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Top 10 board games for kids 2016

Updated on November 9, 2015

Board games are great way to keep kids entertained, when the weather isn't working along and they need something to do. In this article we will review the top 10 board games for kids.

These board games are all very good. To find the perfect one for your child you would have to take their preferences into account. Do they like games which challenge their minds? Do they like a bit of silliness? Are they good at fast action games? You'll find all that and more in these board games.

To help you pick the best game we have also included an age recommendation, for each game.

Cranium Hullabaloo

Age: 4 to 10 years
Players: 1 to 6

Cranium Hulllabaloo is a fast paced action game. It's great for kids to burn away energy on rainy days when they cant go out and play. The board game is also great for parties and play dates. It's best described as a mix between twister and Simon says. The game is controlled by a voice box which plays music at appropriate times in the game.

The rounds of the game are only about a minute long, so you get many chances to win. With some other board games kids lose and then get unhappy about it.

This board game requires 3 AAA batteries to work.


Age: 7 and older
Players: 2 or more

Pictureka is one of those board games that can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Be warned though it does get engrossing and competitive.

The object of Pictureka is to find a certain picture and then you yell "Pictureka!" It's a exhilarating race to find the cards and the game is fun throughout. The cards are constantly changing and it does give your brain quite a workout.


Age: 3 to 6 years
Players: 2 to 4

Candyland is a classic board game for younger kids. Kids don't have to be able to read to play the game. The game is based on colors and symbols, not letters. It teaches kids to follow rules, take turns, colors and sequences.

The game is cheaper than the other games here, but not as durable.

Dora the explorer
This game is very similar to the other Candyland, but it is themed around Dora the explorer. It's a lot of fun for kids who like Dora's TV shows.


Age: 5 to 9 years
Players: 2 to 4

The way Trouble works is that you push down the dice in the middle of the board. The dice then pops out a number which indicates how many moves you have. The first person to get their four pieces around the board, to their base, wins. If you land on top of someone else's piece you send them back to their base.

Great for teaching kids sportsmanship and counting. While at the same time being very entertaining.


Age: 8 and older
Players: 1 to 8

Quiddler is a very popular word game that works with cards. What makes this game different is that an adult playing against a child won't necessarily win.

You will need a dictionary to resolve disputes.

Quiddler makes a great Christmas gift.

Hi Ho Cherry-O

Age: 3 to 6 years
Players: 2 to 4

This is a simple math board game for young kids. Each player has a cherry tree. You take turns spinning a wheel which tells you to remove or add a certain number of cherries. The first one to get all the cherries off their tree wins.

Guess Who Extra

Age: 8 to 12 years

This is a lot like the classic 2 player kid's game in which one player asks the other one a series of yes or no questions. The point being to figure out who the other player's secret person is.

In this version each player has a board of silly-looking characters. You have to ask the right questions to eliminate the wrong faces. If you're first to discover your opponent's mystery person, you win.


Ages: 7 and older
Players: 2 or more

Bananagrams is like a speedy version of Scrabble. One of the best parts of the game is it's portability.

Qwirkle Board Game

Ages: 6 and older
Players: 2 to 4

Qwirkle uses tiles like dominoes. With Quirkle you can block your opponents advancement. The game requires the recognition of patterns and colors.

Great inter-generational game.

Blokus Classic

Ages: 5 to 12 years
2 to 4, but best with 4 players

Blokus is an easy game to play, but hard to get good at. Real strategic brain teaser.

The point of the game is to get rid of all of your blocks or have as few as possible when no player can place anymore blocks.

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Top 10 kids board games
Top 10 kids board games
Top ten board games for kids
Top ten board games for kids


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