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Top 5 Online Tower-Defense Games

Updated on July 10, 2014

Our top 5 tower defense games list

We played a LOT of turn-based and tower defense games and we decided to make our own top 5 list. We will provide you with image and short description for each game, if you are interested in playing those games you can find them at Hornet Games. On their website we found all the listed games and more other games as well, so you can visit them via this link and explore their website. All games are amazing, and maybe someone else would rank them in other way, but we used various criteria in order to rank them properly.

5. Mushroom Farm Defender

On the fifth place i will put Mushroom farm defender, I was in doubt about this game, to include it on the list or not. It has simple but colorful and lovely graphics, and because of that it reminds me of some kids games or something like that. But on the other side I played it a lot of times and didn't manage to complete it. It is obvious that game needs serious skill mastering and using advanced tower positioning tactics. Game has nice graphics, it is very addictive and hard to beat. So i decided to include it on this list, you just need to give it a chance.

Few tips: Try to initiate waves before they start automatically, in that way you will get more gold. You can upgrade existing mushroom towers and can change their affinity by placing three types of diamonds inside them.

Game screenshoot

Mushroom farm defender
Mushroom farm defender

4. Canyon Defense 2

Well now we are starting with really amazing games...on the 4. place is Canyon Defense 2. As the name says by itself you defend some kind of canyon with the base structure at the end of it. This is very complex game, probably with the hardest weapon and factories unlocking/upgrading system. In every stage you need to build certain number of basic canyons in order to unlock improved ones. Besides that you can unlock war factories, air facilities, defense walls and gates and stuff like that. Every new weapon or facility have specific unlocking requirements, so you will need to devise different strategy for each level, because there are a lot of different types of enemies, with a lot of abilities, later waves can totally bypass defensive structures that are built to stop first group of waves. In any given moment of time info about 5 incoming waves is available, so read it carefully and keep in mind while creating your defense.

Main reason why I didn't put this game higher on the list is a gloomy graphics, don't get me wrong graphics aren't poor or something like that, but they just don't impress me, that's all.

Game screenshoot

Canyon Defense 2
Canyon Defense 2

3. Giants and Dwarves Tower Defense

This game is Tower Defense Classic, there is a great chance that you played it already. Giants and Dwarves TD introduces two new elements into tower defense genre, giants and heroes, there are spells as well but that is already seen in other tower defense games. On the main World map you can choose which mission you want to play, and those missions follows story-line. First few missions are very easy and they are some kind of tutorials about tower building and upgrading, casting spells, playing with hero, fighting giants and similar things. As you progress game will be more and more difficult.

One of the unique things in the game is that enemies can reach your base (point that you defend) by taking more than one route, so you must place your hero and towers with keeping that in mind. Try to place archers on the spots from which they can cover more than one pathway. Another unique feature are giants, there is minimum one in each level and they are VERY hard to kill, they kill swordsman with just one hit, so they must be fought with hero and archer towers. Your hero is very sturdy and have great attack, if he gets killed he will come back to life again within several seconds, so don't hesitate to use him in battle. Also you can initiate incoming wave of attackers by clicking on crossed swords icon, and get bonus gold.

This is one really really great game, with amazing graphics and gameplay and one of the best tower defense games available, try it, you won't regret it.

Giants and Dwarves TD

Giants and Dwarves
Giants and Dwarves

2. Villainous

On the second place I decided to put Villainous, unique tower defense game, because you aren't defender, you are attacker. This is a bit different type of tower defense games, we may call it tower conquer or something like that. You take role of evil wizard that want to dominate the world, but first you must defend a lot of towns and earn a lot of money for upgrades. You buy upgrades at your castle, on the world map, and you can buy new type of units, new spells, spell and unit improvements, max. number of units per wave and similar things. after completing levels you can replay them to get some achievements, collect additional gold and stuff like that. There are several types of units that you can send to attack, so you must choose wisely unit combination for every level, because very level is unique ad have different tower combination, so you need to outfox defenders every time. Goblins are special units, they are only unit that is able to plunder towns, often you will be in dilemma, is it better to send more goblins and plunder more per successful wave, or to send more other units and have more successful waves. All this depends on you and you strategy. Great game, new and refreshing, with lovely graphics.

Villainous game-play screenshoot
Villainous game-play screenshoot

1. Demonrift TD

And finally at the first place is Demonrift TD. This game is combination of turn-based and tower defense game. While you are on the World map, where you can capture/defend cities, improve your resource production buildings and infrastructure, game is turn based while you are on the World map. But when actual combat starts game is Tower Defense. While horde of demons advance you must defend your castle. To do that you need to build and upgrade army spawning watchposts ( they are some kind of towers actually ). There are two types of of soldiers, ranged and melee, try to place them wisely because flaying waves of enemies can easily break through defense that is primarily made for ground enemies. Game follows interesting story-line, try to complete game and find answers to many mysteries. This Game is AWESOME, just try it and send us your feedback.

Demonrift Tower Defense

Demonrift TD
Demonrift TD


And what to say on the end, all games are great and addicting tower defense games, all of them are worth playing. If you don't have a lot of free time for playing games, than try No. 1 :) on the other side check out all the games, they are really worth playing. It would be great if take the poll below this text and vote for your favorite TD game. Thanks for reading.

Which game from the list is No. 1 by your opinion?

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      Jacobb9205 2 years ago

      All games sound fun, i'll look into them more now, thank you!