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Top 5 PC Games of 2020

Updated on August 2, 2020
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Ready your setup! Here comes the top 5 best PC games of 2020 has to offer.


PC games this 2020 has come to an immersing level. They are now bigger than ever, graphics turned into reality but with a challenging concept. WIth this you can be entertained for hours, days or even weeks.

Genres of the games also improved where you can find the best from the MMOs or MOBAs if you like to explore, you can have the open-world games which creates a nostalgia for the classic games and even play with your friends.

The power of the Nvidia's GeForce RTX2080 Ti, Super RTX and AMD's Navi line of graphics card can give your setup the most amazing experience. With the most occasional layer of realism due to ray tracing. Whatever genre you're into, there's a game that will draw you in. Here's the best PC games this 2020 and best Steam games 2020 to guide you what you should buy and download.

Death Stranding by Kojima Productions
Death Stranding by Kojima Productions | Source

The best new PC game: Death Stranding

If you are a fan of Daryl on the Walking Dead and Norman Reedus in real life, this game is a must try for you. It is an action game developed by the Kojima Productions which was directed by Hideo Kojima after they leave Konami company in 2015. Initially it was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4 and was released on the PC by July 14, 2020 with the production of 505 Games.

The game took place in the United States following a cataclysmic event that causes destructive creatures to roam the Earth. The main character is Sam Porter (Norman Reedus), he was a courier that is tasked to deliver supplies in an isolated colonies and reconnecting them via a wireless communication network. Aside from Norman Reedus, the game features a lot more actors like Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, Margaret Qualley, Troy Baker, Tommie Earl Jenkins, and Lindsay Wagner, in addition to the likeness of film directors Guillermo del Toro and Nicolas Winding Refn as the supporting characters.

This action game was nominated for a numerous awards and receive favorable reviews. Many of the reviewers said that the game resembled the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III | Source

If you find the series of the first two dark souls difficult, I am not gonna lie, this Dark Soul III is difficult as the other Dark Souls out there. Many gamer including the experts takes time to master the combat system but it is a fair system. The game makes it more approachable for the casual players so that they can take part of the bleak fantastical world. On the brighter side, it is more optimized for PC than the first two Dark Souls.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher by CD Projekt
The Witcher by CD Projekt | Source

The Witcher Wild Hunt is a 2015 action role-playing game which was developed by Polish developer CD Projekt and is based on The Witcher series of the fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Witcher 3 is the sequel of the 2011 game The Witcher Assassins of Kings and the third main installment in the Witcher's video game series, which can be played in an open third world or third person perspective.

Player can control the protagonist Geralt of Rivia, which is a monster slayer (Witcher) who is searching for his missing adopted daughter on the run from the Wild Hunt, an otherworldly force determined to capture here and use her powers. Players can be equipped with weapons, magics and interact with non player characters. Golds and experience can be gained through completing the main story or doing some side quest in order to increase Geralt's abilities and to purchase equipments. The ending was based on the choices of the player.

3. Control

Control by Remedy Entertainment
Control by Remedy Entertainment | Source

Control is an action adventure game which is developed by Remedy Entertainment and was published by the 505 Games. It was released on August 27, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

The game revolves around the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret U.S government agency tasked with studying phenomena which violates the laws of reality. You are tasked to seek out the Oldest House, a building in New York City and appears only for the people who is desired to find it in order to locate your missing brother while heading to the FBC as its director and overseeing the containment of paranatural entities.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games
Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games | Source

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a 2018 action adventure game and was published by the Rockstar Games, yes you heard it right, it is the same publisher of the GTA games.

The story was set in 1899 with a visual representation of the Western, Midwestern and Southern United Stated and follows the outlaws of Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang Van der Linde. Arthur needs to deal the decline of the Wild West and to attempt on surviving against government forces, rival gangs and many other adversaries. The story follows a fellow gang member John Maston, which was the main protagonist of the Red Dead Redemption.

The game has a first person and third person perspective, you can hunt because it is an open world, do heists, horseback riding and interacting with a non player characters.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft by Mojang Studios
Minecraft by Mojang Studios | Source

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. Minecraft listed as one of the top games because of it's continuous increase on sales. 200 million of copies were sold across all platforms and it has a 126 million of active monthly users as of 2020.

In Minecraft, players explore a blocky 3d generated form of terrain and you can discover raw materials and craft tools by using them. Depending on the mode, players can fight computer controlled mobs in coop or not. The game has a storyline which you can enjoy.

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