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Top Ten Best Exotic Places in Games

Updated on November 18, 2017

Exotic places.

Alright this list will have my top ten most exotic and resort like areas to visit in Video Games, if you don't like my decisions then bite me. I do what I want, my list my rules. They also have to be from games I have played,so here we go.

#10: Dragon Roost Island. Dragon Roost Island is a place in Legend of Zelda the Windwaker for the GameCube. First glance it looks rather rocky and bland but you would be wrong. The island consists of a large hollowed out mountain filled with bird human hybrids known as the Rito Tribe. While not the most green lush covered of areas it still has beautiful scenery. Atop the mountain lives a large dragon called Valoo The Sky Spirit. The sea surrounds the island, bright sun shines down upon the land and hey you get to cliff dive that's pretty cool right?

#9: Palanai. Palanai is the environment of Dead Island Riptide, a resort area filled to the brim with brain hungry zombies. So while not the safest place to relax without a gun it is definitely one of the most gorgeous. Palanai has lots to do and see. Gorgeous beaches, large moss covered cliffs, mountains, swamps and even a town where you can watch movies. Although I suggest bringing a baseball bat with you it could get little undead down there.

#8: Snow-mans Land. As the name suggest it this place is covered in snow! Everybody loves snow and if you do hate it go away and sit in the corner. Snow-mans Land is a level in Super Mario 64. Lots of snow, ice and even a large snowman in the center of the stage! Just don't get to close cause he likes to blow people off the stage. While not the most visually stunning of landscapes Snow-mans Land has a certain feel to it, with the snow and ice you can relax and build your own personal igloo.

#7: Skyrim. Who has not heard of Skyrim? Part of The Elder Scroll series Skyrim is definitely one of the coldest areas. It is similar to number seven but with more things trying to kill you. However large mountains, beautiful landscapes, the colors of the sky and even some of the wildlife can make you think you aren't being hunted down by bandits for at least a few minutes. Spiders, trolls and giants are scattered across the land but you will be so distracted by the serenity of it all you won't feel a single bite.

#6: Destiny Islands. A main stake of the Kingdom Hearts games. Destiny Islands is a beautiful sand covered beach with homes all, around. Luscious trees and flowing water, hell even some heartless to spike up the entertainment. If you want to go skinny dipping in the shade of the trees this is the place to do so, just make sure there isn't any Keyblade swinging kids around okay?

#5: Dream Land. The home of Pink ball of fluff Kirby. While one of the most strangest places on the list I cannot deny that I have wanted to go there many times. Grassy hills and strange creatures with powers, living trees and junk. Sounds like a nightmare but trust me, its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

#4: The Forbidden Land. While it does sound rather creepy the land is quite stunning.Part of the realm of Shadow of The Colossus the world is large and stunning. Large mountains, huge open plains, rivers lakes. The Forbidden Land while rather empty is one of the largest but empty places on the list, while you may not have anyone to chat with you can always go for a long walk through the dessert

#3: World of Okami. Okami alone is already a visual stunning masterpiece but add on the different landscapes and it becomes extraordinary. Bright skies, grass covered hills, a snow covered landscape. Nearly everything in this game is covered with vibrant colors, sounds and shape. The world is gorgeous, bright cherry blossom trees and flowers can be seen nearly everywhere. And even though it is under the tyrannical rule of an evil eight headed dragon it is worth risk of being devoured to visit.

#2: Moscow. After the events of a nuclear WW3 Moscow Russia turns into a near inhospitable world filled with monsters but gorgeous scenery. There is just something about a empty world filled with scattered vehicles and rubble that is mesmerizing, grass while void in some areas is still present. Think of it as a Lovely Death of the world. Metro Last Light definitely nailed the barren but beautiful scenery.

#1: Isle Delfino. Super Mario Sunshine has nailed the art of making places I want to visit. Two different beaches, an amusement park, a casino and so much more. So much effort was put into the world, gorgeous beaches and docks fill the dolphin shaped Isle. Large cliffs and seashells, villages atop a giant palm tree, harbor filled with boats both large and small what more could you want?

So there are my top ten exotic places found in video games, if you have any other places that you think should be on the next list comment down below. So until next time.


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    • Thomas Finney profile image

      Thomas Finney 5 months ago

      Well look on the bright side, you can return the favor with magic or swords.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 5 months ago from Singapore

      Oh I don't want no touristy encounters with trolls. No bony dragons too! For that matter.

    • Thomas Finney profile image

      Thomas Finney 5 months ago

      I agree, I see it as Alaska in a way. I lived there for most of my life and it can get pretty cold, just gotta wear some warm clothes and I'm sure the views would make up for it. It's the man eating trolls, giant spiders and other creeps that would worry me.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 5 months ago from Singapore

      I would love to spend a few days in Skyrim. But only during summer; it probably gets too cold in winter.