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Top Ten Classes In RPG's

Updated on May 22, 2017

Let us begin.

RPG's are one of those genres with lots of things to do. Create your own custom character, choose a class, level up and fight. This is a top ten list of the best classes in RPG's. As always they are not in any actual order so sit back and relax.

#10, Tanks. The role of a tank is to take most of the damage aimed towards them in a group, The Tank can be pictured wearing massive armor that could fit Andre The Giant and most likely furnishing a blade just as big. Their abilities usually roll around the defense and attack category. Either boosting their own attack and defense or the groups. Sometimes many tanks are put into groups in an effort to increase protection, while the tanks absorb most of the damage it allows the rest of the group to either heal or attack as well.

#9, Healers. Also known as the sons and daughters of Satan the healers job is to make sure the group doesn't die a horrible death. Healers basically stay at the back using abilities to heal or rid their teams of bad status effects. Many depictions of these guys show them wearing robes or some kind of cloth with a staff to wield. In many places their players known to control them tend to be a little Overlord-like. Demanding they stay close to them or die. Sound like a nice bunch of folks.

#8, Archers. In any battle archers can be a incredibly valuable component. They as well keep their distance from the enemy, staying away to unleash a flurry of arrows or bolts at their attackers. Their abilities could be to increase their firing speed or accuracy, maybe even having poisoned or fire arrows. In any case they are most known as elves, Wood Elves to be exact. Elves are known for their youthful looks and mastery of both sword and bow, but in this case they just use the bow. They usually have some sort of leather armor, or even cloth.

#7, Rogues/Assassins. This class you would most likely find in a dark alley stabbing someone to death. They are the ones coming up behind the enemy and turning them into a stab wound filled mess. While not incredibly durable they usually have more speed then any of the attack classes and more defense then the healers, but I still wouldn't recommend using them to go head on with a Troll. They can wear either leather or cloth armor, sometimes using a bow and arrow but primarily using a dagger or two. Dark Elves, Wood Elves and some other races are known for being excellent rogues and assassins, either due to their stealth or their simple ice cold personality.

#6, Mages/Wizards. Magic is their game and their name is probably impossible to say. Like the healers and archers the magicians tend to keep their distance. Fireballs, lightning bolts, shards of ice, oh the many different kinds of spells these guys can do. While their is many different kinds of magic users such as the Druids, Battle-Mages and Shapeshifters magic is still the endgame. Probably one of the most versatile classes the magic users can do both close and far range, although close usually meaning having to transform into another animal or using something to create armor. Either way the mages and wizards are a powerful ally or a deadly enemy.

#5, Paladin. The Paladin is kind of a mix really, they are normally depicted as some sort of holy or righteous being. They are somewhat like the tank, they wear strong armor and have a good defense but in many cases their strength is quite weaker. They do have the ability to heal and cast some spells to increase defense for the party, I suppose you can think of them as the Armored Healer.

#4, Bard. The Bard is a rather interesting character, they use musical instruments or song to boost their teams attributes. Not known for strength or defense but only for their multiple different magic spell tunes. They can boost health or courage of their team, cause their opponents to fall asleep or run in terror, they can even at times revive a fallen teammate.

#3, Dragon Rider. Definitely one of the coolest and my favorite classes. The Dragon Rider is a fierce foe, flying atop a winged lizard using perhaps a battle-axe or hammer to swing at their foes. Strength and health can usually be attributed to this class, whether or not it signifies the dragons health or the riders health I don't know but in any case a dragon itself is a terrifying foe to battle one that is trained and has a rider with it's own weapons is ever more terrifying. The dragon can fly and more often then not breathe fire down on its enemies or use its claws to destroy. The Rider usually wears medium sized armor, while the dragon could be used to advance on the ground it is more effective raining hell from above.

#2, Barbarian. This class is all about that ruthless brutality and power. Usually accompanied by a large axe of multiple weapons the Barbarian is just as fearsome in games as they are in other forms of literature. Using it's great strength and defense the Barbarian carves through enemies like a red hot knife through butter, or me in the all you can eat buffet. Like the Tank it can take a lot of damage but more or less then the Tank is undetermined. One of the most brutal and damage making classes of all the Nine Realms.

#1, Cleric.The Cleric is much like the Healer and Paladin. The Cleric uses magic to heal it's team, it can also summon or banish the undead and even take away bad status ailments from the team. Usually depicted as a Holy Being, sometimes from a cult or religious society the Cleric does try it's best to be good. It has decent attack and defense but most likely not more than the two classes specializing in said classes.

Anyways this has been my list of the Top Ten classes in RPG's. Hope you enjoyed it!


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