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Top 10 a Must-Play Games

Updated on November 22, 2022

The Games developer provide gamers with high-class gaming experienced through the different exciting games out there. Some games served as a continuation of a franchise and others with fresh titles wishing to make an impact in gaming world. I have here some of those best Games to play for. Try to check if your favorite games belong on the list. To start with, this are the numbers of games that we enjoyed playing.

Diablo 3 Source -
Diablo 3 Source -

1. Diablo 3

After a decade of waiting for a sequel, Blizzard has finally released a sequel to its famous and groundbreaking RPG, Diablo 2. As Blizzard is one of the most supportive companies expect more add-ons and game updates as time goes by.

FIFA 3: Source -
FIFA 3: Source -

2. FIFA 2013

This year's football kicks higher with improved gameplay and new cool tricks. Highly sought after by football fans, FIFA 2013 continues to fill living rooms with cheers and squealing fans up to this day.

Dishonored: Source -
Dishonored: Source -

3. Dishonored

Dishonored is a best games to play. Playing as the Royal Assassin, is both fun and challenging. Thinking about how you will play or what is your next move is a chanllenge for everyone.

Boerderlands 2: Source -
Boerderlands 2: Source -

4. Borderlands 2

Guns and Comedy is the best to describe Borderlands. The sequel to the critically acclaimed Borderlands improved the already unique and addictive style of its predecessor. Finding time is a problem when playing this game as it is addictive.

Mass Effect 3: Source -
Mass Effect 3: Source -

5. Mass Effect 3

Probably the most controversial game. Despite its faults, Mass Effect 3 still carries the things that we love from the first and second game. The engaging story is warped depending on the choices made by the player since the first Mass Effect.

Halo 4: Source -
Halo 4: Source -

6. Halo 4

After sleeping for two games, Master Chief rises up from cryogenic sleep to kick some alien butts. With developer Bungie passing the baton to 343 studios, the game recreated from ground up. Halo 4 has proven to be an improvement to the Xbox.

Hitman: Source -
Hitman: Source -

7. Hitman: Absolution

The bald assassin with a bar code on his nape is back. Featuring diverse and adrenaline-filled missions, Hitman: Absolution is a game that lets you think through your plans or suffer the consequences.

Journey: Source -
Journey: Source -

8. Journey

The best selling Playstation Network, Journey fills players with memorable surroundings, breathtaking musical scores, and a highly emotional experience.

Max Payne 3: Source -
Max Payne 3: Source -

9. Max Payne 3

Gun-totting action drama at its finest. The bullet-time crazy game is packed with numerous bad-guys, scenic levels, and memorable story.

Guild Wars 2: Source -
Guild Wars 2: Source -

10. Guild Wars 2

lauded as the greatest online RPG up-to-date, Guild Wars 2 is filled with highly detailed structures and a massive environments. Players will heap hours upon hours of play to see and experience every nook and cranny in Guild Wars 2.


Games became already part of our lives, sometimes our day won't be complete without playing our favorite games but we have to make sure that games is just a past time and we shouldn't be addictive on it.

Just play to enjoy and don't forget to set your priorities.

© 2013 Romel Tarroza


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