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Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time

Updated on August 10, 2010

The Xbox 360 is one of the most beloved gaming systems in the world, and is already though half of its life. But it's given us one great first half.

Here is a list of the Top Five 360 Games, in no particular order,from the last four years, according to the general consensus of critics, and fans alike. 


Gears of Wars

Average Score: 94%

The beginning of the epic, action, movie-like, third person shooter era. The graphics were mind-blowing at the time - and still are - with vivid and dark colors, a sweeping landscape, and wonderful character profiles.

It provided a nice change from the Halo universe; it's action was more sharp and quick, and it's characters had a more humane tone. And everyone remembers the use of the chainsaw. One of the best weapons ever.

The beginning of long and darkly beautiful trilogy that is still not finished. A classic.


Mass Effect 2

Average Score: 96%

Everyone remembers the first Mass Effect. It was epic. It was intriguing. The characters were memorable.   It was emotional. It was adventure worth remembering.

No one thought that a sequel could surpass the original. We were all holding are breath, hoping, praying, that the second would just be as good as the first.

How we were wrong in all the right ways.

The sequel took the universe that we already thought was full of life and made it fuller. The story expanded and became deeper and the emotional connection with the characters became stronger. Also the game-play mechanics were altered and improved.

The graphics, without a doubt, were the most stunning ever created.


Halo 3

Average Rating: 93%

You all knew this was coming. The flagship, the captain, the leader of them all. The first Halo captured the world on the original Xbox years earlier; Master Chief was a Xbox, and cultural, icon.

Halo 3 was the transition to the new generation system, and many people had their doubts. Would it conclude the trilogy appropriately? How would the online be? Would it match and surpass like it was supposed to?

Luckily it did. It finished what we all started years before. Nothing more needs to be said.



Average Score: 92%

The list wouldn't be complete without this little gem. Even though it's not a full game, its a game that shows the great possibilites the Xbox has created and given. Who would of thought an Arcade Game would be so incredible - a great story, a great gameplay, great puzzles.

The story surprised us because it was so mature, and moving.

The puzzles wowed us because they were simple, subtle, yet very complex.

The music was soaring, a perfect a score that could ever be.

The visuals were artwork.



Average Rating: 95%

The game started off as a rumor,one that said  that was supposed to be pretty good. Then the rumor got bigger. Then the game became a legend.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Bioshock had one of the most engaging atmospheres ever created. It was dark and gloomy, yet inspiring. The game play was perhaps the most shocking of all, because of how surprisingly good it was. First person, many different abilities, many different enemies; it all added up to one of the most amazing gaming exeperiences ever.

And we can't forget the Big Daddy's. One of the most memorable characters, enemies, whatever you want to call it.

The story and graphics also were A+, with an ending that was both shocking, disappointing, and very affecting.



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    • profile image

      Shane Holloway 7 years ago

      I like Gears of War 1 and 2. I haven't played in a while though since my XBOX is having issues.

    • profile image

      wormsto 7 years ago

      Waddy101. In what way is that unfortunate, it's a good thing when games are multiplatform, more people get to enjoy them. does the game magically become less fun if it's on another console as well? no. the more multiplatform games, the better.

    • profile image

      Waddy101 7 years ago

      Unfortunately Bioshock isn't a 360 exclusive it is on pc and PS3 as well however it is still a good game

    • profile image

      mataman 7 years ago

      Gears Of War is overrated and Braid is just plain out not good