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Top Ten Iconic Game Weapons

Updated on November 17, 2017

Guns, Swords, Random stuff and more!

Note: The weapons are in a random order not which one I think is more iconic, except for number one.

10: The Blades of Chaos from God Of War. First of all I just wanna say I am a collector of knives and other weaponry, however ones with chains infused into my hands I don’t think I want. The blades of chaos are the main weapon of protagonist, or antagonist, however you look at it, Kratos. Kratos is a Spartan General, also a demigod who’s father is a lightning throwing trigger happy Zeus. Being a demigod and a trained Spartan Kratos is one mean mother F’er. His dual blades are capable of being thrown and swung around, usually thrown in arcs in order to hit a larger area of enemies. Since they are weapons made by the God of War Ares they for some reason always make fiery explosions when hitting the ground and everything. While not the only weapon he uses they are the first blades Kratos uses in the series, also one of the most iconic weapons in video game history. Kratos does have other blades, relatively the same look but due to the Blades of Chaos being the first ones you get they are here.

9: Master Sword and Hyrule Shield from Legend of Zelda. Usually the favored weapon of everybody’s favorite mute swordsman Link, the Master Sword and Hyrule shield have been in numerous Legend Of Zelda games. The Master Sword also known as The Blade of Evil’s Bane is a sword crafted by the Goddess Hylia. The sword is constantly used by Link in his travels to slay whatever evil lay in front of it. The sword is said to only choose the most righteous of folk, those who have gone through several difficult trials and shown their bravery and wisdom, which for some reason is always an reincarnation of Link. I think it’s my turn to try dangit! Anyways the sword is supposedly the only weapon that can defeat the evil Ganondorf, you know, Blade of Evils Bane? It’s kinda in the title. The Hyrule shield however is just the favored armament of many Hyrule soldiers, while it doesn’t have any special abilities or anything it’s more iconic then Link’s Mirror Shield. Even though Link has other weapons ranging from bombs to giant hammers but none have the evil butt kicking capabilities like the Master Sword and Hyrule Shield.

8: Scorpion’s Spear from Mortal Kombat. GET OVER HERE! What’s better then stabbing someone? Stabbing them from over fifteen feet away with a kunai connected to chain, then also pulling them back and punching them right in the face. Scorpion one of the most recognizable characters in Mortal Kombat, also the second of my two favorite fighters. Love you Baraka. Scorpion’s most iconic move is definitely his Spear Toss. The attack consists of Scorpion throwing a kunai connected to a long chain, impaling his opponent then pulling him over into a hard uppercut or a painful combo. His weapon is based off the Rope Dart, a weapon used in Chinese Martial Arts and from what I have heard is incredibly hard to master. The weapon itself is rather simple, a small dart connected to a rope or chain and typically used as a throwing weapon or swung. Scorpion however has made the weapon into a rather iconic thing. If you are on the receiving end of a spam filled spear toss I suggest you quit the match, save your dignity.

7: Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. The Keyblade is a rather strange weapon, while it looks like it could be used as a axe or club it is primarily used as a sword. The Keyblade’s most know user is most likely Sora who has starred in many game and uses the weapon. The Keyblade is an ancient weapon and while there are many others like it the Keyblade still seems to be unique still. The first key Sora usually gets is called the Kingdom Key, while used as a weapon it can also be used to open locked doors and chests, almost anything really. It can also lock and unlock someone’s heart, no idea how the hell that works. Many people have wielded a Keyblade, there was even a war called the Keyblade Wars which wielders of both Light and Dark Keyblades fought. While the Keyblade is quite picky of it’s wielders it seems anyone can wield. Riku I am looking at you. Usually only those with a pure heart can wield the legendary Keyblade. Malificent, Sephiroth and a few other enemies have tried to take the Keyblade for themselves, just goes to show you that no matter how much power one has some will always crave more.

6: Energy Sword from Halo. If you have heard of this weapon then most likely you have kicked many of your friends to the curb, the most iconic game of the Halo series the energy sword has shown it to be a powerful yet annoying weapon. The weapons glow and ominous hum has scared many’a gamer into running away like a little baby. The weapon usually only needs one hit to take down an enemy, you would think that in a game with tanks and plasma rifles those would be more effective. You’d be wrong. Oh so wrong. The weapons blade is near fifty-five inches in length so if you have any plans of leaving the battlefield without being turned into a pig on a spit I suggest you run like hell and don’t look back. While it doesn’t look like the most practical looking sword it will spread fear faster then a fire in a Oil field.

