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Top Ten Cliches In Games

Updated on May 25, 2017

Okay let's face it, in the world today there is probably over a million video games from past and to the present, so I feel like there might be a cliche or two, but enough. Here is the list of Top Ten Cliche's in Video Games.

#10, German or Russian enemies in Shooters. Okay so yes in history the two have been powerful enemies to combat but in so many shooter games it's either Russian's or German's that are the bad guys here. From Call of Duty to Battlefield the two nations have usually been a big problem. While I suppose going to war with Jamaica doesn't really sound all that good I think a chance of pace would be good.

#9, Dying in water. Water is up there with the likes of giant battleships and planet destroying entities in the list of dangerous things. Games like Super Mario, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto have made the fear of water unbearable and yes I know that in some games you can swim but my point still stands. Whether it be because the designers just didn't want to have to put in a swimming mechanic or something it doesn't matter, water equals death. Fear the water.

#8, Having the protagonist do everything. Sure if everybody else chipped in from time to time you wouldn't have as much stuff to do but come on, why make me shoot this giant monster in the face with an RPG when you are not only closer but have the stinking gun already? Many games are felonies of this. Skyrim, Fallout, so many more. Why do I need to go into a dark cave or dungeon to get your stupid shield? It's your shield you get it. I mean honestly, what is the point of being the hero if you have to do every tiny little thing in the entire world? Have somebody else go fight some bandits, I am gonna take a shower.

#7, Multiple form bosses. This one I personally hate. So you just got done fighting a boss, it maybe took you an hour cause you kept dying, you think your safe and won till they bust out yet another form! For one how come you are the only one with a new form, I have ranked up over a hundred times, where is my new form huh? Secondly, how can you transform into a new form when you are riddles with stab wounds and arrows? Stop with the steroids man, they are not good for you. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have been very big felons of this cliche.

#6, Unstoppable Hero. Now I understand you are the hero, the good guy, the dude who not only saves the world but probably also gets the chick with the really nice butt. But seriously, how can one man take on thousands if not millions of different enemies and not die? Call of Duty does this alot, while yes you can die the fact that you can become riddled with bullets and heal right before you die is ridiculous, you shouldn't be alive, you should be dead. This one is a little over used since the hero can defeat millions of soldiers, monsters, wild animals and maybe even other hero's and come out find and dandy. I get that having my guy killed and not being able to play the game again because he is dead would be a terrible game but come on, when you die you die.

#5, Zombies. I love zombies, I almost love them more then I do vampires, but zombies man. They have been in a load of games Left for Dead, Black Ops Zombies, Dead Island and so much more. Resident Evil at least tried to alter them a bit, give them a bit more of a brain and let them use weapons but still. Zombies have been around for a long time, I feel the need to hunt vampire and werewolves. I suppose it is because it gives whatever game they are in a higher feel of dread, alot of zombies can make a mess of things and that's a fact. Last of Us did a great job of trying to change the zombies up a bit, I feel like getting put in a game to install fear rather then become target practice for a bunch of juiced up crazy people would be a better idea.

#4, The damsel in distress. We all know this one. A princess or other women somehow connected to the plot get's kidnapped or something and you go on the way to rescue them. It's a bit ridiculous isn't it? Take Princess Peach for example. The girl has powerful magic, magic able to rival even Lord Bowser's magic, yet she gets kidnapped and for some reason just stands around for no reason. Princess Zelda has magic as well and can even turn into this cool Assassin chick, I feel as if these women have a fetish for getting kidnapped. Oh now I understand, you know I will never be a hero so you decide to try and cheer me up. I appreciate it but I don't like it, least you could do is try to set me up on a date with Samus Aran. Least then I can be happy.

#3, Silent Hero. Oh we have all been there, a man had just saved your life and you wish to thank him but all he does is stand and stare at you. Sure he might let out a grunt or a Hyah! but in the end does it really matter? My question is how do these blokes go through their entire lives without saying a word? No battle cry, no shouts of pain, no poems of love for whomever they are trying to save. No just bloody silence. Aye, you say something to me mate!? Oh sorry, didn't know you's was a mute, my apologies.

#2, Flashing weak point's. Now I don't like spending three hour's trying to figure out how to beat this bloody beast but that doesn't mean I need some help in the form of a giant glowing weak spot. Come on man, you build up this powerful and deadly boss but you don't tell the idiot to cover the one spot I can hurt him with some armor or something? I mean it is one thing if you are just cocky but this is plain ridiculous. Hide the glowing spot, how have you even survived this long without dying? You can't be going around showing off the one spot I can hurt you at, they teach that in "How to be a Boss 101" do some more homework man.

#1, Indestructible environment's. Now if you are anything like me this is probably the reason they have these. I mean come on, I just shot your building with a tank. How can your home be destroyed by a falling rock or a stray bullet from the enemy but not by a tank blast? Also those moment when you come to a locked door, alot of the times those doors are just made out of wood. Just break the door down, what sense is there in finding a key if you can open it with a good shoulder ram? Seriously, if your buildings were so indestructible then I honestly don't see why you have such a problem with terrorists or bandits.


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