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Top SNES Games Revealed

Updated on April 24, 2010

In its top days, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was perhaps the most popular console of its time. Edging out the Sega Genesis by miles, gamers in the early '90s turned to their SNES for 16 bit fun. In fact, some of the extremely popular games in the history of gaming were created specifically for the SNES, with many of them becoming extremely collectible Nintendo games, now that the system is considered obsolete. Even with the system being considered obsolete, many games received a cult following because of their re-playability, excellent story, and the feelings they evoked in people. Some of the top SNES games of all time are RPGs, mostly because at the time, America was in love with the Japanese role-playing game, or JRPG.

Chrono Tiger

In fact, the top two SNES games on the list of greatest SNES titles are JRPGs. One of the most collectible games in SNES history is Chrono Trigger. It was a massively popular SNES game when it was first released, and even today, millions of copies of remakes have been sold both on the Wii Virtual Console market, and in GameBoy Advance remakes. Of course, these remakes of the game are fine for people who enjoy the game play, but for those who still want the actual cartridge, it is a highly collectible game. Prices for a Chrono Trigger cartridge vary, but you can usually find them on eBay selling anywhere from $30 to $70.

Final Fantasy, Metroid, and Castlevania

Of course, there were other popular JPRGs on the Super Nintendo that achieved noted fame as well. These include Secret of Mana and the Final Fantasy series, most notably Final Fantasy III. It is perhaps the most loved of all the SNES generation Final Fantasy games, perhaps just as popular as Final Fantasy VII on Playstation. Aside from the many  JRPGs which saw success on the platform, there were plenty of side-scrolling platformers as well. Metroid and Castlevania both got their start on the NES, but the 16 bit SNES versions of the game are what many gamers consider the classics of these franchises.

Super Mario World

When looking at SNES platformers, the most extremely popular titles is the launch title Super Mario World. Because it capitalized on the success of Super Mario 3 and how well everyone enjoyed it, throwing Yoshi into the mix and creating a game that both children and adults could love is something Nintendo really did right with the game. Overall, there are a few wonderful classics on the Super Nintendo, with these games making up just a few of the system's most loved titles.

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