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Top Ten Survival Games

Updated on May 17, 2017
Thomas Finney profile image

I am a casual writer, at times I dip into song writing and stories. I like to explore, play games and listen to music.

Let's start the adventure.

Survival games test the players abilities whether that is too defeat enemies, be stealthy or a mixture of several things. But in its most basic form survival is an adrenaline filled rush, here is my list of the top ten survival games, as always it is not in order.

#10, Ark Survival Evolved. Like many survival games before it you are thrown defenseless into a land where you must work to keep your skin attached to your body. In Ark Survival Evolved you are thrown nearly butt naked into a place with prehistoric dinosaurs and other man eating creeps. Your job as a Ark Survivor is to, well survive. Bet you didn't know that when you started reading this did you?

#9, The Forest. You know why some people don't like planes? Because they crash into forests filled with flesh eating cannibals. Using your ever building knowledge you are to build shelter and hunt for food while making sure you don't end up in the belly of a beast yourself. It always seems more eerie when you need to try watch your back so you don't get turned into a steak by another human being.

#8, Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world today, although its block covered landscapes don't have much in the way of stunning visuals the music and the broad maps do have a feeling of serenity. When day comes around you can mine, build and hunt the local wildlife. During the night however be ready to defend yourself. Spiders, Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Witches and The Enderman himself are out to get a pieceof you. Dawn your steel armor and grab your diamond sword, it is time to defend the motherland! While not incredibly scary the sound of a creeper about to explode will forever be planted inside of your memory.

#7, DayZ. You know what's better then zombies? People! While more often or not humans will be the bane of your existence in this game the gameplay is still quite good. Like all the others on this list you have been put on this earth for a reason, and that reason? To not die. Yes you will need to farm for materials, find shelter and combat the menacing zombie hordes. Well you know with a person in there to heat things up a bit.

#6, Terraria. This game is what I like to call the 2D Minecraft. While it's visuals have been turned into a more pixelated look the gameplay still remains the same. Farm for materials, kill some enemies and make sure the next jump isn't too far down.The music is rather bombastic and has a wide variety. Enemies and bosses will always linger around the corner, waiting for you..

#5, Subnautica. I hate the ocean, I will give a big middle finger to it but I would totally play this game. A lone survivor of a shot down ship you are left stranded in a wide ocean in your escape pod, using your knowledge of games you are to survive. Only this time, it's beneath the ocean. Create underwater bases, manufacture different tools and vehicles to help you along your journey, make weapons so you don't feel absolutely alone in the large waters. Face off against hordes of underwater baddies and try to find out the mystery of the planets missing inhabitants.

#4, Miscreated. Mutants, savage animals, lying and manipulative humans. I feel right at home. It sucks. In Miscreated you enter the game with nothing but a flashlight and a fresh pair of underwear. If you haven't figured out what your supposed to do by now why play the games? Travel across broken neighborhoods and abandoned military facilities, but keep your guard up. Humans can be just as deadly as beasts.

#3, Don't Starve. This game has almost an artistic look to it. Don't Starve is basically what you need to do don't starve. Monsters and all other kids of freaky deeky creeps will try to hurt you and gobble up your bones. Create a fire pit, explore the environment, craft weapons tools to help your survive and whatever you do, don't go out in the dark. Well unless you have a torch, that will probably be good. The feeling of something watching you from the shadows will most undoubtedly stay with you for the rest of your miserable life, enjoy the paranoia!

#2, The Long Dark. Everybody likes bears, they're so cute and cuddly. Except in this game cause they will claw your face off. In The Long Dark you are set in Northern Canada, you must do what you can to survive and since in this game it's freezing cold it is in uttermost importance that you stay warm, keep hydrated and make sure you eat. Just don't get eaten. Bears and mother nature herself is out to get you, so don't think you will get any lenience in it at all.

#1, Alien Isolation. In basically all of the games above you are able to craft weapons and stuff to combat whatever predator is trying to munch on your giblets. But not in this one. In this game you are but a lowly engineer. Many of the enemies in the games previously listed are killable, however in this one you will most likely be hiding in a corner crying to yourself and asking for a refund. The Alien adapts to how you play the game, changes how it hunts you down and even worse can become smarter then the player. What's even worse is that you can't kill it, all you can do is hide and create distractions to run away like a little baby asking for your pacifier. This game has an atmosphere so dense you can cut it with a knife. And the alien is not the only thing you have to contend with, there is also androids called Working Joe's and other survivors above the ship you need to worry about. May God have mercy on your soul, and your clean underwear.

If you enjoyed the list I'm glad and if you have any experience playing these games or have a game you think should be on the list please leave a comment.


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