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Top 25 hair cutting games

Updated on May 30, 2014
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With celebrities sporting the latest hair styles and salons promising you the best hair trend to go with your personality, it’s no surprise that hair styles are an important part in making a style statement. While a wrong cut can do much damage, a trendy cut can turn you from a plain Jane to a fashion diva.

Taking this style statement a bit further, girls, especially teens these days, are really enjoying another hair trend - hair cutting games. These are extremely popular and can help you get a new makeover, albeit virtual, using your creativity and personal style.

Here are the top 25 Hair cutting games for girls:

1. Hairstyle Design

This virtual hair cutting game lets you design a new hairdo in your own artistic creation. It lets you create your own well groomed hair to make a statement among your friends. Your character name is Linda, who is invited to a fashion party. She has an appointment at your hairstyle design studio for a new hairdo. Have fun and enjoy combing her hair, add gel, trim, dye and perm to create your own hair style for her.


2. Braid Styles:

Braid Styles is an extremely popular game these days. The braids in the game are made in various designs such as mermaid braid, fishtail, plain braid and many more. This hair makeover game has a wide collection of braid styles to choose from. It lets you work up your creativity as a successful hairdresser! So have fun choosing a matching outfit and get your creativity on.



3. Hair Studio

This virtual Makeover Game lets you design in your own way. Your hair fashion studio owner’s name is Eva, who is awesome with her hairdressing job. You have to help her studio earn a five star ranking for the shop. She has a great parlor and wants to become popular among her customers as the owner of the best hair studio in town.


4. Hairstyle Designer

Hairstyle Designer is mostly loved by girls who are in their teens. It allows you to flaunt your hairstyle to the world. This awesome hair design game is filled with bold and bright hair colors and many hair design options. It gives you many ways to show off your own personal creativity. There are many hair design options to choose from before the final haircut. You can also select the hair colour to match your new haircut. Go for some trendy and crazy haircut. This is an extremely addictive game that makes you create something unique and artistic.


5. Cute Princess Hairdresser

You are assigned to do a special hairdressing for a lovely little princess called Cheri for her 6th birthday. She belongs to a royal family, who has hired the best talented hair stylist in the land just to style her hair! Cheri has the most beautiful hair and loves to flaunt different styles everyday as short, long or colored hair. The haircut is the most important part you have to work on, along with the other aspects. You also have to help her with the hair color that will complement her look. Create a trendy hair-do to make her look cute.


6. Emo Haircuts

Try out some trendy hairstyles for this weekend. You are assigned to wash, dry, cut and color hair. Apart from the cut, you also have to help your customer select the hair colour and style that will complement her look. Once done, you have to treat her hair to make it smooth and cut it as short as required. Give her a cool hairstyle to make her look modern and stylish.


7. Colorful Hairstyles Makeover

In “Colorful Hairstyles Makeover “you get to create fabulous hairstyles! You can select your hair design and browse from a list of hair colors. Choose from numerous dresses to compliment your look. Get creative and give yourself the most stylish and colorful hairstyle to look like a real diva.



8. Crazy Hairdresser

This hair Makeover Game lets you create an extraordinary hair style. This is a fun hairdressing game that has many choices and combinations to choose from. You can also figure the length and design of your hair and add colour! If you're not happy with what you created, you can simply change it! Get crazy with your hair designing to please your customers.


9. Right Hair – Star Right Hair

This virtual hairdressing game is different from all the other games. It not only lets you design your hairstyle, but also checks your memory. You have to memorize the look of the girl carefully and give her the same hair style, dress, and make-up. You can earn maximum points by doing this in the least time.


10. My Perfect Hairstyle

Deciding to get a new hairstyle is the hardest thing to do! My Perfect Hairstyle lets you design your wonderful brand new look. This gives you an opportunity to check your look with the new haircut, before the actual cut. You can try from every possible hair style to see which one will compliment you the best. Show off your look before you make your final decision!


11. Freaky Hairdresser

Freaky Hairdresser is a fun game for girls. You get the chance to design hairstyles as a professional hairdresser for the girls who will be visiting Moriba's hair salon. Moriba's hair salon gives freaky hairstyles to freaky girls! This game lets you add extraordinary colours, work for models and use sprays for little chic ladies. You have to help Moriba in her crazy hair salon to get her more customers. Play it virtually by dragging customers on chairs, choosing the right item and collecting the earned money dropped on the chair by the customers.


