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Top 3 Android Games I Found Interesting

Updated on April 28, 2015

Summoners War

#1.Summoners War

Is a fantasy game where you summon different types of monsters and form a strong team of defense. The summons go by ratings your goal is to get to six purple stars. there are missions you go through that teach you about the game and you can farm runes for the monsters as well. runes are bonus stats to increase the power of your monster. There are some monsters with silver stars they are materials for the other monsters you summon with gold or purple stars. They give exp as well as a gold monster. there is a pvp zone called an arena where you have your choice to battle an NPC or other players but they also can attack your base.

There are five monsters such as light, dark, water,fire, and wind. Each monster has a weakness except dark and light monsters are neutral. Water monsters are strong against fire, Fire is strong against Wind, and Wind is strong against Water. This is good to know what monsters to use when battling in arenas and gaining better defenses and getting through missions. For Example you face a water monster and a fire monster and you own a water monster and a wind monster. The wind monster will have do high damage against the water damage and your water monster will do more damage to the fire monster.

#2. SimCity Build It

SimCity Build It is a game where you create a city and you build and rebuild. Your goals are to keep the citizens happy as you keep up the good services and demands by the sims. the start can be rocky as you might run out of money very quickly but you eventually make it back as you collect from the town hall and upgrading buildings. Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money. The more you make your sims happy the more it increases your pay in the town hall. You put down factories to produce materials for the stores and homes in need.

I find this game kinda relaxing once you've gotten your city under control from the demands of service your sims need. I think the parks look kinda neat and the buildings it helps to boost the population and improve the look of the buildings. I think it is cute to see the little police, fire, ambulance vehicles, as well as the citizens rush up and down in there car. it can sometimes be a hassle to get the keys which you get buy completing cargo shipments and doing disaster challenges from the doom vu tower to the city, these unlock buildings in the specific departments. For example if you had unlocked the department of transportation and you have enough keys for a bus terminal it costs no money.

#3. Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clash is a tower defense game where your goal is to defend your village from goblins and players. You use gold to buy items and to upgrade items. Elixer is used for making troops. you can also use Elixer to buy items in the shop Using your own strategies and techniques to keep your troops at bay and you gold and elixer safe. You set up defenses like planning bombs in the ground setting up archers to watch over your castle. When you progress though thee game you have to upgrade storage, troops, town hall and weapons you use for defense. You gain gems through achievements that you gain as you play by doing tasks they suggest. In the beginning you have a shield that lasts about 2 days, which prevent players from attacking your base. It is best to save up the gems you get for future purchases. you can attack other players and NPC's bases and raid their stash. I haven't made it to far into this game but it is fun so far raiding npc's. There are chatting area for you to communicate with others. Once you've build your castle which costs about 10,000 coins you can unite with other people.

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