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Top Ten Best Nintendo Wii Games

Updated on September 28, 2010

Nintendo Wii

Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games
Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games

Introduction to the Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii has got to be one of the most fun consoles that you can buy today. With it's various movement sensing controls and a huge array of Wii games and Wii Accessories which provide endless enjoyment when playing solo, or with friends. The Wii console is a versatile and fun games console for you and your friends!

In my top ten Wii Games list I will give you some of the greatest Wii games that money can buy. In my list of the Top Ten Wii Games I have tried to include a mix of the best Wii games, whether for exercise, party games, or solo fun! I have spent some time with a few friends deciding what should, and should not go on my best Wii Games list. I have to admit the decision on some of them was pretty hard to make!

While I have tried to make this list as broad based as possible, it is focused on the Wii games which I enjoyed the most. It does have my favorite Wii games, but if you have any suggestions, think there is a game which is better, or think my order is completely wrong, please comment!

Also, I have a top ten format for the Nintendo DS, check out my Best Nintendo DSi Games!

A Wii Bit of Information

I could not help myself with the title of this section, I apologise. However the Nintendo Wii has been one of the most successful consoles in recent years, while its sales may not have exceeded those of it's competitors, no other console has quite the same ability to bring you and your friends together for a party/ Whether it is a children's party or an adult drinking session, the Wii provides hours of entertainment, with a wide variety of Nintendo Wii games.

I have to admit that compiling this list of the Top Ten Wii Games was the most fun I have had while writing in a long time. When I was rocking away on Wii Rock Band, Boxing my way against my opponents, or taking Mario to the Olympics, all the time I was enjoying myself, as well as taking notes.

I will soon be creating a list of the best Nintendo Wii Accessories to help you decide on the best Wii accessories for you. There are a huge amount of fun accessories to buy now, most of which will complement a specific range of Wii games incredibly well.

Top Ten Wii Games

So without further ado, let me bring you the best Wii games with my Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games list!

Wii Fit

Te Wii Fit is one of the best Wii games available today, it easily gains the number ten spot in my top ten Wii Games!
Te Wii Fit is one of the best Wii games available today, it easily gains the number ten spot in my top ten Wii Games!

10) Wii Fit

This game may not be one of the latest Wii games, but it is one of most popular! The Wii Fit is not only a great way to improve your health, but it is also a huge amount of fun!

The Wii Fit tests four key areas of your bodies abilities to determine your BMI (Body Mass index) and your Wii Fit age. The four areas you will find on the Wii Fit Game are,

Strength Training



Balance Games

The combination of these four key areas are designed to greatly increase your bodies health, while providing you with endless entertainment.

One of my favourite areas of the Wii fit game is it's statistics tracking. This not only allows me to follow my progress on one of the best Wii games, but it also allows me to compare my progress against that of my friends and family. This is perfect for those of you who like myself, have a competitive edge.

For this reason the Wii Fit easily makes it in to my top ten Wii games, in fact the only reason it is only at number ten, is because it is so well known already! Wii Fit is an amazing Wii game which helps keep you fit, as well as entertained!

Top Wii Games

New Super Mario Bros for Wii
New Super Mario Bros for Wii

9) New Super Mario Brothers

I remember playing my first Mario game on my green screened gameboy when I was a kid. Unfortunately my parents never stretched to buying me a console till I picked up my Nintendo 64 at a carboot for £50. Nevertheless, Super Mario Bros. has always held a special place in my heart, and the Wii New Super Mario Brothers expertly combines special Wii features with classic gameplay and innovative maps.

The solo play in New Super Mario Brothers makes the game worth it all on it's own. I spent hours fighting my way through levels, and enjoyed every minute of it. The solo player is however just a taste of the co-op mode, in which up to four people at a time can take on the New Super Mario Bros for the Wii.

Whether you play New Super Mario Bros. by yourself or with friends, it is a game that you should own, the mix of nostalgia and unbeatable gameplay keep Mario fresh in my Top Ten Wii games list!

Best Wii Games

Lego Rock Band is one of my favoriet Wii Games.
Lego Rock Band is one of my favoriet Wii Games.

8) Wii LEGO Rock Band

I don't know why I found LEGO Rock Band more entertaining than the original Rock Band which has been released for the Wii. Perhaps it was because of the family friendly setting. While Wii Rock Band was good for a drunken session with my mates, Wii LEGO Rock Band entertained me, my friends, and their children.

