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Top 5 best drinking games

Updated on December 19, 2010

5. The drunken truth

You will need: at least 4 people, all with their own drinks(this game can be played with shots)

Players must sit in a circle or round a table.

This game is all about asking questions that need a simple yes or no answer, instead of giving answers to those questions players will take a sip(or shot) if their answer to that question is yes. This game might not sound amazing but I assure you its hilarious once the ball gets rolling.

Example: Players will determine who will go first, player 1 will then ask a question, for example " have you ever slept with a co worker?" Any one that is guilty of such an act must take a sip(or shot) and then the action is on to player 2.

In the long run the player with the worst reputation will probably end up the most drunk.

4. 50/50

You will need: A deck of cards, drinks(or shots), at least 2 people (more the better)

The group must decide on one person to be a dealer to start, at the end of each round the deck is passed on to the next player and he or she will then be the dealer. The dealer will go round the group and each player will guess weather the top card is red or black, if that player is wrong they must take a drink.

This game is good fun, me and my friends often stick to one nominated dealer so the pace doesn't slow down. don't forget to shuffle at the end of each round.

3. Centurion

You will need: Shot glasses, at least 2 players, and a lot of beer!

I would say this is one for the men, but 2 girls have beaten me before(yes i was upset).

The aim of the game is to take one shot of beer every 60 seconds for 100 minuets, sound easy? Well its not buy any means, those 100 shots over 100 minutes means you'll be taking in roughly six and a half pints in under an hour and forty minuets. The longest iv'e lasted is up to number 74 before i was to bloated to continue. 

2. Jacks

You will need: A deck of cards, 4 people(you will need to be in a bar or club for this one)

one person deals the cards, and players are ranked when they get a jack 1st-4th.

The player who is first to get a jack must think of a drink, the player who is second must order the drink, the player who is third must pay for the drink, and the player who is 4 must drink the drink.

The reason this game is second is because when I was playing it I drank a bloody Mary for the first time, and now I love them. I must warn people who often suffer from bad luck, being third a lot can end up in you going home with an empty wallet.

1. Drink or dare

You will need: At least 2 people(more the better) and a selection of spirits/liquor

Like truth or dare a player goes first asking another player drink or dare, that player then makes a choice. If he or she decides drink, the the asking player must pick a drink for that person to shoot, if the player picks dare the asking player must give him or her a dare.

This one is simple, and to me the most fun, and if you cant handle any more drink you can always do something silly to entertain your friends, just don't get naked, EVERYONE HAS CAMERA PHONES! I learnt this the hard way.

This concludes my list of drinking games. REMEMBER: stay within your limits, drink responsibly, if its getting tough get out of the game. But most of all, have fun.


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    • CalvinJames21 profile image

      Calvin 3 years ago

      this is a pretty good list.

    • profile image

      edanb 4 years ago

      Oh man, Centurion is a great game. But for some reason I always lose! Now, I'm not one to promote binge drinking, but sometimes it's just fun to hang out with friends and play. Have you heard of California Kings? It's great! Here are the rules if you're interested (second one)