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Top Ten Evil Armies In Games

Updated on May 31, 2017

In many games the Villain usually has a large force behind him to help take over the world. While mostly there like cannon fodder for the Hero, many of the enemies in the army can pose a great challenge to the Hero in question. As always this list is not in any order so sit back and enjoy.

#10,The Darkspawn. The Darkspawn are an army of multiple different races mutated into something vile. The Darkspawn are a mixture of Dwarve, Elf and Human figures tainted by the blood of previous Darkspawn. The Blight as the army is called leaves nothing in its path but destruction in death. In the Dragon Age: Awakening downloadable content a new creature is brought forth. Mother is a figure of one of the three races turned into a monster to spew out more Darkspawn, a woman if unlucky enough to get caught is turned into one. The Darkspawn also follow a creature known as The Archdemon, a dragon contaminated by the blood and turned into a monster. While a force to be reckoned with the Grey Wardens were able to send the Darkspawn back into the depths of the Earth after defeating their leader.

#9, Ganondorf's Army. In the land of Hyrule not many things spread fear like The King of Evil Ganon. His army is large and consists of many different enemies and monsters. The Hero of Time, Wind, Sky, Twilight, Trains and everything else must contend with these forces of evil. Unlike The Grey Wardens Link has to face these beings alone, while there have been times he has teamed up with a Princess or a Twlili the Hero still battles many fights alone. While maybe not as frightening as an army whole there are many creatures inside this one that strikes fear into the heart of many. Redeads, Wallmasters and Deadhand.

#8, The Reapers. These lifeforms come around every so often when a solar system becomes a little to smart for their own good. The Reapers use a system called Indoctrination to take different aliens from the galaxy and transform them into soldiers for themselves. Husks, Banshee's, Brutes and more. The main ships that come down to the surface and attack are nearly indestructible. Commander Shepard had to use a laser guidance system to have three large warships in space fire down upon the weak spot in The Reapers body. Once the eye opened to fire a powerful blast it was shot and eventually destroyed.

#7, The Covenant. This army of mixed alien races mostly forced together. The Covenant are led by a group of religious crazies who worship a ancient and thought to be extinct alien race known as the Forerunners. The Covenant have a long list of different ranks for much of the alien classes. Hunters, Brutes, Grunts, Elites and Jackals make up a bulk of the army. Many of them are capable of being threats on their own but when packed together they can truly be a force to be reckoned with.

#6, Vaas's Pirates. Vaas Montenegro is the face of Far Cry 3 and for good reason. Vaas is the psychotic leader of a group of armed to the teeth pirates. They rape, steal and kill whoever they want. They have enough guns to fit a large army and they aren't a bad shot as well. Many wear heavy bullet proof armor or use snipers from a range and since they live and breathe in the land where the game takes place they also have the Home Town advantage. Vaas himself is a dangerous man, he steals your friends and family and kills your brother, the main character has to fight through thousands of gun slinging marauders to save his family.

#5, Orochi and Yami's Minions. The two main antagonist of Okami are truly beings to be feared but add on dozens of different enemies in an army and that has made the situation much worse. Okami is based in Ancient Japan and many of its enemies are based in the folklore or mythology of Japan. Large beasts and magical creatures lay around every corner. Unless you can avoid the flying tags that imprison you with the enemies you will have to fight. Armor wearing lizards, giant sword wielding foxes, large eight headed serpents and giant spider ladies are only a few of the bosses you will have to face in this great designed game.

#4, The Empire of The Stormcloaks. Now depending on which side you choose to join in the game the other will most undoubtedly become your enemy. The Empire is a faction believing Skyrim needs it to survive and remain strong while The Stormcloaks believe the Empire is actually turning the frost bitten land into a bunch of little sissies. During the end of each campaign you will either have to defeat Ulfric Stormcloak or General Tulius. Each side has a fair share of men and dozens of camp sites strewn throughout Skyrim. Which side will you join?

#3, The Colossi. In Shadow of the Colossus you are thrown into the world and told to begin killing these large creatures made of fur and stone. There are sixteen different Colossi and each posses somewhat of a threat in the game. While not as numerous as some of the other armies they definitely make up for this in size and power. The tallest of Colossi Malus stands high above you and blasts balls of lightning towards you till you get close enough. Many of them pose a challenge in some way or another but there is no doubt that these guys could probably tank on any army in this list. Many stand above buildings and have enormous strength and weapons, since the only real way to kill them is by hitting the markings that glow on their bodies with a special sword they are near unkillable.

#2, The Russians. In many shooters the Russians are a deadly adversary to go against. Mostly they have massive numbers, strong armor and plenty of firepower to bring down whoever they want. Tanks, Choppers, Jets and more these guys come at you full force with rarely a chance to sit back and have a breather. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and 2 The Russians pose a large threat and nearly succeed in taking over the world.

#1, Zombies. In practically any game filled with Zombies you will be outnumbered and most likely using claw and tooth to survive. In many games there are special types of the undead like Witches, Bloaters, Suiciders, Tanks, Husks and more. If normal zombies weren't bad enough then these guys will make it worse. Unlike many armies on this list they do not rest and can keep going even with extreme hunger or injuries. They are not the smartest but what they don't have in brains they make up with sheer numbers and the ability to spread the disease. They are filled to the brim with a need to feed and eat, once bitten it is your best bet to try and cut off the part that was bitten quickly else you turn into a zombie yourself and trust me you don't want that to happen.


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