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Top Ten Overpowered Characters In Games

Updated on July 11, 2017

With all of the movies, games, comics and books in the world there has been millions of different characters created with many possessing different personalities. In video games there are plenty of characters from incredibly weak to the plain ridiculous, here is a list of the Top Ten overpowered characters in games, the list isn't in any order.

#10, Kratos from God Of War. If you can pick the gods of Olympus off like flies then you are pretty overpowered, so Kratos makes the number ten spot. Kratos is not only a spartan which is one of the most well know deadliest warriors in the world but he is also a demigod and son of Zeus. Kratos has enough strength to out muscle a mountain sized Titan, able to defeat powerful gods like Hades and Poseidon, capable of defeating monsters like the Hydra and Medusa, there is nearly nothing he hasn't killed. Kratos has even tried killing himself and with the new game coming out it is safe to say he is still alive. He also has a large arsenal of weapons and gear, when it comes to characters who have a wide variety of weapons Kratos is in the top fifty.

#9, Nearly Every Character In Kingdom Hearts. If I wanted too I could simply make an entire two lists of overpowered Kingdom Hearts characters, wouldn't be hard. With beings like Xemnas and Sephiroth you are always the underdog in any confrontation. Many characters have overwhelming attacks or massive amounts of health, The Professors Creation in KH2 gave me a run for my money. In a game where the main character can only do some small bits of magic or combos it seems absurd that almost every main character has the ability to destroy nearly everything. Or anyone.

#8, Snake from Metal Gear Franchise. Snake is one of the most awesome characters in gaming and funnily enough one of the most overpowered, especially since nearly every major character you face has some sort of special ability or what not. Snake is a trained soldier who specializes in hand to hand combat and stealth, the man is also pretty well knowledged in guns. In many games you are tasked with sneaking around large groups of enemies or beating them in a gunfight, both Snake seems to be able to do pretty well. While he is purely human he is able to take lots of damage, look back to Snake Eater when he gets beat up by the boss. He was able to patch himself back up and get in the game. While he isn't the most overpowered in terms of earth destroying he is overpowered as a human and his abilities as a soldier is near supernatural. He has beaten a seemingly immortal Vamp, several bipedal war machines and many super soldiers like the Cobra Unit.

#7, Malus from Shadow Of The Colossus. In a world full of giant creatures or at least a land of giant creatures Malus stand above them all, literally. Malus is the final colossi you face in the game and to me he was the most challenging. Malus is the tallest of all of the colossi, there is supposedly a bigger one but he is just longer. Malus is about the size of a mountain, once you first arrive at the battlegrounds he fires electric orbs at you which will mess your stuff up if you get caught by it. Even though he is the tallest he doesn't move, in fact he just stands in one place the entire time. The problem with Malus is that he is so tall, it is sometimes hard to keep the grip meter high enough so you don't fall to your death, but if you are like me then you fell multiple times. He is the tallest and possibly the most dangerous to face against.

#6, Kirby from Kirby Series. Kirby is an adorable pink ball of death and fluffy destruction, an endless hunger he is. Kirby is able to absorb any enemy and use their abilities, many sources say that once the enemy is absorbed they are sent to a pocket dimension that Kirby uses to house things. Kirby is shown to be incredibly strong since in the TV show he was able to throw a giant frying pain with a giant monster into the sun. Think of it like this, he is near indestructible already, he is killable but try getting close enough to harm him without getting absorbed. He is like the more adorable version of Majin Buu from DBZ, just without the need to destroy everything.

#5, Dante from Dante's Inferno. I could have gone with Dante from Devil May Cry but I feel like that would be too easy, so here we go. Dante is a crusader who was lied to by a certain bishop to kill, believing that it would be seen as good in the eyes of God he did it but didn't know he was actually condemning himself to Hell. Upon being back stabbed he comes face to face with Death whom he presumes to kill, taking The Grim Reapers Scythe Dante sets forth to rescue his beloved Beatrice who was murdered. Diving into the pits of Hell Dante faces hordes of enemies, he even managed to defeat Lucifer himself although he was not able to kill him. Along the way Dante is able to gain more abilities such as Cross projectiles, Holy walk and more. He is able to even hurt Lucifer with a cross. Being able to kill Death alone would be an impressive feat but he also defeats Marc Antony, Cleopatra, Cerberus and his own father. Dante is human but is able to go up against some of the most powerful beings in literature, the embodiment of Death and even the Devil himself. Plus in the end he was absolved of his sins and sent to Heaven, which is pretty cool.

#4, Dark-Khan from Mortal Kombat vs DC. What do you get when you take one incredibly powerful and dangerous being from comics and mix it with another powerful and dangerous being from a game, you get a bad time. Dark-Khan is the fusion between Darkseid one of Superman's most deadliest foes and Shao Khan the ruler of Outworld in Mortal Kombat. By themselves they already boast great power and skill but combined they are nearly unbeatable, having skills from both plus enhanced strength is a bad combination. In the game the two worlds collide and Dark-Khan's power drives everyone into a battle frenzy. Dark-Khan is able to dish out many powerful attacks and many times he spams it, he is able to take many of your blows and not flinch, it is hard to get a attack in at times. Taking two universal level threats and combining them is just a big middle finger to the player.

#3, Grigori from Dragons Dogma. In nearly every form of media dragons are deadly and very dangerous beings, Grigori is no different. In Dragons Dogma you are confronted by the large dragon who in all honesty puts Alduin from Skyrim to shame. You get your heart stolen and need to retrieve it, the dragons magic keeps you alive. Grigori is a large dragon with powerful attacks, in the last mission you can either fight him or sacrifice your beloved. You go through a pretty long battle and nearly every second is just awesome, Grigori puts up one of the most hardest battles I have ever fought in a game. Fire breath, powerful claw strikes, large health and great defense. Grigori puts most dragons to shame.

#2, Nightmare from Soul Calibur. Nightmare is one of the main antagonists of the Soul Calibur series, he is a warrior possessed by the evil blade Soul Edge. The first few games have Nightmare as one of the more slower characters but no doubt one of the strongest, but in some of the later games he is given a very big speed boost. Soul Edge is a large blade nearly seven to eight feet in length, the blade itself would cause problems with its reach but luckily he was slow enough that is until the boost. Now Nightmare has a large reach with rapid speed attacks. Facing Nightmare as an NPC he can do a continuous stream of attacks that can even hit you when on the ground. Giving someone as powerful as Nightmare enhanced speed was a terrible idea, with his long reach and increased speed he can demolish nearly anyone. The Azure Knight is a feared warrior for a very big reason, even before the speed boost.

#1, Orochi from Okami. Okami is a great game with vibrant colors and some snazzy looks, Orochi however is one of the worse things in the game. For starters he was made to be the main baddie of the game and with him being able to curse the entire land of Nippon he was doing a good job as it. When at his prime he is able to shrug of any blow dealt to him, only by drinking a special Sake does the barrier around him diminish. Not only that but he has eight heads, each that can think and move on its own and each has its own special power. From poison mists to fire breathing, mini tornadoes to floods Orochi is a powerful foe. You even have to face him three separate times. Orochi is a powerful being and a feared monster in the game, Yami may have been the final boss but no other creature struck such fear and terror into people like Orochi.


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