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Top 5 Board Games For Kids - The Best of The Lot!

Updated on April 29, 2014

Fun and Educational Board Games For Your Children!

We all love board games, don't we? As a kid, I loved my 'Snakes & Ladders', 'Ludo' and 'Scrabble'. Nowadays, there are so many more options. Which ones are best for your kids? This page helps you with just that!

Presenting the top 5 board games which your kids are sure to love and enjoy.

1. Bananagrams

Bananagrams is a highly popular word game which is kind of similar to Scrabble. You form words here too, but there are no special squares with points because this game is played on a table or any other flat surface.

Bananagrams depend on speed -- how fast you can form words. This is in contrast to Scrabble where people sometimes take ages to form a word up. A highly recommended word game which has held its number 1 spot for a long time. The pouch in the form of a Banana makes it easy to carry around, and this game is even apt to play while you're travelling.

2. Qwirkle Board Game

The Qwirkle board game by Mindware is a game where you score points by putting together blocks that match up in colors and shapes. There are totally 108 blocks in this colorful board game.

Qwirkle is not just for youngsters but for the adults as well. You can make the game as simple or as advanced as you want. You can be rest assured that you won't feel bored during this game because it's that engaging!

3. Blokus Classics Game

If you are looking for a more intellectually stimulating game for your kid, then the Blokus game is the one which you would simply love. Blokus has received a Mensa award for promoting brain activity.

In Blokus, the players are supposed to fit all their pieces onto the board. The pieces should not be adjacent to each other and they should be placed in such a way that at least one corner is touching the other pieces on the board. The person who gets rid of all their pieces is the winner.

Blokus encourages spatial thinking because the player figures out moves in their mind before going ahead.

4. Quiddler

Quiddler is a bit like Scrabble -- only with cards! You have to form words with the cards in your hand, and when you end up with a single stray card you are declared the winner.

Quidder is the 1999 Parents' Choice Silver Award winner. There are set of rules in this one to follow in order to get points but it's a fun game for anyone who likes a bit of competition. A great game for word game lovers.

5. ThinkFun Zingo

Zingo is a variant of the Bingo game -- only more fast paced and energetic. Zingo is all about matching tiles drawn randomly to the images in the cards. If there is a match, you call out 'Zingo'.

It's a popular board game among both kids and adults. Zingo is even suitable for 4 year olds which explains why it's preferred by families with small kids around.

What Is Your Favorite Board Game?

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    • profile image

      Stan Hai 6 years ago

      These games are great! I also like board games that encourage singing. It can be very educational; as each family member shares music that they like, it can lead to discussions about history, art, culture, counterculture, politics, etc. We like the game Spontuneous.

    • profile image

      MCouzin 7 years ago

      Not only are board games fun (and they are!), they are being useed more and more as learning tools in the classroom and libraries. Playing games can help kids learn to focus, increase grades and IQs and help learn to socialize with peers (regarding the latter, there is a program in LA - from Gangsters to Gamesters).

      Much of this research can be found at Games for Educators,

      Mary Couzin

      Chicago Toy and Game Fair,

    • profile image

      charlotte 7 years ago

      Great list... Zingo! is a winner for all ages, I've heard from many families that mom and dad often continue play after the kiddos are in bed :)