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Top Ten Things Wrong With Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker

Updated on June 26, 2017

Legend of Zelda games are wildly known for their adventures of exploring dungeons and fighting evil. From the great open sea to the wide plains the world of Hyrule is actually a somewhat large place, such as in Wind Waker. In Wind Waker the story goes that an evil had came, threatening the land and spreading chaos, but a hero came to stop the evil. A long battle happened and the evil was sealed away, a bit of time passed and the evil returned, the hero did not. Long story short the gods flooded the land of Hyrule to hide the Tri-Force from the evil Ganondorf. A great game but not the best and here are my Top Ten reasons why.

#10, Easy Battles. The Zelda series are known for their over the top boss battles and many minions, but in Wind Waker I must say I was disappointed. Many of the enemies are easy to beat really only taking a few hits, the Darknut requires you to dodge its attacks then attack its armor from the back in order to proceed in the battle. But besides that not many enemies really pose a threat, in numbers sure they can do some damage but still not much, Ganon himself wasn't even hard to beat and he was the final boss. The final boss should never be easy to beat.

#9, Not Enough People. Some games have the ability to put many people in their cities while some just don't have any, Wind Waker has only three places where there is quite a few people to see. Outset Island, Windfall Island and Dragon Roost Island. Many of the other islands can be barren or just have some enemies on it, a few islands will have some people to talk to like Forest Haven with the Great Deku Tree. It feels somewhat empty sailing around and only seeing enemies, sure sometimes you will see Beedle or those weird diver men but it is still rather lonely even if you do have a talking boat.

#8, No Memorable Items. In many of the games Link is a walking arsenal with several different weapons and items, even sometimes multiple swords. In Wind Waker however there are no memorable items. There is the Wind Waker, Skull Hammer, Deku Leaf and the Magic Armor but none really have a lasting appeal to them. Yes I do love the Skull Hammer but compared to other game items like the Hookshot and the Water Tunic not many items in Wind Waker compare.

#7, Terrible Sea Battles. Since the over world is primarily covered in water many of the battles you have while traveling will be in the water, yippe. The only two weapons you really get to use while on the ship is the bow and the cannon, but both leave you vulnerable since you must stop the ship and stand in one place to do anything. There are dozens of enemies in the water and while I usually wouldn't care about alot of enemies the way you need to eliminate them is too difficult which usually has me just sailing around them. One of the battles that is rather annoying is when fighting those giant squid things, you have to use the Boomerang to hit all of their eyes repeatedly before it brings you under the water. It is terrible.

#6, Tri-Force Treasure Hunt. The Tr-Force is the main item of the story, Ganondorf wants the rest of the pieces so he can have his wish and all things go to hell. Unlike in several games where you get the Tr-Force all at once in Wind Waker you must sail around the world in search of it. You will get treasure maps that tell you where they are at and you will sail there, many of where they lie will be glowing a rainbow colored circle which is where you need to use the hook, however once you get close to these they disappear and if you don't lower the hook in the exact place it needs to go you won't get anything. It is rather long and tedious, the fact that there will be some enemies in the spots you need to look at don't make it any easier.

#5, Overworld Is Annoying. Much of the over world is covered in water as I previously said, but later on in the game it all gets worse. Later down the line Ganon's evil has spread far and the world now begins to be corrupted which means dark clouds, stormy seas, more monsters and the constant evil music playing. The constant look does get a little annoying and the fact that sometimes when entering the ocean again it can be all bright and sunny just to turn all cloudy and dull again is rather annoying.

#4, Sailing Sucks. I have never been fond of boats since I usually am the one hanging over the side puking up my guts but nonetheless, boats are terrible. In Wind Waker you are saved by a living boat called The King of Red Lions, which later on just turns out to be the king of Hyrule possessing a ship. You use said ship to sail from island to island to do whatever it is you need to do, you also get the Wind Waker, a magical instrument that allow you to control the winds and you also use it to sail, which means any time you want to go in a direction that isn't slightly to the right or left you need to use the Wind Waker to change the direction of the ship. It isn't a big deal honestly but it does get rather old having to repeatedly change the direction of the wind because the map doesn't know which way it wants me to go.

#3, Easy Boss Battles. Yes this goes under the battle ones but it still is different, cause they are bosses. In Wind Waker you have some pretty cool looking bosses albeit rather easy ones. None of the bosses really give any kind of a challenge, I only died a few times by the first boss cause I didn't know how to hurt it. One boss even gives you ammunition to shoot it with, which is just bad boss behavior if you ask me. The final boss as I said was incredibly easy to beat, it makes me almost feel sad that i killed the King of Evil with only five minutes.

#2, Lack Of Stuff To Do. Many of the things you can do in Wind Waker is basically just the missions and dungeons, you can also do some small side quests to gain more weapons or items but that is about it. The world isn't exactly big so I suppose it would make some sense not to have as much stuff to do but come on, if I can sail around for twenty minutes to an hour and not find anything to do there might be a problem. At least let me fish, we are in an ocean we might as well.

#1, Weird Plot. As in many of the other Zelda games some events happen to make Link leave where ever he lived at and go fight some baddies, in Wind Waker however it is because your sister gets kidnapped. I mean that is a pretty good reason to leave the comfort of your home with a bunch of pirates but in the game Link is still a little kid, he isn't even trained. Yeah sure Orca shows him how to fight and everything but that wasn't even a ten minute session, your sending out a little boy with a sharp sword to go crawl around in volcanoes and to fight giant monsters. He isn't trained, I could give some leeway if he had some that lasted more then a day but he doesn't. He travels around facing all sorts of monsters and what not and lives it is weird.

Conclusion: As always this is my own personal opinion. I do love this game and if you do to that is great, but like in all games there are some downsides to it.


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