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Top Ten Best Android Games of 2013

Updated on August 3, 2013

The Best in Gaming for your Android Device

Android developers are heating up as the android platform takes off to wider audience day by day. Out of the thousands of games released to Google's Play store, here are the top ten best games of 2013 Android has to offer.


1. Bit Dungeon

Bit Dungeon for Android is easily a top contender. If you ever played Legends of Zelda, imagine if you could fight your way through monsters with a hack and slash loot system and earn upgrades to your character. All this with only one life to live and you have this 16-bit styled dungeon crawler, Bit Dungeon.

Easily worth the $2 cost of admission, this adventure game will keep you entertained. The levels are randomized and to proceed further, you must clear the current room for a key to unlock the doors ahead. Spells, special moves, blocking, and more make this a fully featured Android game of the year.

Simply tap to move or attack, hold tap down to perform a stunning attack. If you die you lose all your items, spells, and have to start over unless you kill a special boss (the first one at level 4) which will give you one soul to continue on.

Price: $1.99.

[Google Play link: Bit Dungeon]

2. Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is very simple in design, but extremely challenging to play. The goal is to spin your little triangle character left or right to position yourself to avoid the walls that are closing in fast around you. It's very addicting and you will be trying to progress again and again.

Get used to the sound of "game over." If you have ever wanted to test your reflexes this is the game to do it with. You wont blink when start a level. Great quick fun and highly recommended!

Price: $2.99.

[Google Play link: Super Hexagon]

3. Candy Crush Saga

If you can get past the temptation to spend money to progress faster in this free game, Candy Crush is a great recommendation. Think bejeweled on steroids.

Developed by King, Candy Crush Saga offers facebook integration where you can compete against your friends for top scores on each of the 395 levels (and more on the way). You are restricted to five lives which regenerate once every thirty minutes (although friends can send you extra lives). The goal is to swap two candies to match at least 3 of the same color to blow up the blocks, but there's so much added depth and difficulty that Candy Crush has addicted 2 million players.

Price: Try it now for free but be warned of micro-transaction temptations.

[Google Play link: Candy Crush Saga]

4. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush features one of, if not the most polished fantasy tower defense games available for android.

You build towers at available locations in a map and customize them with up to eight specialized upgrades. During the waves you have 18 unique abilities at your disposal to conquer the battlefield. There's over fifty unique monster types and epic boss battles that require slaying.

Kingdom Rush, designed by developer Armored Games, will keep you engaged in its tactical gameplay for hours on end.

Price: $1.99.

[Google Play link: Kingdom Rush]

5. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

At spot number five we have Robot Unicorn Attack 2 developed by Adult Swim. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 keeps the original's gameplay intact (side scrolling running action) adding on the ability to customize your unicorns features selecting from different bodies, manes, wings, horns, trails and more.

Gallop, dash, double jump, and yes even fly across beautifully designed worlds and compete on a unique level for prizes every day. Complete personal and community goals and unlock the twelve different boosts available for your unicorn.

The game is fully supported on a 7" or 10" tablet.

Ready for fun? Get started right away.

Price: Free.

[Google Play link: Robot Unicorn Attack 2]

6. Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is an endless running game. If you have tried the Temple Run series it's basically the same game except there are more power-ups to collect and rewards along the way.

In subway surfers your goal is avoid all the obstacles in a three lane path by either jumping, ducking, or changing lanes. You can hop on a hover board or use a jetpack to propel you through the stages with plenty of bonuses and prizes to pick up along the way. The graphics are colorful and sharp and the gameplay is nice and responsive.

Price: $2.99.

[Google Play link: Subway Surfers]

7. Shadow Era

Trading card games have been making a come back and there are a lot of them on the Android market. Yet only one stands above the rest.

Shadow Era is a free-to-play "Magic" styled trading card game where you can collect and create your own deck with over 350 cards to choose from. Shadow Era supports cross platform play and uses 3d graphics and special effects during your matches. You can play online against other players as well as offline.

Price: Free.

[Google Play link: Shadow Era]

8. Bloons TD 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5, by developer Ninja Kiwi, is one of the most popular series of tower defense games.

Balloons float down a path and you must pop them before they reach the end. You have more tools than ever before including 19 towers featuring two different upgrade paths. Bloons TD 5 has new bloon enemies to face, over 250 random missions to conquer and 28 tracks to defeat. Multiple difficulty levels are available for each track.

Tower defense never felt so good.

Price: $2.99.

[Google Play link: Bloons TD 5]

9. Riptide GP2

If you are looking for a snazzier game in the graphics department from what you ordinarily get from the android marketplace, check out Riptide GP2.

Riptide GP2 offers a career mode where winning races nets you experience to unlock upgrades and tricks for your racer. Also featured is 4-way online multi-player battles.

This would be a great game for an android tablet to really show off the detailed HD engine.

Price: $2.99.

[Google Play link: Riptide GP2]

10. Draw Something

Omgpop's Draw Something is a game where one person has to draw a word while the other person must guess it correctly to be awarded. The drawer has to choose from three different words each with varying difficulty and reward.

Continued gameplay is rewarded by coins for guessing successful drawings. Coins allow you to unlock extra colors to draw with or bombs that remove some of the guesswork on drawings if you get stuck.

Price: free with ads or $2.99.

[Google Play link: Draw Something]

The New Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet has been released July 30th, 2013. It is the first device to receive Android 4.3 Jellybean. The Nexus 7 is the premier recommended android device to play these games on.

The device boasts dual speakers, 2.3 million pixels packed into a HD screen, 2 gigs of ram, and a quad-core Snapdragon processor to offer you a quality gaming experience and more for less than $250.

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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      I agree with Peggy you are educating all of us. I know nothing about games but I am learning. Voted up.

    • toptendeals profile image

      Jason Benedict 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida

      Thanks for the read Norma!

    • profile image

      Norma Lee 4 years ago

      Great site for viewing the latest and best,

    • toptendeals profile image

      Jason Benedict 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida

      You should check them out Peggy! :)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      You are definitely educating me about what is out there. :)

    • profile image

      Consultoria NT 4 years ago

      Good article!