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PS4 Multiplayer Must Play Games

Updated on July 4, 2016

1) Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V , is my all time favorite . It has all modes of game-play in the single game .

The story mode revolves around three major characters which has many interesting and challenging addictive missions .

In the multiple player mode , you can create a new character of your own preference . You can join online players on their missions and you get rewards for completing those missions which you can use it for your character upgrades

The best part which I like is the racing part where you can buy expensive fast cars with which you race against your online opponents and a place to show-off your racing talents .

Official Trailer

Online GTA V game mode

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2) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow6Siege is a tactical single person multi player game .It has attack and defense .

This game requires you to have a good team with co-ordination skills . Communication is major factor for winning multiplayer modes .

There are multiple maps like House , Consulate which revolves around operations like Hostage Rescue , Diffuse Bomb & Secure Area are

The online feature of the game has

1) Terrorist Hunt

In terrorist hunt , you play as a team against the BOTS .

2) Multiplayer

Multiplayer has two game modes Causal and Ranked

Multiplayer games involves two teams of 5 members each playing against each other . One team will be defending and the other team will be attacking .

Casual -> This mode you can play against online players , there are more online players on this mode and the game starts very quickly . This is the mode where you can discover ,practice how to play the game and the different operators available in attack and defense .

Ranked -> This mode is a strict mode where there are penalties for game violations like ( Team mate kill , game abandoning )

Rainbow Six Siege is a unique first-person shooter


3) Fifa 15 and Fifa 16

FIFA by EA sports franchise is one of my favorites .

You must learn and get adjusted how to use your controller for playing this game .

You need to remember each and every key of your controller and its assigned operation .

For succeeding in the online multiplayer mode you need to learn and adjust your team the way they attack , the tactics etc ..

Multiplayer modes are very challenging . As your level grows , you meet hard competitors . If you loose you may come down to lower levels .

FIFA 16 Trailer

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