LEGO Rock Band comes with a 'Super' easy mode, which allows the kids to rock along with you to some of the greatest rock classics the world has known, all to the accompaniment of Lego characters. Wii Lego Rock Band combines all the fun of the Rock Band series with the fun and entertainment of Lego. With comedic moments built in to the Lego Rock Band game you will find Lego Rock Band a game which you will never put down.

Lego Rock Band is one of my favorite Wii Games, its replayability, and it's group fun, all make Lego Rock Band one of the Best Wii Games available for Christmas, or any other occasion!

On a side note, I did find LEGO Rock Band to be more polished than the Original Rock Band for the Wii, I'm not sure why, but it felt like more effort had been put in to it!

Zelda Wii

The Ledgend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wii Top Game!
The Ledgend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wii Top Game!

7) The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wii

The Legend of Zelda games have always been a favorite of mine, and The Legend of Zelda for Wii is no exception. I cannot help but love the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii, it's in depth gameplay, mixed with realistic movements for your sword, bow and arrow, make for compelling gaming.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess entails all the puzzle solving, action and adventure which helped keep its predecessors addictive and successful. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is no exception, the game takes many twists and turns as you battle with your Wii remote. This easily makes one of the best Wii games available, and though the Zelda title is pretty old, the gameplay remains as strong and compelling as ever.

Mario Kart Wii

Play the best Wii game Mario Kart
Play the best Wii game Mario Kart

6) Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is one of the latest in the Mario Kart series, and with its new routes, special abilities, and weapons, the game is more compelling than ever before. Mario Kart Wii is an amazing game in it's own right, but where it gets really fun, is multiplayer.

The frustration, the laughs, the accidents, and the near loss of the Wii controller on several occasions made 3 nights in a row of pure entertainment with Mario Kart Wii. This is one of my all time favorite party games, it is a huge amount of fun and incredibly addictive.

Playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii really is fun for all ages, while you can play comfortably with the basic controls, perfecting the drifts, boosts, and some weapons can be a challenge, which makes a huge amount of difference when you are playing your friends. If you are looking for a fun simple Wii game which you and your friends can pick up and play, Mario Kart Wii is the perfect choice!

I have to admit I was very tempted to place Mario Cart Wii higher in my list of the Best Wii Games, however there is some close competition out there, and a lot of Wii games that are jsut as good as Mario Kart Wii!

Top Nintendo Wii Game

Tony Hawks Wii Game
Tony Hawks Wii Game

5) Tony Hawk Ride for Nintendo Wii

I have to admit right from the start that I sucked badly at Tony Hawks Ride. Maybe this is because I suck at real life skateboarding though. Tony Hawk Ride for the Wii is a new breed in skateboarding games, with the Wii board controller you will find yourself having to do realistic movements to pull off tricks on screen.

Despite its challenging controller setup, and my failure to master it. I have to applaud Neversoft for creating a game which cannot just be picked up and played, and is instead marketed at people who already have a talent. I can only hope that a guitar hero is released with a real guitar attachment, teaching Wii players real skills The new Tony Hawks Ride is one of the best Nintendo Wii games that I have seen for a while now, mostly because they have dared to try something new in a market which is always in danger of stagnation.

For those of us who do not skateboard on a regular basis, Tony Hawk's Ride may be more frustrating than challenging, however practice and persistence will pay off. The easy mode removes movement, giving you complete freedom to master the tricks, and medium difficulty makes this Wii game incorporate movement and tricks. expert, is however only for the experts.

Tony Hawks Ride

Latest Wii Games

Peppa Pig Wii Game
Peppa Pig Wii Game

4) Peppa Pig: The Game

Ok, so this game is not really one of 'my' top ten Wii games, if you have any young children in the house though, this will provide them with plenty of fun, and challenges. Choosing the right children's Wii game can often be an arduous task, fortunately Peppa Pig Wii has some well balanced difficulty options, and plenty of minigames to keep the children occupied on the Nintendo Wii.

To keep things interesting (As if the main games, and mini games were not enough) Peppa Pig: The Game Wii has plenty of unlockable content, this should help keep your children interested in this awesome Wii Game.

While older children and adults would soon become bored of Peppa Pig Wii, if you have any children who are fans of Peppa Pig, then they will love Peppa Pig on the Wii!

