismatic characters and a narrative of high level. On the other hand, however, we have a control system decidedly backward and cumbersome and graphics that will make your eyes bleed.

However, if we focus only on the narrative of the game Deadly Premonition is a great success. At least for the press, because the public did not react very well and people are not convinced by the soup of polygons that fill the screen, to the point that only 200,000 brave have dared to take the plunge on the Xbox 360.


The longtime players will remember the heyday of the Western RPG on PC.One of the best western RPGs. From the team of Troika Games, this game in 2D isometric could count on solid arguments in its favor.

Unfortunately the game was not able to convince the general public, and they only sold 20000 copies. So Troika Games was forced to abandon it.

4. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Muramasa is part of that small group of securities for which it would be worthwhile to obtain a Wii (as well as various Nintendo games, of course). Developed by Vanillaware, a Japanese study acclaimed for the artistic beauty of its games, Muramasa allows you to follow the adventures of Kisuke and Momohime, two funny characters who will not hesitate to shred opponents that block their passage. With a well-crafted gameplay and enchanting environments , Muramasa let you play with great pleasure. At least by those who have one of the 500,000 copies sold.

3.Grim Fandango

Tim Schafer seemed to weigh the shadow of the commercial success. Even before Psychonauts developer has had to deal with Grim Fandango, which suffered a similar fate. At the time, Tim (one of the authors of Monkey Island) still working for LucasArts and enjoyed like crazy with the famous point and click that made the company famous. With its black and white atmosphere, a unique style, a solid story and nice graphics (for the time), Grim Fandango could rely on all that needed for a high quality game.

At least on paper, because as with all games of this ranking the audience did not like much this adventure graphics, which is managed to place only 500,000 copies.

2.Beyond Good & Evil

With nearly 500,000 copies sold you can say that Beyond Good & Evil was a failure.By Michel Ancel, this adventure action follows the story of Jade, an investigative journalist (martial artist) committed in his fight to stop an alien.

Mature and thoughtful, the game offers sequences of infiltration, fighting and puzzle. Unfortunately, the low sales results of the first episode have discouraged Ubisoft, which currently have no plans to continue the adventure. For now you can settle for a HD remake, released in 2011 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

1.Planescape Torment

When it comes to role-playing games that have marked the history of video games, those that comes to mind are always Baldur's Gate and Fallout. However there is another game that deserves to be named, although almost ended up out of the spotlight. We are talking about Planescape Torment, which is one of the best Western RPGs. The reason is undoubtedly the game mechanics and its mature content that will draw the player into a very deep history. The player's choices in this game are really important, and will affect the game. Acclaimed by critics and the press, failed to win the gamers, with just over 100,000 copies sold.


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    • cfin profile image


      5 years ago from The World we live in

      Rayman origins. Best 2D side scroller ever. Sold only 50,000 in its first month.


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