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Top Anime MMORPG Of 2014

Updated on October 15, 2014

The Anime MMORPG Market in 2014

The anime MMORPG market isn't booming as it once was. Nowadays, most new anime MMORPG are copied from older titles or simply feature updated graphics but the mechanics are the same.

A few years back, there were a ton of anime MMORPG to grab a huge audience and keep it hooked. When ROSE Online came out in 2005, it kept people hooked for years. That game still has a loyal, though small, player base.

I have put together my list of the most fun and unique titles in this genre. This is my personal top list. You might disagree with all of it, but it's solely based on my opinion and experience.

Have fun and try out all of these games!

Maple Story

With its unique 2D platform, Maple Story will remind you of games from your childhood.
With its unique 2D platform, Maple Story will remind you of games from your childhood.

Maple Story is one of the most loved and hated games out there. The truth is, it's the market leader of this genre.

It's a lovable and endearing game. Maple Story will make you reminisce about the games from your childhood. It's unique in the MMO field with its 2D platform and inspired many copycat games that went bankrupt in a flash, because Maple Story is constantly updated.

One of the biggest complaints about Maple Story is the amount of grinding, but in my opinion it's easy enough. There are always tons of events. The questing is a bit lackluster, but that could be a plus for some players.

Others complain about the pay-to-win cash shop, the number of bots and hacks, and crappy community. The fact is that this is a game with a huge player base that is still alive and kicking. In the anime genre, you won't find any game as up-to-date with a community as big as this one.

Personally, I like to download Maple Story every six months and play it for a while! This is just enough so that I miss and then enjoy it. Hopefully, its sequel will be as ground-breaking as the first one!

If you're looking for a game to enjoy for a while, this is it!


Mabinogi is a super complete game and one of the most successful.
Mabinogi is a super complete game and one of the most successful.

Mabinogi is one of the oldest and most successful MMORPG. You can do everything here: fishing, befriending non-player characters, jobs, creating music, designing clothes, killing monsters, partying, cooking, and earning titles.

It's super complete and promises lots of hours of fun.

The biggest problem is the mechanics. They're clunky, especially compared to the MMORPGs of today. We're used to fluid and easy commands, and Mabinogi's controls are strange and take time to get used to. Stick with it for a few hours and you will love this game!

Mabinogi is a huge time sinker, especially with the amount of extra activities that you can do. If you're an online social person, you'll make many, many friends!

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Dragon Nest/Elsword

Dragon Nest and Elsword: Kings of the "hack n' slash"
Dragon Nest and Elsword: Kings of the "hack n' slash"

I'm putting these two titles together because they're so similar.

They're the hack-n-slash titles of the anime genre. The play style is nearly the same for both, as are the party, crafting, and vendor mechanics. The only major difference is that Dragon Nest is 3D and has a shooter feel if you're playing a ranged class. Elsword is 2D and feels like an arcade game. However, the overall feeling while playing both is the same. Beat 'em up and grind!

Personally, I prefer Dragon Nest pve, but enjoy Elsword pvp the most.

Regardless, both titles promise a load of fun. The most annoying thing is the storage capacity. Unless you buy some slots you'll struggle a bit with spacing. The play style might feel a bit repetitive, if hack-n-slash doesn't rock your boat.

Aura Kingdom

One of the most recently released titles on this list, Aura Kingdom has a raiding end game.
One of the most recently released titles on this list, Aura Kingdom has a raiding end game.

This game makes the list mostly because it's one of the most recent releases in the genre. Despite being a bit similar to older titles, it has some unique elements.

The graphics are pretty decent and so are the animations. The quest line is a bit buggy, and the text has a ton of English typos. But the game-play itself is quite enjoyable.

It has a trait system that's unique, and a nice variety of classes. On top of that, it has a raiding end game, which is rare for an anime MMORPG. Aura Kingdom also has auto-path to quests and monsters, which is good if you're tired of doing huge trips on your own! Unlike new games, where everything is being automated, here there is only the auto-path.

Every class has a pet and it's easy enough to progress, which means you won't take forever to reach max level!

ROSE Online

An old-school favorite, ROSE Online.
An old-school favorite, ROSE Online.

This game is really old-school, but I love it dearly. I have spent an insane amount of time playing it!

The world of ROSE Online is full of cuteness, and the fact that you can set up your own shop is super fun. The big towns are full of shops selling and buying, so you can spend hours searching for a good deal. I love that feature. Also, there is a class focused only on crafting and the quality of the items depends on your stats. That is still really unique.

Sadly, the company has not updated the game. Months and years would go by with no updates, apart from events, and the game started to die slowly, which is super sad. On top of that, at one point the leveling was compared to a Chinese MMORPG. Massive grinding.

Still, this is my favorite anime MMORPG to date!

Have you ever tried any of these games? Which one?

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