Best Wi Games

One of the top Nintendo Wii games is Super Mario Galaxy 2.
One of the top Nintendo Wii games is Super Mario Galaxy 2.

3) Super Mario Galaxy 2

Okay, okay, it's another Mario Game in my top ten Wii Games, but lets face it, Mario is an iconic Nintendo star! Super Mario Galaxy Two is the second in the £D Mario series that has appeared on the Wii, and it manages to incorporate all the fun of the 2D versions in these fantastic 3D maps.

While I have had the honour of testing this beautiful game, it may not be released for a few months yet, in the meantime check out Super Mario Galaxy, which should more than prepare you for the fantastic sequel!

Be warned, you may Find Super Mario Galaxy 2 pretty addictive, as you ride Yoshi around the universe and explore its various worlds, things become a little surreal, and incredibly captivating. Super Mario Galaxy Wii is an inventive, laugh filled game, which will keep you coming back to your Wii time and time again.

I cannot wait till the final release of the Wii Game Super mario Galaxy Two, it promises to be a fantastic Wii Game!

Wii Games

Play F1 Wii
Play F1 Wii

2) Formula 1 2009 Wii

If you like your racing games to be a bit more realistic than Mario Kart Wii Games, then you may find that Formula 1 2009 suits your Wii game tastes exactly. With indepth technical workings, the cars handle just like they do on the tracks, which have been precision mapped from the real world. F1 2009 Wii brings together the worlds top drivers, even allowing you to play as Louis Hamilton as you fight your way to the front in this thrilling Wii game.

The thing that makes this one of the top wii games for me is quite simply it's attention to detail. In Formula 1 2009 you have cars which are subject to the exact same limitations that you would find in any realy formula 1 race. This Wii simulation puts you in the drivers seat and helps you master the world of Formula 1 2009 with handy racing hints for beginners, and tough challenges for the pros!

If you are looking for a realistic simulation driving game for the Wii then Formula 1 2009 Wii Edition should be perfect for you!

The Best Wii Game

Call of Duty 4 is by far the best Wii Game
Call of Duty 4 is by far the best Wii Game

1) Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition for Wii

Call of Duty 4 Reflex Edition for Wii is by far the best Wii game out there at the moment. It easily matches the other consoles in playability, has all the customizations, and has the benefit of the Wii movement controllers to give you a completely immersing Call of Duty 4 experience.

In the Call of Duty 4 Wii Reflex edition you can use your Wii controller plus nunchuck, or a Wii Zapper to give you complete control of your character as you roam the maps laying waste to your enemies.

Call of Duty 4 Reflex edition has a beautifully crafted single player campaign, but as with the rest of the series, it's true challenge lays in Multiplayer. COD4 Reflex Edition for the Nintendo Wii has all the benefits of Call of Duty on other formats, but with accurate movement tracking to truely make you part of the action.

All in all this easily makes my number one spot in my top ten Wii games!

Conclusion to the Best Wii Games

So I have brought you some of the Best Wii Games available today, or at least I think so. If you disagree, please comment, let me know what I have got wrong, or preferably, what I managed to get right.

This Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games list has been pretty exhausting to write, with hundred of hours of drunken game nights helping me choose between some of these stunning Wii games.. i hope you found the Top Ten Wii Games list useful, or at least entertaining, and hope you have fun playing these amazing Wii games in the future!


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    • Patti Ann profile image

      Patti Ann 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Excellent!! I played the Wii sports and Wii fit for the first time this Christmas with my grandchildren. I love it!! I'm addicted now!

    • thisisoli profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Glad you found it useful!

    • G.L.A. profile image

      Geri Anderson 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      Thank You for this most informative hub!! I've been trying to figure out what game to get for someone, and your description of Formula 1 2009 fits him to a 'T' ~~ Tanks Again!! Oh, and thanks for addressing the issue of the little ones, as well!

    • thisisoli profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      I never had chance to play Super Smash Bros Brawl, I have heard good things about it though!

      If I get the chance I will give it a shot and write up a review for it!

    • evan26 profile image


      8 years ago

      were is super smash bros brawl? such a good game lol

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Can't wait for SMG2

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have World at War, but I'm definitely willing to try Modern Warfare since 2 is not right now.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      verwii comprehensive and entertaining hub ;)


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