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Top Ten Videogame Worlds To Live In

Updated on September 28, 2017

With every video game that gets produced we are met with many worlds with all sorts of beings in it, we can have happy go lucky worlds and sometimes ones that are just terrible. Here are Ten cool video game worlds to live in.

#10, The Mushroom Kingdom. Super Mario has always been a rather popular game and hero, The Mushroom Kingdom has been the forefront of many of his games. It holds many different beings such as the Goomba's, the Koopa's, the Boo's and all other sorts. From blistering cold mountains to scorching hot deserts the Mushroom Kingdom has many different landscapes. Isle Delfino a resort island is one of the many places to visit in the Kingdom, Toad Town I hear has a pretty goof cafe, although for some reason you need to bring your own beans.

#9, Pokemon Land. Well there are many different parts of the Pokemon world much like in Mario Universe, all seem to be fairly nice. Pokemon has always been a favorite for many people, the thought of having your own little Charmander or whatever has been the dream of several people. Me included. From gorgeous seas to open fields and mountains. Being able to trek down the well known paths of the Poke World with friends would be a dream come true, ya know unless a Pokemon attacks you. Maybe shock ya alot like Pikachu did to Ash in the beginning.

#8, Red Dead Redemption. Let us take a trip back to the Wild West, gunslingers and outlaws ruled the tumbleweed infested lands. Sure you have the blood thirsty cannibals and the killer bandits, but hey there will be a problem everywhere ya go so might as well suck it up. The gorgeous lands of Red Dead Redemption are a sight to behold, from the cold mountains to the hot desert's of Mexico you will have alot to see and do. Do you want to be an outlaw or a hero? A hunter or a horse wrangler? The choice is your's and while you make it you can have a drink at a local pub and play some blackjack.

#7, Mass Effect. From the Wild West to the emptiness of space we go, Mass Effect takes place in a world full of aliens and other worldly creatures. But the cool thing is they have sexy blue alien ladies. Yes that is right many different alien species have come together, many different worlds to explore and people to see. You want a drink in a giant space station that is actually part of a giant gun? You go ahead and do it brother. Make no mistake there are many menaces such as the Collectors and the Reapers but even in are world we have these kinds of things, little bugs and machines that wanna mess up your day. But hey why complain when you can go dancing with Joker and his metal wife?

#6, Minecraft. Wolves, villagers, creepers and a constant bunch of updates that give you new stuff is what you can expect in this randomly generated world. We got mountains, swamps, icy terrains and more to explore in this massive world of ares.I hear they even now have mushroom forests to even give the Mushroom Kingdom a run for their money. The fact that you can build your own home makes it even better, but I gotta say punching trees and stones with your bare hands cant be very good for them and all. I suggest getting a stone axe, maybe a pet wolf to keep you company. Or a pet Creeper if you are into that kind stuff, just watch out for the Enderman. Dang those Endermen, always stealing are blocks.

#5, Animal Crossing GameCube Edition. Animals, many people have a favorite one, so what if you could have that favorite animal be your neighbor? Too bad you get a mole with a temper problem. Animal Crossing for the GameCube allows you to name your own little town, in it there are many different neighbors and more can come around as the seasons change. Catch some bugs, go fishing, go get a coffee down at the museum or even make your own clothes at the local tailor. Lots of things to do and many people too see, can't wait for the snow to begin falling or the leaves to change their color, oh that's right I don't have to wait I can just skip forward in time. For some reason the neighbors always think I died when I do that.

#4, Nippon. If there is any world that I would want to live in it is the gorgeous landscapes of Nippon in Okami, simply stunning. Okami is centered in a old Japan like country, with large plains and mountains as well as some secret worlds in trees to spice things up. Nippon has several beautiful places to explore, including some beautiful villages and towns. If you get tired of the warm weather and sunshine you can always take a trip to Northern Lands of Kamui to get in touch with your more frozen body side. The stunning style of Okami would just make seeing Nippon in real life to beautiful for ones eyes to bare to see.

#3, Kingdom Hearts. Halloween Town, Tarzan's Jungle, Ariel's home under the sea and even the Destiny Islands. So many places to explore and so many people to meet and see, even the barren world of The World That Never Was would even be amazing too see. With a Gummi Ship you could explore all of the wolds, fully embrace the different atmospheres and complexity of each world. There is few things as nice as sailing on a Pirate Ship across the seas, or traveling with friends in the maze like world of Traverse Town. You cannot simply walk and see you must fully embrace the wonders of the many Disney worlds and the characters that lie within not only them but those of Square Enix as well.

#2, Rapture. Living in this underwater city you will literally be sleeping with the fishes, thank you I will be here all week. Rapture is an underwater city created by not crazy at all Andrew Ryan, a man who believed that if you did your best you could achieve great things. In Rapture there is no government, no king or queens, only, Ryan. In any case before it became a living Hellhole it was a rather nice place. A multitude of places to go such as a theater, even some nice sight seeing places such as the many tubes that connect to other parts of the building to help one travel. While I would hate to live here no one can deny how lovely it would be too see a whale swim past so gracefully.

#1, Black Flag. I supposed I could have chose London England or someplace in Italy, but I must say I have a fondness for rum and the sunshine of the Caribbean. In Black Flag you get to sail across the big blue seas, going from island to island and seeing a wide assortment of places. From small pirate dwelling caves to large estates held by rich folk. The many animals you can meet are also quite nice, I have grown fond of the bacon, I mean boars. Sharks and whales can also be seen, as well as some monkeys. Singing a merry sea shanty while steering your ship to the nearest port to buy a few rounds for your mates doesn't sound to bad either.


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