12. Hannah Montana

This Make Up and Hairdressing Game is popular among teens and ladies. Hannah Montana is an extremely popular pop singer, who loves to experiment with new hairstyles and is a teen sensation. She has hired you to be her hairdresser to give her a new look. She wants you to give her an updated stylish curl, color, anything that is new. You are judged by her for the look you created. Do check her facial expressions!


13. Cute Glance

Cute Glance virtual game lets you try the best hairstyles and make-up colors. You can choose from many cute and pretty models on the seat to give them a new style!


14. Domy Hair Romantic

A girl is about to get married in a few days and is trying to find the perfect hair style for her wedding day. She wants to look her stylish best all day. Her wedding outfit, facial treatment and makeup are already decided. But she is still unhappy with her look and wants help in choosing clip-ons and accessories! You have to style her hair and give her the best hair-do to match her wedding outfit and makeup.


15. Hairdresser 2

Give a perfect hair style to the cute little girl. You have to give her hair a complete makeover by using your creativity and skills. The better you perform, the higher points you earn.


16. Super Hairdresser

Super Hairdresser is like a miracle salon that lets you give the perfect hair cut you always wanted! You have to decide on the hair style and seat your client for a complete hair makeover. Give her hair a nice shape and style and apply some colour to add in extra glamour, as per the customer’s demand.



17. Hairdresser 4

Little girls come to this salon to update their look with the latest styles. The regular customers love to try out different looks. Help your clients choose the trendiest hairstyles and make them happy.


18. Hairstyle Creation

Hairstyle trends keep changing from season to season. Short hair is preferred in summer, whereas long hair looks best during winters. In this virtual hair dressing game, you can create your own perfect hair style. Choose from fringe, braids and many other haircuts and styles.


19. Hairdresser 6:

In “Hairdresser 6” you are assigned a model to prove your hairdressing skills. This lets you use from various hairdressing equipment to create that perfect look for the model. You can earn more points by creating a look that suits the model best.


20. Emo Right Hair

Emo Right Hair lets you design the perfect hair style and make-up for your gorgeous customer. You can also see a picture of how she wants to look and style her accordingly. Please your customer by giving them their desired look.


21. Hair styles

In this game, the hairdresser is assigned to style the customer as depicted by the model in the beginning. All the required items are present in the salon, such as hair color, hair cutting tools, makeup products and more, that will help you style your client. You have to give your customers the best cut, colour and style to make them happy!


22. Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring is a fun and colorful hair designing virtual game. Color the hair to make them look stylish. You, as a good hairdresser must know the colour that will compliment different customer. Create your best look by dying the hair of the model, adding a good colour. You can also give some finishing touches by adding highlights and eye color to match the design.


23. Sue Hairdresser

You have to act as a hair designer for a salon. Your character’s name is Sue, who is a professional hairdresser. Choose from many hair styles, give your clients a haircut and add curlers and gel and other products to create a perfect look. This hair cutting game lets you show your creativity through various hair designs.


24. Amateur Hairdresser

You are a hairdresser who works in a salon that specializes in unique hair styles with dreads and bold colors. You have to be the best hairstylist around to give stylish looks to your customers and gain a reputation! Try to score as high as you can. Your reputation is based on how many features and colors you add.

• Click a hairstyle

• Click locks of hair

• Select colors for hair.


25. Haircut:

This little girl is very confused about her hair style. You have to give a perfect hair style today that compliments her look! Start by washing, drying and cutting her hair. Give her a beautiful hairdo to make her look the most stylish little girl.


How to play Haircut:

• Click the glowing options to continue. Browse the hairstyle options until you find the one you like. This will display the name of the option you selected.

• Press on the shampoo to apply on her head.

• Now, click on the yellow arrow at the bottom to proceed. This will show you an option to rinse the hair.

• Next, you have to dry her hair and give a haircut.

• There are options to select rollers, curlers and straighteners to choose from.

• You can select from numerous hair colour to suit the haircut and compliment her look.

• There are accessories like cap, hat, bows and tiara to choose from and add glamour to the look.

• Your little client is ready to flaunt her new look.


With so many fabulous and fun hair dressing games, we are sure you’ll soon be tempted to try out some stylish haircut for yourself too. Happy gaming!


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    • dailytop10 profile image


      4 years ago from Davao City

      Cool! I never knew such kind of games exist. These might be the solutions I'm looking to keep my daughter still while I play some COD for a few hours haha


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