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Top 5 ADC Champions in League of Legends

Updated on July 22, 2013

5. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a very strong ADC in League of Legends, with one of her key traits being a very good early laner with her q and long attack range, which is the highest base range, with Tristana having a higher range late game through her passive. However, late game Caitlyn can fall off slightly against some of the other carries, mostly because her abilities become a lot less damaging than her actual attacks, meaning that she has little enhancement over her basic attack. Whereas Vayne’s Silver Bolts and ultimate ability can still come in handy late game, Caitlyn’s q takes too much time to be worthwhile and her ultimate is not good in the middle of a fight, only if the opponent tries to run. However, her advantage early game can shut down opponents completely, resulting in them not doing much damage late game whilst Caitlyn has got a huge damage advantage over the whole enemy team.

4. Ezreal

Ezreal was the in the top 2 ADCs without a doubt at the end of season 2, however, he is now out damaged and easily outplayed by some other ADCs because of buffs and nerfs. He does high amounts of damage and his passive synergises well if you use his ultimate to initiate a fight, however he just seems to fall off late game slightly, because of a lack of in fight damaging abilities. However, he is still one of the safest ADCs to go because of his e, giving you a very good escape. His ultimate can also stop enemy minion waves pushing from across the map and can help out 4 v 4 team fights from the opposite side of the map if you can aim it well. His ultimate is also a good finisher in the early game as if you use it in a brush the enemy will struggle to avoid it. Overall he is still a good ADC but can lack damage against some opponents.

3. Draven

Draven is a very strong ADC in the League of Legends. His new passive is much less powerful than it was before, however you can get considerable amounts of gold from it is you utilize you q well for farming, as you can get 2 stacks per attack if you only last hit which is good amounts. If you get 50 cs before your first kill, you get 150 gold extra if every kill was with a q. Draven’s q makes him a very powerful fighter in the late game as it does extra damage for very little. His w is also good because of the huge attack speed boost, meaning that a good Draven can win most fights, even against significantly fed opponents. His ultimate is similar to Ezreal’s, however it can hit someone twice and can slaughter a team in the initiation of a team fight and can often net a few kills in the laning stage.

2. Vayne

This is my most controversial choice, as Vayne is often considered the strongest ADC at the moment, however I prefer one ADC above everyone else. Her passive can be useful to catch fleeing opponents, especially since ADC’s are notorious for their lack of movement speed in most cases. Her q can make you deal lots of damage at the start of a fight and can also make you move into a good position for the fight, which is especially useful because of how important positioning is for an ADC. Her w is also really useful for mowing down the high armour targets because of the bonus true damage making her very effective, however I feel that she needs a lot of attack speed to become worthwhile, as she can repeatedly utilise the w in a single fight. Her e is also very good at getting a lot of damage off for free against enemy carries, winning the fight for Vayne. Just be careful not to misuse this as it will aggravate your team mates unbelievably if you save your opponents several times in a single game. Her ultimate can also make her do lots of extra damage in teamfights and can allow her to mow down towers very fast so is one of the most useful ultimates for an ADC in my opinion.

1. Corki

Corki is, in my opinion, the strongest off all ADC’s at this moment. The q and the ultimate give you lots of potential AoE poke before a team fight and the ultimate can also allow you to snipe low health opponents. The passive can make you deal huge damage because of the true damage, also allowing you to do lots of damage against tanks. His E also allows you to shred lots of armour off of a whole team, whilst still doing lots of damage in auto attacks. He also has a very good escape in the form of his w, and can use that to catch up to opponents and make excellent plays, especially in the early game. Overall, Corki deals a lot of damage to every member of the team and with 3 AoE abilities, he can do lots of damage to multiple enemies at a time.


There are also several other good ADCs, such as Ashe and Varus, however I feel that these are the ones that are the best. Quinn is a good option, especially because of the AoE ultimate and the blind and with Tristana you press q and win the team fight, however these are the ones that I like playing the most. If you prefer others please leave your opinion in the comments. Lucian is also looking like a very good ADC and may take a place on a future list if I choose to do one.

Thank You :)

Thank you for reading this hub, if you enjoyed please comment and give feedback about what you think I can improve on in my writing. If you didn’t like it please explain why and if you have other opinions, please point them out and I will consider them and maybe feature them in a future hub if I feel that they are valid. If you want to play with me on League of Legends, my name is Mini Man Danny on the EU West servers and when I accept you say you know me from Hubpages and we can play a few games :) Thank You!


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    • profile image

      FrozenHuntsman 3 years ago

      What a shame tristana isn't in here

    • profile image

      A Duck 3 years ago

      I remember the days of viable Corki. I only ever see Caits, Jinx, and Lucian anymore.

    • profile image

      majin buu 3 years ago

      vayne's my number one

    • profile image

      Jack 4 years ago

      Where's JINX ?!