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Top 5 Party Games for Adults

Updated on September 15, 2011

If you've read my tips for saving money on entertainment in today's economy, you'll know that I recommended having your friends round for game night. There are so many games to choose from these days, and there are plenty which add a little spice to concept. Some of these games are a bit sexy, and some of them are just ridiculously silly -- but all of them are very, very fun. Just read the reviews they get at if you don't believe me. Everyone loves these games!

Wise and Otherwise Game

This game is brilliantly creative and original because it uses foreign sayings that very few people are going to be able to guess outright. One side of the card has the first half of the proverb, and the other side has the correct ending. For example, "one old Chinese saying is, "Don't add salt to a boatload of salt fish." One side of the card states, "Don't add salt to..." and it is the job of the players to devise probable endings." You get points if other people think your guess was correct. Very funny game, as few things every translate logically into other languages!

Loaded Questions Game

The game is all about being able to guess the answers other people are writing down on their tablets. The person holding the card asks everyone the question and then has to guess how they answered. (Although sometimes this also goes in reverse.) The questions aren't too prying, and the game can really be funny as you get to know the other people better.

Cranium WOW Game

Cranium WOW (this is the newest edition) is a game that appeals to all kinds of people because you have to do all kinds of things to win. You work with your team to get round the board and you have tasks to complete by way of, "Sketching, sculpting, solving puzzles, acting, and humming". People who loved the original will love this even more as everything is all new and there are even new categories.

Dirty Minds Game

I really love the concept behind this game. Each card has a list of things that go together, and the other players have to guess what they are in reference to. For an example taken from reviewer Emilie Coulter, "'I licked all the other girls. I'm a queen. I do it in high heels.' If you didn't answer "Miss America," you have a dirty mind!" I think you can see how hysterically funny this game could be with the right dirty minds!

Taboo Game

I remember when Taboo first came out, I was about 12 at the time. Each player has a limited amount of time to describe the item on their card without using a few taboo words. The manufacturer uses diamond as an example. How can you get people to say it if they can't use clues like "carat" and other words commonly associated with it? By getting creative, that's how! You need 4 or more players for this game and it really does get exciting!


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