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3 Free to Play Games, and why you should or should not play them. Designed for the Lazy Gamer.

Updated on May 22, 2013

D&D: Neverwinter

Look I am not going to sugar coat this one at all. This game is incredible to be free. If you are looking for a game that mimics wow, you are out of luck. Although most MMORPGs are similar to WoW, with the Gui, the game play is moderately different.

Reasons Why the hell, you should play this game:

  • Its free you bastard.
  • Combat is easy, lazy, old, young, new people can pick it up and just play.
  • No fracked up learning curve. You do not have to learn lore or any fracked up story just to play.
  • 1 shotting beasts at level 1, nothing makes my girlie parts tingle more than one shotting a zombie and yelling "booyah suckuh!!" That, and fat guys.. Ahhh fat guys..
  • Simple trade, no BS, just straight up trade.
  • No ridiculous work for items. Sure if you want it then and there, and you have the $$, you can get it, but you can also work for those items. Which is nothing shy of kickass.
  • Create your own damn dungeons!

Why the hell Should you decide not to play this fracking game:

  • I am not saying you would or you wouldn't but quite frankly, it is easy to get stuck in a french story line. It's fine if you speak french, I don't. I found myself in a french chain, maybe an hour in, I don't even know how the hell it happened.
  • It takes time. While my friends have plenty of time, they don't have to keep up websites, servers, BLOGS!, and good looks. Not for the busy SOB.
  • Its not quite lazy enough. You guys are some Lazy Bastards, you come on here you read my stuff, but you don't take the time out to like the page. 1 click, thats all I ask, and you can't use the 5 muscles to do it.. I am Hurt.. Actually I could care less, you ADD ridden folks, you see a google ad and click on it, I appreciate your disorders. Ooo sale on shoes!


Like Emeril, I am here to put a little spice in your life. It is really unfortunate more people haven't picked this one here up. World of Tanks is a Massively Multiplayer Online Tank and Artillery Simularcadimmovortor.. I added the vortor at the end for dramatic effect. Any way.. Schtuff is fun.

Why in the compound donkey funk would I want to play it?

  • It's free you moron!
  • Match Play, 15 vs 15, strategy, Clan Matches, Ladder competitions, Taking map sections. I mean its an all around competition game.
  • Its great that not all shots penetrate a tank, people gotta aim their crap, or no go.
  • Its an incredibly lazy game. You don't worry with skills and garbage like that. You go in you play, you die, you play some more, you win, you die, you win and die, and lose. What am I saying? You lazy melon punchers would lose a majority of the time, go away! you suck, I'm kidding, I love you, but you suck!
  • Girls play the game! Keep in mind that GIRL stands for Guy in Real Life.
  • Special Events and Double XP

Why the hell shouldn't I play this game?

  • I find myself incredibly bored at times. There is only so much you can lay pwnage down on someone's face, before you think, Why Bother? You fight your hardest, take out 10 tanks, and find out they were all adults that you killed. I mean what's the point if you aren't killing 10 year olds?
  • While it's a lazy game to play, the grind is ridiculous, it took me 2 months of night after night grinding and procrastination, to finally get to tier 10 from tier 8. I take into account I was not a premium membership, but damn..
  • People will deliberately screw you over. I know this is pretty much in any game, but I mean, pushing tanks out into oncoming fire.. Thats just wrong.
  • You are just too damned Lazy, this is the Laziest Game ever, and you are too lazy to play it.. Buy a shirt dammit.

Planetside 2

Sweet mother of honjymonjy, Planetside 2 is fun! This one is an MMO FPS, with tanks, planes, trucks, and guns, guns, guns. Three Factions, Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, Vanu Sovereignty, All fighting at the same time. BATTLES! BATTLES! BATTLES! Its all about the battles. On full graphics this game is amazing with sparks flying through the air, massive explosions, and omg at the perks of big guns!

Planetside 2

Why in the motherless turtle spunk, should I want to play this game?

  • You ain't got a reason not to. It's FREE!
  • Download and play it, simple as that, if you like FPS, and like being in intense gunfights, shooting down planes, blowing up tanks, you are going to love this game right chere..
  • This is not Call of Duty, while sometimes you hear the occasional 13 year old, most of them do not play for long. A majority of adult gamers play this one.
  • You can play Tactically, with the 7th Cavalry if you so choose. hint hint wink wink..
  • You can play socially, by just getting in and singing songs
  • You can play Lazily because you know you want to.
  • You can just grab an ammo truck, and follow tanks in the game, and gain points!

Why in the (insert naughty phrase here) should I not want to play this awesome game?

  • You are one lazy bastard, You are truly missing out.
  • The station cash thing is rather annoying, especially when its a free to play game and you find yourself spending 300 bucks the first week to step up to the playing curve.
  • It's an expensive hobby.
  • You hate FPS
  • You hate Flying
  • You HATE tanks.
  • You just hate, hater.
  • You haven't joined the 7th Cavalry. You have to check out 7th Cavalry on the Matherson Server to get the full effect on PS2.


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