5: Soul Edge from Soul Calibur. Evil incarnate and devour of souls all for one price of letting this demonic sword take over your body. The Azure Knight also known as Nightmare is wielder of said sword. Soul Edge is primarily depicted as a large hunk of steel, sometimes with flesh and a large eyeball on it. The sword usually takes the shape of whatever weapon the wielder used before being taken over. It is said that the blade was once like any other but being bathed in blood and hate so many times it turned into something demonic, an evil soul now possessed the blade, its name is Inferno. Siegfried is known as the main carrier, once he grasped the hilt of Soul Edge he was driven mad. The sword gains power with each creature slain, absorbing the soul and learning every fighting style it has taken. If the wielder of the blade is defeated in combat the demonic soul Inferno can drag the attacker into his realm and face him in single combat. The only weapon said to be able to defeat and destroy Soul Edge is Soul Calibur, a shard taken from the demon sword and forged into the sword of light. Only Soul Calibur can defeat Soul Edge, Elysium the spirit of Soul Calibur faces Inferno the spirit of Soul Edge.

4: The BFG from Doom. Big Frag Grenade? Burning Furnace Guard? No it’s the Big Fucking Gun. A weapon of demonic mass destruction, by that I mean it destroys demons by the hundreds. In a world where you have to face the armies of Hell it’s always nice to have a weapon that makes the evil beasties wet themselves like a wee baby. Created by mad scientists who get boners from creating deadly weapons this gun can vaporize the strongest warrior of hell in only a few shots. Take that Holy Water. Aside from the numerous other guns Doom Guy has none come close to the shear power of The BFG, while not fast shooting or jam packed with ammo you’ll be sending Satan and his goons to the After-After life with it. Usually found in the later levels of a Doom game, but once you find this weapon of Plasma Generated Devastation you will only need to say two words to your enemies, Game Over.

3: Buster Sword from Final Fantasy. What’s big, long, hard and heavy? Cloud’s buster sword of course, get your head’s out of the gutter. The Buster Sword was originally Zack Fairs, a close friend of Cloud Strife. The Buster Sword is a long hunk of manly steel, one sharp edge for cutting and the other, well I guess you can just beat them to death with it. The Buster Sword while large and heavy can only be carried by a few people. Both Zack and Cloud have gone through rigorous training in order to use it, also a bit of super strength doesn’t hurt. One of the most iconic weapons in Final Fantasy and definitely one of the most cool to have hanging up on the wall. Powerful yet hard to use, unless you have super amazing skills, or strength your screwed.

2: Celestial Brush from Okami. While not the most iconic weapon on this list it definitely has the most uses for it. The Celestial Brush is a item used by the goddess Amaterasu. One can draw something on a sheet of paper and it becomes real. With it Amaterasu can create cherry bombs, slice through stone, summon the sun and mood, create gusts of wind, control fire ice and lightning and more. While not technically a weapon it is used to defeat enemies so shut up, I will do what I want! The Celestial Brush has a multitude of abilities other then the ones I have listed, also if none of you have played Okami I suggest you play it, great game. The Celestial Brush has been used to destroy evil dragons and mad foxes, with mad skills yo.

And Number 1 is!...

1: The Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. Alright so this technically follows the same thing as the Celestial Brush, while not actually used to kill anything it does help Mario and Luigi kill enemies and take more damage so I am counting it. The Mario Mushroom is one of the most iconic and well known items in any game, starting from the original Super Mario Bros and moving forth through many of the newer games. While rather simple in design and use it is one of the more helpful items. Easily obtainable and easy to use. Normally Mario would only be able to take one hit from an enemy but voila, now he can take two. Unless you’re an idiot and fall into a pit, like me. But enough about my failure as a gamer, the mushroom also allows Mario to bash open bricks with a jump. Cause you know us tall people can just break open rocks with are heads, stop stereotyping! While not the most incredibly useful item it does help Mario get through the strange terrain of the Mushroom Kingdoom.


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    • Thomas Finney profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Finney 

      18 months ago

      Well thank ya kindly.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      18 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Way to go! Fine work!

      Keep at it, Thomas and by reading this piece, you are good to a great start.

      Keep in touch.


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