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Top Ten Near Unkillable Things In Games

Updated on December 10, 2017

Die already...

Have you ever been in a game and enjoying your time when some creature from the pits of hell comes at you and no matter how many times you shoot it and stab it the thing just won't die? Well here is a Top Ten list of near impossible things to kill, as always it isn't in order so please enjoy.

#10, Alien from Alien Isolation. A Xenomorph is already something you don't want to come across when you have an army but when your alone on a spaceship with no way to kill this thing then it becomes much worse. The Xenomorph is death incarnate. A razor sharp tip on its tail, acid like blood, inhuman strength and a mouth inside its mouth this thing sounds like what married men would describe their wives as. Shooting it and trying to blow it up doesn't kill this thing, only with a flamethrower are you able to kind of scare it off but even then it comes back to get you. Only when it gets blasted into the cold vacuum of space do you get a small reprieve.

#9, Bowser from Super Mario. Let us all just agree that King Koopa is a tough turtle, dragon thingy. Countless times has he been tossed into a pit of Lava, thrown into a Black Hole or blasted by a Super Nova yet still he keeps coming back. Sure there have been theories that he has been brought back to life due to black magic or ghostly possession but honestly would the Mario World be the same without him? No matter how many bumps, bruises and deadly burns he gets this fire breathing king always comes back for a healthy helping of another painful beat down.

#8, Re-generators from Dead Space. While yes technically they cannot die this is my list and I do what I want. These little freaks of nature are powerful Necromorph’s who can basically come back from near anything. Being burned with a flame thrower, blown up by a rocket launcher, nothing stops these freaks of decaying flesh. Since you can't kill them your best chance is to run like a little girl and because you don't see them really later on I am counting it as a kill.

#7, Slenderman from Slenderman. Slenderman is a creepy pasta made by a guy who for some reason decided to put the fear of being stalked into many people’s minds. Slenderman usually stalks you from a distance, coming closer and closer as you gather more of his pages. This fancy suit wearing faceless prick has been said to be unstoppable in the games but I am curious to know if they have tried shooting it yet.

#6, Chris Walker from Outlast. Chris is a guy who really loves giving hugs and tearing off people’s heads. In Outlast he tracks you down to any place you go in the game, he is a giant terrifying hunk of deformed man meat. His favorite way to kill is to pop your head off like it is a pimple, while you don't kill him in the game the spirit looking Wallrider does in a rather gruesome way. It kind of revolves around throwing him against some walls before ultimately pulling him through a vent. I swear I felt almost bad for him when he was getting mauled to death, almost.

#5, Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. The Nemesis is probably the Resident Evil's most iconic baddie with its deformed face and trench coat with usually a large mini-gun or rocket launcher. The Nemesis is one of the most vicious in hard to kill enemies in games especially in this one since it decides to hunt you down and shop up at the most inconvenient of times. While during the ending parts of the game you do however get to blow him up with a rocket launcher so that's, that's pretty cool.

#4, Ghosts from Pac-Man. Pac-Man isn't an incredibly hard game but being trapped by those multicolored ghosts can scare a grown man to death. Well not really. In the game the ghosts hunt you down, sometimes going in random directions and sometimes ganging up on you because that is totally fair. One hit from them and you are dead, that is unless you get that little orb that that turns them blue. Once Pac-Man eats the orb the ghosts become vulnerable and the P-Man can gobble them all up, however they do respond later on.

#3, Clickers from The Last Of Us. Now the clickers aren't near impossible to kill because of power alone but because they come in numbers and they are a one shot one kill. If you attract a hordes attention the zombies can rush you and while you are taking them on the clickers can easily rush you. While a few shots to the head with a strong gun can do the trick it is still rather hard to do. Since they rely on hearing you can somewhat sneak past their blind selves, but careful though once they get a hand on you it is game over unless you have the shiv perk.

#2, Witches from Left For Dead. When I first started playing Left for Dead I did not fully understand the fear of the crying you would hear. I went to go see if someone was in need of assistance but I was met with a cruel fate. The witches in the game are incredibly hard to kill and not only that they are fast and can take you out in one or two hits. If you are playing by yourself chances are your team are standing around like a bunch of idiots while your screaming for help. The Witch is the most feared enemy in the game and for good reason, most times not even the entire team can take this withered old rather good looking for some reason zombie.

#1, Wall-Master from Legend of Zelda. If you know this name may you now be at peace. In many of the Zelda games the Wall-master is a reoccurring special enemy. It is basically just a giant hand that uses it is fingers like legs. In some missions in Zelda you are tasked with bringing an item or person to a certain area, these things will come out and attack. Either they take your item and you have to restart or they steal you or your friend and make you have to work again. You can kill them but since they constantly re-spawn it is near impossible to get a moment’s breather, just swing your sword around like a maniac it worked for me.


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