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Five Sites For Sword Collectors

Updated on November 29, 2017

Everyone likes to collect things. Some collect sea shells or colored rocks, others however if you are awesome collect blades. Blades can mean anything from swords to knives, axes to spears. Basically anything with a blade falls under this, in this article I will tell you my top five ones. As always they aren't in any order so enjoy.

#5, Bud-K. I have been on this site for quite awhile now, I get a catalog from them every few months and the cool thing about them is they don't just sell blades they sell all sorts of cool stuff like gas masks and special mugs. I have bought a sword from them, it was a Katana and a pretty well made one. They make bastard swords, short swords, battles axes and hatchets, it is kind of your one stop shop for cool gifts. There have been some bad reviews about them I won't lie, but many of the things I see reviews on have a mix of good and bad. The sword I got was very sharp, metal is tough, the handle is well made and wrapped, I love going to the website. You may not be a blade person but I can guarantee you will find something you want on this website.

#4, Amazon. Amazon is like the online Superstore, I have bought a few games and even my Nintendo DS from here. This place is basically known for having about near anything, if you have never heard of Amazon I feel truly bad for you. This site sells thing from swords to axes, diapers to a new TV. It has some pretty good stuff and for some reasonable prices, some might be a little too priced but that happens. Here you can find some unique things but if you want a real cool looking sword I suggest you try a website well known for it.

#3, True Swords. As the name suggests this place sells alot of swords. The website itself is well designed and has an easy to find what you want kinda thing. They sell all sorts of swords, self defense weapons and gifts. Much like Bud-K you can find something you want off of it fairly easy, it has alot of different kinds of weapons from medieval to fantasy/anime stuff. Many of the items seem to be rather fairly priced, usually ranging around $25 to $100, not to bad I think.

#2, Zombie Tools. I will say right off the bat that this website from all of the weapons I have seen on it are the most priced. I have seen some videos discussing their weapons however and it seems like they are well made and worth the price. Zombie Tools makes alot of different weapons from axes and swords to spears, most of what I have seen on their website is made too look like it was created in a apocalyptic world. The metal is made to look old and used and alot of their weapons have a jagged shape to them, they also come with some cool names. This one is definitely the most price out of the five but it doesn't mean they aren't as cool or good, if you want to save up for a special designed axe or sword by all means please do so.

#1, By The Sword. This site seems to be based more around the medieval type weaponry, they have alot of European blades that would go well in anyone's armory. From what alot of the ones I have looked at they are priced around a $100 more or less. They seem to have alot of different kinds of stuff from weapons to armor, they have some live action role-playing gear, jewelry and a lots more of that kinds of stuff.

After Thoughts: I myself am a blade collector but I have not gotten incredibly far yet, the only site that I have been on at these is Bud-K. But as always I suggest you read up and make sure whatever your buying is legit, there are many places that will try to rip you off so make sure you have all the things necessary to make sure you come out of the deal victorious.


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