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Top 5 Offensive Strategies in Boom Beach

Updated on February 16, 2016

Recently, I’ve found that many players said they cannot defeat other players appear newly on their maps, or they cannot even destroy the high level defenses of their enemies, or they do not know how to kill the Rocket Launcher and Boom Cannon on their enemies’ resource bases.

In fact, there aren’t any base that you cannot take down, it is mainly depends on your familiarity of the Boom Beach and whether the resources on the base worth your loss of Troops to take down. If you have high Victory Point and the player around you are of high degree, you have to keep upgrading your Troops. For example, if you have reached HQ 10, upgrade your Landing Craft to level 8 and Gunboat to level 10 as soon as possible. You also should try your best to upgrade Radar.

I have reached HQ 10 currently, but the Sniper Towers are still of level 4 and both Gun Machines and Mortars are of level 1. Still, I haven’t built Cannon and Flame Thrower. Because I am an offensive player and I don’t want to waste too much of my time to upgrade those buildings. I mainly spent my time on upgrading Troops, Gunboat and various kinds of warehouses. As no big enough warehouse means wasting loots. Following, I will share with you tops 5 strategies of how to attack in Boom Beach:

1. Base Defense Vulnerability

Rushing to the HQ is always a good strategy. If you find a base with so much defenses on the front that the defense on the back is vulnerable, you can use Flares to go around the defenses to rush to the HQ. Also, it would be better if your Troops can walk in to the forest then rush to the HQ.

To be noticed, you need at least 2 Flares to rush to the HQ. Warriors rush with Smoke Screen can move quickly, you just need to know clear about how many Flares you should use and the attack range of the defenses.

2. Limited Attack Range

Some players like to place their Mortars and Cannons on the backside of the base, this may make the attack range of the front part limited, so that Zookas can attack the HQ outside the attack range of defenses from the front.

You may say that there are still Sniper Tower and Machine Gun on the front part and Flame Thrower beside the HQ. However at that time, you can use Heavies and Riflemen to clear those defenses so that Zookas can attack safely later. After all, almost all the HQ are surrounded by defense and other buildings, there will always be a Sniper Tower of low level to be your breakthrough point.

I always like to use this strategy to defeat player who are of higher level than me. Of course, I will loss almost all of my Heavies and Riflemen, but the result is worth as I can get a large number of loots finally.


3. Time Interval and Partial Landing

This strategy is mainly about timing. You can make good use of the attack range of different Sniper Tower and shooting rate. So that you can decide which Troop land first in order to decrease the loss and get good result. For example, if there are Flame Thrower on the first line, you can deploy your Zookas firstly to destroy them without loss. But if there are Rocket Launcher, Mortar and Machine Gun, normally the Heavies first. And Riflemen for Cannon, Boom Cannon and high level Sniper Tower. Moreover, you can deploy your different Troops from different side.

4. Troops Combination

A. Warriors Rush : Quite many advanced players like to use this tactic and you may be so familiar with this strategy. Players at the former stages do not usually use this Troop combination, they should have high level Shock Bomb and Smoke Screen to use it.

B. Heavies Rush: I mainly use this Troop combination to attack resource bases currently . After all there aren’t many Sniper Towers at the former stage of Boom Beach. Heavies rush is mainly used to attack with Rocker Launcher with the use of Medkits.


C. Riflemen Rush: They can deal with Cannon, Boom Cannon and high level Sniper Tower with the advantage of large number.

D. Zookas Rush: As the Heath Point of Zookas is too low, it is highly not commended to use Zookas rush. Instead, I would prefer to use Heavy-Zooka rush as Heavy of high Health Point can act as Meat Shield for Zooka.

5. Others

Beaching HQ layout is difficult for you to take out. Too many defenses are placed on the front side, there is no way to attack without loss. You can use Troops combination that I have mentioned before to attack the base. Or you can shock the defenses and rush to the back side of the base, this is still very difficult for you to finish. The other difficult base layout is Cornerwith the HQ on the right corner around with defense and resource buildings. It is hard for you to destroy the Sniper Tower within limited time.

I think the meaning of Boom Beach is to enjoy the fun to defeat other player and loot resources. If you always think about lowering your VP to defeat the players who are of lower level than you, you will lost the fun of Boom Beach.

Above is all about the top 5 strategies of how to attack in Boom Beach, hope you can learn something helpful from it. Enjoy your fun in Boom Beach!

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