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Top 5 Best Characters on Injustice: Gods Among Us

Updated on July 16, 2016

I will notate by each special a number that signifies how interesting and easy the move is to do, this is based out of a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and best.

Of course this is all personal preference but I thought with the new Injustice game coming out, I would voice my favorites from the last game. To say the game was epic and amazing is an understatement. Ill be the first to admit that I am not great at the game; however, you don't have to be good at a game to appreciate it. Like most of you know, whenever you play a game like this injustice you develop preferences on characters. Below are my top 5 favorites in list of best to worst. I have a poll at the bottom where you pick your favorite from the list I have so please vote, I'd like to hear from you. Enjoy!

Number One

Scorpion- This guy is the man!

Playability-He is an excellent mid range/power player. He has a very hard to stop teleport combo. He has some decent range and his close combat is always very great. What made him my best player is his teleport ability. If used correctly, you can really lay out some damage to your opponent. I’m really hoping he comes back for Injustice 2.

Special-(8)His special is easy to use and pretty cool to watch-if you are a player that does specials instead of power hits.

Skins/Costumes-He only has 1 skin available due to him being a downloaded character. However, the skin they have on him is very cool. It is a mix between traditional and Mortal Kombat X skin he has on those games.

Number Two

Flash- This guy we all know is coming back for the new Injustice.

Playability-Definitely a close combat player with just a splash of mid-range fighting ability. I believe his spinning kick is one of the most powerful in the game. The only downside to the Flash is his lack of superhuman strength. Scorpion makes up for it with his teleport but Flash just doesn't have anything to make up that inability. Don’t get me wrong though, Flash was my character prior to the release and download of Scorpion.

Special-(4)Flash’s special is really cool at first then you kinda wish there was more involved. However, it isn't a hard special to pull off by any means.

Skins/Costumes-He has a few skins available. All of them are pretty cool. The one labeled “Elseworld” is really different looking and Earth 2 Skin is pretty different. My personal Favorite is Blackest Night, you just cannot beat a zombified Flash. They did an excellent job with Flash’s regular out skin as it really stays true to classic Flash but also gives him a modern updated look.

Number Three

Ares-The God of War, need I say more?

Playability-He has the long, mid, and close combat moves need to be a great God of War. He has strength and some freaking awesome combos. He can also teleport, but not with the speed and attack of Scorpion. Ares only real problem lay in the fact that he doesn't have any speed. All of his attacks are slow. However, if one trained with Ares then they would be unstoppable because Ares just has so much power and great combos.

Special (9)-His special is very awesome to watch and easy to use. I think it is very fitting of the character.

Skins/Costumes-Ares only has 3 skins available. The “Classic” skin is really cool and true to Ancient Greek costumes of their Gods. The default Ares skin is awesome and my favorite though. His armor is very sharp and his helmet looks amazing with the horns coming out. The horn even breaks sometimes after combat, how cool is that?

Number Four

Doomsday-He “kills” Superman, of course he is on the list.

Playability-He is power and just devastating in close range. Like Ares, Doomsday is pure power. Doomsday doesn't have the combo’s like Ares but he easily matches power. He can also take a good bit of damage. If I were to play an AI on very hard then Doomsday would actually be my choice due to how powerful he really is and how unstoppable he is when used with power combos. His speed is defiantly a weak spot but when you just give him crazy strength then it is ok.

Special-(4)His special is like Flash’s, cool at first then it gets kinda old. It isn't hard to use but you do have to be in close proximity to the opponent.

Skins/Costumes-He has 4 to choose from in this game. I really like them all. The default Doomsday is awesome. Has the bones/armor protruding out and all. Maybe the coolest one just due to its uniqueness if “Containment Suit”. He looks like a BAMF (google it).

Number Five

Sinestro- The guy you love to hate.

Playability-Probably has the most diversified list of moves on this list. This may show how much I really am not good with him but the “rock drop” has saved me countless times. He has decent speed and power. He has strength so that is really a bonus for a character like Sinestro.

Special-(7)Not going to lie guys, I liked his special but didn't love it. However, this is only due to how awesome Green Lantern special was when I watched his. Regardless, it is still a very cool one to watch and easy to pull off.

Skins-He only has the default and “Regime” look. I prefer the Regime since he gets a helmet. Overall, I thought the game creators did a great job on him. They got his mustache and hair perfect!

There you have it guys! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Or, if you have any requests, just drop a message or comment to me. Like me on Facebook. Below you'll find the new trailer for Injustice 2: Every Battle Defines You. Also, I am including a poll to find out who you like the best so please take time and vote!

Just Out of the Five Listed Above

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The New Trailer for Injustice 2!


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