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Top Ten Weird Characters In Games

Updated on July 12, 2017

In games you can have the stereotypical bad boy who delves into danger head first, or you can have the other which would be the scared kid who murders everyone. Whatever. But there are some characters who either act incredibly weird or give off a sense that they are weird. Here is a list of my Top Ten weirdest characters in games.

#10, Tingle from Legend Of Zelda. When creating a game the creators can virtually put whatever they want in it, which makes me wonder why they put in Tingle. Tingle is a guy roughly around his thirties or forties who wishes to be a fairy. He appears in several games each with his iconic green suit which always is a little too tight, he tends to be someone who can help you out such as in Wind Waker where he helps you read certain maps and even gives you the Tingle Tuner, which isn't very helpful without a Gameboy in play. The way he acts is a little childish and at times he can be seen with temper. He also looks to have a bit of magic, how much is unclear however. Even though he is a strange fella he does help in the games and provides a bit of comic relief.

#9, Sandal from Dragon Age Origins. Like most role playing games you come across a variety of characters, some who wish for your help or to help you and others who want to crush your skull. Sandal is an adopted Dwarven son, he helps run a shop with his father Bodhan. Like most Dwarves in the game Lyrium is something they are used to being around, however the stuff can turn some people insane or mess with them, such as the case with Sandal. Sandal is an incredibly gifted Dwarve, his abilities to enchant weapons and armor are said to be very impressive. However whenever speaking to the young lad he tends to only respond with "Enchantment!" but will sometimes also say another line or two. He may not be as weird as Tingle but the boy has his strange ways as well.

#8, Brucie Kibbutz from Grand Theft Auto Four. When Niko Bellic is out murdering people and stealing cars he comes across a rather eccentric character called Brucie, he is somewhat of a nut job. Brucie is a car salesman and a rather big lover of working out, especially when under the use of steroids or bullshark testosterone. He acts in a rather wild manner, sometimes being calm as all can be but then raging out with anger or excitement. Brucie gives you some jobs in the game such as stealing cars and what not. He is rather rich and enjoys the life of fast cars and beautiful women, even though there have been some statements saying that he might be gay.

#7, Susano from Okami. Okami is filled with people of different personalities and ways, Susano however is one of the stranger ones. He is a descendant of Nagi a legendary warrior who slayed Orochi with the help of a white wolf. Despite claiming to be a great warrior Susano tends to get scared rather easily in the beginning of the game, he even placed a massive boulder in the entrance to his village to prevent monsters from entering. Despite his lazy and egocentric nature Susano can be very brave, even overcoming his fear of Orochi to save his beloved Kushi. He wields a wooden sword strange enough but with the help of Amaterasu he is able to slay the demon Orochi and bring Nippon back to peace and prosperity.

#6, Toad from Super Mario Bros. Toad is a race of beings who live under Princess Peaches rule, also they are all called Toad for some reason. Toad first appeared in the first Super Mario Bros at the end of each castle where the infamous "Your princess is in another castle." sating came up. Later down the line of games we get to see Toad in a brighter light, many are guards or merchants and even travelers. However they have some bad factors. One they are cowards, even the guards ran at the sight of Bowser and left the one person they needed to protect be kidnapped by King Koopa. Two they have a very high pitched and scratchy voice, the way they talk leave such a pain in ones ears. And finally three, they really don't do much in the games. In many of them they are just there to fill in the empty void, but they do appear to give items or other things in certain games.

#5, Blanka from Street Fighter. Blanka is a boy who had gotten lost in the jungles of the Amazon, and it somehow turned him into a hairy green boy. Blanka has entered the Street Fighter tournaments several times but hasn't won, but I suppose you have to give him credit since he hasn't really been trained in anything but is able to stay up there with guys like Ryu and Master Bison. He is made out to be more animal then boy, which is weird since he is still supposed to be a bit young. When he fights he uses claw strikes, many kicks and even some electricity powered moves which is a bit strange. Once he had returned to his mother after a few years Blanka listened to the other people around him, they didn't seem to like the fact that a giant hairy green skinned boy lived among them which we all know is just rude.

#4, Voldo from Soul Calibur. Voldo is a reoccurring character in the Soul Calibur series, he is somewhat of a acrobatic and uses sharp hand blades called Katars. In one of the Soul Calibur games Voldo is said to have been ordered by his master to guard a large vault of treasure, supposedly his master dies but Voldo remains at guard. His methods of attacking are quite strange, his movements can be considered as erratic and the way he can move and twist his body is weird. He i able to crawl around on the floor like a spider or even twist his body into a wheel like form to attack his enemies. Several of his costumes also look a little erotic and few have said he might have a thing for BDSM.

#3, Adoring Fan from Elder Scrolls Oblivion. A you travel around killing Daedra and what not you are able to participate in a arena, prove yourself the best and you get to be followed around by this little creep. Not only does he look weird as hell but he also seems way to happy to be around you. The Adoring Fan likes to say nice things about you and is happy to hold your load but he is just so darn creepy you wanna kill him, and people did. In fact many held a contest to see who could kill him in the best way possible. Take that you ice cream swirl haired weirdo.

#2, Darkling from The Darkness. In a game filled with evil, blood, guts and terrible ways to die you get the Darkling. The Darkling is a small imp like creature who helps Jackie through the game, at times giving hints and sometimes ammo. He cannot stay in the light and his tendency for weird remarks and urinating on corpses is rather strange, in the second game he even helps you get untrapped. He happens to have a more mischievous nature unlike the Darkness that just likes to kill alot. In the ending parts of the second game the Darkling even sacrifices himself to help Jackie, which I believe is very weird for a character who is supposedly evil to the core.

#1, Sheogorath from Elder Scrolls. Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness and lives up to his name well, like really well. The Daedric Prince speaks in a rather mixed tone going from calm one moment to shouting the next, he even dresses rather bizarre. In Oblivion you are able to travel to his realm, which strangely has two sides to it. Mania and Dementia. Sheogorath even appears in Skyrim which if done doing the missions gives you his staff the Wabbajack. A weird little staff that has a variety of effects, meaning if you hit an enemy with it you do not really know what is going to happen, he could burst into flames or turn into a frog for all you know.


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